Word version 2002-2003 Annual Report - About the Department

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Word version 2002-2003 Annual Report - About the Department

Attorney General’s Department of NSW

Annual Report


The Hon Bob Debus, MP

    Attorney General,

    Minister for the Environment

    Level 36, Governor Macquarie Tower

    1 Farrer Place

    Sydney NSW 2000

    Dear Attorney,

    I have pleasure in presenting the annual report of the NSW Attorney General‘s Department for

    the year 2002 2003. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Annual Reports (Departments) Act 1985 (NSW) and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 (NSW) for presentation to Parliament. This year has seen significant achievement, particularly in the areas of court performance; the expansion of crime prevention programs; the development of initiatives to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people who come into contact with the justice system; the delivery of electronic services for the community; and the use of information technology in transforming the Department‘s business processes. I look forward to working with staff and members of the judiciary in building on these achievements in the coming year. Yours faithfully

    Laurie Glanfield

    Director General

    Contact details

    Attorney General‘s Department of NSW

    Goodsell Building, 812 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW 2000

    Postal address

    GPO Box 6, Sydney NSW 2001


    The annual report is available on the Department‘s website and we can provide it in alternative formats, such as braille, audiotape, large print or computer disk. Please contact Executive & Strategic Services for more information on tel: (02) 9228 8460, TTY: (02) 9228 7733. For general inquiries and customer feedback, please contact the Community Relations Division on tel: (02) 9228 7484, fax: (02) 9228 8608, TTY: (02) 9228 7676, customer feedback freecall: 1800 684 449 or our website:

    ISSN 1320 0607

About the Department


    The Attorney General‘s Department assists the NSW Government, Judiciary, Parliament and the

    community to promote social harmony through programs that protect human rights, community standards and reduce crime.

    The Department plays a key role in the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system of courts, tribunals, laws and other mechanisms that further the principles of justice and contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Government.

    We assist the NSW Attorney General in his role as the First Law Officer of the State, along with support services to enable his legislative and advisory responsibilities to Parliament and Cabinet to be carried out.

    Role of the Attorney General

    The Hon Bob Debus, MP

    As the First Law Officer of the State, the Attorney General is the most senior member of the Bar and acts for or represents the Crown in litigation.

    He is the principal adviser to the Government and Cabinet on legal, constitutional and legal policy issues. In relation to legal policy issues, he has an obligation to ensure efficiency in the administration of justice, consistency in the level and nature of penalties under the law, observation of the rules of natural justice, and the preservation of civil liberties. The Attorney General advises the Premier, Cabinet and other Ministers and their Departments on legal questions referred for his opinion. He provides these opinions, having regard to the legal advice of the Solicitor General, Crown Advocate, Crown Solicitor or the Department. In matters relating to Bills, Regulations and associated parliamentary procedures, in practice, the Attorney General relies on the advice of the Parliamentary Counsel. Advice on legal policy issues is provided through the Director General of the Attorney General‘s Department.

    He also has responsibility for the appointment of judges, magistrates and statutory officers.


    About the Department 1

    Our vision 3

    Organisational structure 4

    Director General‘s Review 5

    Highlights 2002-03 6

    Supporting community justice 6 The latest information technology 8 Caring for the environment 9

    Court performance 10

    Key performance indicators 11 The year in review 17

    Community and Regulatory Services 17 Anti-Discrimination Board 17

    Privacy NSW (Office of the Privacy Commissioner of NSW) 18

    Victims Services 19

    Community Justice Centres 20

    Community Relations Division 21 Legal Management Service 23

    Legal Representation Office 24 Public Defenders Office 25

    LawAccess NSW 26

    Legal Practitioners Admission Board 27 Legal Profession Advisory Council 28 Office of the Legal Services Commissioner 29

    Professional Standards Council 30 Court and Tribunal Services 31 Supreme Court 31

    Industrial Relations Commission 32 Land and Environment Court 33 Compensation Court 34

    District Court 35

    Local Courts 36

    Dust Diseases Tribunal 38

    Administrative Decisions Tribunal 39 Library Services Division 40

    Law Courts Library 41

    Office of the Sheriff 41

    Reporting Services Branch 43

    Policy and Crime Prevention 44 Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council 44 NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research 45

    Crime Prevention Division 46

    Criminal Law Review Division 48 Law Reform Commission 49

    Legislation and Policy Division 50 Crown Solicitor‘s Office 51

    Office of the Protective Commissioner 52 Office of the Public Guardian 53 NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages 54

    Management Services 55

Corporate Human Resources 57

    Executive & Strategic Services 58 Our people 60

    Corporate governance 62

    The year ahead 63

    Finance 65

    Attorney General‘s Department of NSW 65

    Crown Solicitor‘s Office 99

    NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages 113

    Legal Practitioners Admission Board 127 Appendices 141

     1 Accounts payment performance 141

     2 Code of Conduct and Ethics 141

     3 Complaints handling 141

     4 Consultants 142

     5 Contractors 143

     6 Court and tribunal statistics 144

     7 Disability Strategic Plan 147

     8 Disposal of property 150

     9 Employee wages movements 150

     10 Enterprise industrial relations 151

     11 Equal employment opportunity and staff numbers 152

     12 Ethnic Affairs Priority Statement 152

     13 Freedom of information 153

     14 Funds granted 156

     15 Guarantee of service 162

     16 Leave liabilities 162

     17 Legislative changes 162

     18 Legislation allocated to the Attorney General 163

     19 NSW Government action plan for women 165

     20 Occupational health and safety 167

     21 Overseas travel 168

     22 Publications (new) 168

     23 Privacy and personal information 170

     24 Recycling performance 170

     25 Risk management and insurance activities 171

     26 Senior Executive Service and statements of performance 171

     27 Statutory appointments and significant committees 173 Contact information 178

Our vision: Justice and equality for NSW

    Aims, objectives and values

    Our Commitment to the Community This statement expresses our aims, objectives and values. It also provides strategic

    direction across the Department and succinctly captures what we strive to achieve as a diverse



    • Excellent client service.

    • Good management.

    • Working well with others.


    • Delivering services in a timely and efficient way.

    • Acting in an honest, fair and ethical way.

    • Providing useful information and advice.

    • Being competent, informed and helpful.

    • Finding solutions to problems.

    • Being courteous, professional and respectful.

    • Communicating in an open way.

    • Strengthening relationships with other agencies.

    • Ensuring all our clients can access our services.

    • Continuously improving the way we do things.

    • Ensuring an inclusive and safe work environment.

    • Encouraging participation, teamwork and effective leadership. • Being accountable for our actions.


    • Satisfied clients.

    • Motivated and productive workforce. • Community confidence.

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