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    英院7 02 陈媛


     The village lay tranquil in the evening sunlight, with no idea of the coming tough night. The darkness was pressing up. Gradually, the night screen hung down. The land was enveloped in a curtain of darkness. All of a sudden, a flash of lightning streaked through the sky briefly. The flare lit up the night. The pitch-dark sky threw the brilliant light into dazzlingly bright as if in the twinkling of an eye, the works of God was unfolded before the whole world.

     Then swiftly, the earth was shrouded in the darkness again like it had never existed before. However, a loud crash of thunder came all of a sudden. The deafening thunders waken people from their sweat dreams, warning it was not going to be a peaceful evening. Yet, not long before most people get off their warm bed to check the window, the drenching rain tumbled hot on their heels, washing those dirty marks off the street. The torrential rain was pelting down. Along with all the dust, they floods to the drain pipeline. Within 10 yards from the pipe, there stood a three-layer villa where people there freaking out by the sudden arrival of the storm.

    A man walked stealthily out of the room, with a gun hold in his hands. He was always alert to the burst noise. With a serious look, his eyes revealed extreme dread which he cant restrain. Bead of


    英院7 02 陈媛

    nervous broke out on his forehead. He tightly clenched the gun. Though he trembled with fear, his posture was highly standard. Every move made him seem like a well-trained soldier. He squatted on the heels, eased against the wall and tiptoed to the bedside of his son.

    Baby, wake up! Shi! Hide under the bed, hear me? He

    whispered in a lower voice. The son, mumbled ambiguously as if talk in his sleep. No, dad, it’s just the rain. Shi! Hide! You hear

    me, you hear me. DO NOT MOVE! “But dad! Shi, Shut up, You

    SHUT UP! Even in a refrained voice, he can not hide his anger and fear. Then he moved slowly against the wall toward the front door. Although with the disturbing endless sound of wind and the swing of trees, he can still felt clearly there was someone out there. He took a deep breath, depressed his excessive nervousness and walked carefully with his shivering body. Step by step, in highly tense atmosphere, he used his alerted ears to judge the object from the endless darkness. Closer, a little bit closer. Bang! a sudden

    movement behind him broke the utter stillness. He rapidly shot towards the room without any hesitation. Bang! Bang! Then

    came his son pitiful cry. His wife, totally frightened out her wits, rushed to her son and hold tightly. Oh, God! Oh, thank God! Oh,

    my babymy baby! Jeff, its just the rain! RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! You


    英院7 02 陈媛

    crazy nuts! Shouting with all her energy, she trembled from fear and cried her heart out. On the other side of the room, Jeff who totally shocked by himself, threw the gun away immediately as if his hands were severely burnt by it. His eyes were full of extreme fear, staring at his family. IItold him not to move! DO NOT

    MOVE! He turned pale with fright, cried out in alarm, half talking to him. Striking head against the door, he desperately found that he was backing home in the USA. In this sweet home, there was no more secretly explored bomb, no more surprise attack, no more hurt or danger

    Finally, he agreed to see the psychological consult. In the waiting room, his wife;holding his hands Honey, just say

    whatever you want. I knew there is something out there. This time, get that off your chest, OK? ” Given his wife a kiss, he nodded

    hesitantly and walked into the room.

    “Mr. Jeff, come on in! Please seat here. Milk or coffee? ”

    EhEhCoffee, please.” He took a deep breath and seat in the


    “While, I have heard something about you and your abnormal behaviors since you back from Iraq. It is really a tough time for you and I understand. You are the hero of our country. If there is something you want to share, I am here listening, Jeff.


    英院7 02 陈媛

    No, I …I am not the HERO. He whispered secretly. But I

    heard you have won a silver medal, right? No, no, I …I can not

    stand the medal and the whole thing any more!

    Slowly, Jeff began to tell the thing that lay deep in his heart. Our team has 3 members. The team leader Tom, then Mike and me. Life there is really dangerous. We three went through thick and thin together and we treat each other like brothers. Once we got a mission to destroy a firing point. On that day, Tom was in charge of the head, I am in charge of the left side and Mike was the right side. The three of us has taken the sniper training and are all dead shot. Back to back, we three formed a defensive circle and broke the entrance easily, wiping out all the security personals. Then, we went about the work separately. I was still in charge of the left zone. All I needed to do was to clear all the fire points and cover Tom and Mike from being hurt. I ran while shot. When I was about to run into a small market, I saw someone. He was a little boy, around 8 or 9 years olds, just like my little baby. With a gun in his hand, wrapped in a scarf, the little boy maintained sharp vigilance, checking around. While I was in the perfect time and perfect spot to shot him down. But I did nothing. I was frozen. Suddenly Mike ran into the market and the boy strafed crazily. I, I stood there, helplessly saw the bullet went through my brothers


    英院7 02 陈媛

    eye, helplessly saw the little boy ran away. I cant do anything but

    rush to Mike like a lunatic. The only thought I had is to get him out of here. Luckily, Tom came in time to help with the protective fire. I didnt remember clearly what happened later, but I knew that we all safe. Then Tom applied the silver medal for me because I didnt

    give up my member and ran away. That is why I am honored the medal. That how I got this so called HERO!

    You saved him and you are brave enough to be a hero, Jeff!

    No, I am a coward and it is my fault that he is blind.

    Listen to me, Jeff. A real hero is not someone who can do anything to achieve his goal, but a person who is filled with love. Trust me, Mike will understand. Your love towards the kid and your team has already made you a hero.


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