The perfectionist

By Melvin Black,2014-06-25 09:07
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The perfectionist

    080110702 陈媛

     The perfectionist

    It is said that the Virgos are more likely to pursue the perfection in their lives. However, I have experienced someone who might be a typical perfectionist even more excessively than the Virgos. From daily life to self-cultivation, my mother always has a high standard for everything. Firstly, my mother pays much attention to the daily housework. Every morning you will be waken by the noise from the water pipe without any exception. Usually by the time youve done washing face and teeth, the

    whole house is well done too. From every corner of the floor to every inch of the table, you can hardly find any dust. The TV screen is wiped so painstakingly that you can even use it as a mirror to check your hairstyle. Also, you are free to dance on our floor bare-footed without even worrying about washing your feet. Day in and day out, my mother tries her best to make the house clean and tidy.

     Besides these detailed strenuous manual work, my mother also squeezes time to get ready for her perfect class planning. Being a Chinese teacher, she always wants to make full use of every minute in her class. Thus well managed steps are essential to the final effect. Often, she locks herself up in the study room, talking to herself while grabbing a watch nervously. You can see her explaining the point carefully to a group of fabricated audiences while recording the time each part will take on her notebook. The notebook, by the way, is an exception of her perfectionism


    080110702 陈媛

    as it is written as thick as huckleberries, not to mention it is rather a torn book after years of frequent use.

     Further more, she is quiet strict to herself as well. Sticking to her exercise plan for over 20 years, she builds up a rather fit and healthy body. Running, hiking, swimming and dancing are all her favorite interests and these daily practice guarantees her to win the first price in every kinds of physical competition in her school. It is easy to stick to the plan to run in sunny days, but what about the windy mornings? She can live everyday energetically despite the weather condition.

     This is my mother, who will never stop trying until everything is done to a perfect standard. This motto gives her the energy to live pleasantly and remain optimistic towards the future.


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