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Whats your favorite subject?

    Chinese Biology

    Math History

    Chemistry Politics

    Geography Further math

    Physics Linear algebra

    Sample answer: I don’t really have a favorite subject as of this year. I guess I haven’t really found it yet. Maybe once I start college this year I’ll know. But for now, I’m saying English only because foreign language intrigues me and also because it's so easy.

    Sample answer: My favorite subject is anything relating to science. I have to know how and why about everything. I am very interested in earth science and biology.

    Sample answer: I can't get enough of biology or any science for that matter. I really enjoy knowing how everything around me works. I also like to know why it works, which is why I enjoy learning the evolutionary aspect of the biology that I am taught. If anyone has anything interesting related

    to science to talk about I'm always free to have a little conversation. I'm always interested in learning new things. Your answer:

    How many subjects do secondary (high) school students usually have to study?

    Compulsory: Chinese, math, English;

    Optional: physics, chemistry and biology or history, geography and politics. science & arts

    Your answer:

    Do many secondary (high) school students go on to university?

    Sample answer: Yes, around 70% of the students who have attended the college entrance examination got accepted by universities. With the restriction on re-attending classes after failing the examination, this number will grow bigger. I guess students believe that a higher education will help them stand more chance of getting an ideal job.


job experience decent

    BA join the work force

    office job jobs are scarce

    be prepared for something good for nothing

    better be doomed to

    your answer:


    I have a college degree which I spent 5 years of my life working towards. I feel like if I go to work at a burger joint, college was a waste and I could have worked there without going to college. I would feel pressure from friends who have gotten jobs in engineering and others who see me in a job which I could have obtained without a degree. I know I can do a burger joint job, but I don't know if I should wait for my engineering job to come or if I should just join the workforce. If I joined the workforce I would still be looking for an engineering job, just less frequently. I really want an engineering job, but I'm not sure what to do now. Is education in your country free?

Sample answer:

    Chinese public schools are free of charge through high school, but parents pay for school uniforms and some supplies (backpack, pencils, etc). Some parents choose to send their children to private schools. Most private primary, middle, and high schools in China charge tuition ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan per semester. However, ex-pat schools in Shanghai and Beijing are the most expensive in the country and charge 70,000 to 100,000 yuan per semester.

    Sample answer:

    If you go to the school within your district, or the school associated with your parents' hukou, then it is free, barring books and activities fees. If you get accepted to a school outside your district, then you have to pay tuition. Tuition fees vary from town to town and province to province. Many schools in the large cities require a deposit from parents to "hold" a seat for their child for the entire six years of primary school.


    Private school Room and board fee

    Boarding school Public high school

Immersion class (taught 70% Marketed towards

    in English/ 30% in Chinese) There is always a waiting list.

    Your answer:

    Do students have to wear uniforms at schools in your country?

    Sample answer: Yes, most schools in my country require their students to wear uniforms, especially on Monday because its part of the school routine to hold National Flag raising ceremony. Besides, Uniforms are the FOUNDATION of discipline. It encourages discipline and schools pride. Sample answer: Mostly private schools have uniforms for their students, it’s kind of like an identification of their

    students, while most public schools have uniforms but are not compulsory to wear, as Public schools are governmental schools and the government tries to keep all schools equal but not to differentiate public schools from one another. Tips

    It helps children seek friendship based on common thoughts instead of social status. You have no idea if a person is poor, middle class, or rich until you get to know them

    it discourages individuality. it encourages studiousness and discipline. expression, freedom of speech, comfort, not teaching

    conformity, It's basically communism. controls gang clothing

    allows students with different financial backgrounds to see

    the kids not the clothes

    school pride

    It keeps kids more focused.

    Your answer:

    What subject/major are you studying? Accounting psychology

    Auditing Statistics

    life science Automation

    business telecommunication

    management computer science

    radio electronics and technology

    linguistics civil engineering fine arts design environment

    biological sciences engineering

forestry management

    clinical medicine industrial design


    Your answer:

Why did you choose this subject/major?

    Sample answer:

    I chose this major because I enjoy science, and the hospital environment. The human body is incredibly interesting and as a nurse I can not only help people but be an essential part in saving lives every day. The salary of a nurse anesthetist is also very high so that also played a role in my decision. The schools I applied to also had good nursing programs. Sample answer:

    I chose psychology because learning about the mind is so interesting to me. I would love to be a clinical psychologist. I really love helping people and want to make sure everyone has as good of a life as they can. I want to make a career out of it.

    Sample answer:

    My major is architecture. House plans have always

    fascinated me, but it wasn't until I took the class last year that I discovered my passion for it. It became my favorite class. I enjoy making my own creations and seeing a big blueprint at the end of the work as a result of my own hard work.

    Sample answer:

    My major is Global Affairs. Well because I love politics, geographic, travel and I see a world as one country with no borders. I will die before this becomes reality but I will always fight for it.

    Sample answer:

    I chose to major in Sociology, because I want to help people. With this degree, you can work for the State, in hospitals, nursing homes, and different institutions like drug rehabs. When I chose my major, people said a degree in sociology is a waste of time and the job outlook is not good.

    Sample answer:

    I am in law school and I chose it because I have always wanted to be a lawyer. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It is difficult and hard, but it is the only way to achieve my dreams....I cannot wait until this coming semester when I actually get an internship or paying job where I get to put my

knowledge to work and get my hands dirty so to speak.

    Your answer:

How do you think studying this subject will help you in the


    Your answer:

    Where are you studying? School/institute/university: Academy of fine arts 美术学院

    Aeronautical institute 航空工业学院 Agricultural college/university 农业学院/大学 Medical college/school 医学院

    Medical university 医科大学

    Normal university 师范大学

    Polytechnic university 理工/工业大学 Television and radio broadcasting university 广播电视大学

    University of liberal arts 科大学 Institute of traditional Chinese medicine 中医学

    Engineering institute 工业学院

    Secondary specialized school 中专 Affiliated school 附属学校

    Attached middle school 附属中学 Branch school 分校

    Full-time boarding school 全日制寄宿学校


    Accounting Life science Auditing Radio electronics

    Anthropology Sociology Philosophy Linguistics

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