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     Position Description



    Diabetes Educator Project Worker Position Name:

    October 2010 Date Updated:

    Up to 0.6, Temporary, fixed term until 30/6/11 Employment Status:

    Program Manager RhED & Complex Care Position Reports To:

    thThursday 18 November Closing Date:


    The Inner South Community Health Service Ltd. (ISCHS) is a multi-sited community health agency providing a comprehensive range of health and welfare services to the communities of Prahran, St Kilda, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne. Approximately 270 staff work in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver programs and services across four key service locations: SouthPort (in Coventry Street, South Melbourne); Inkerman Street, St Kilda; Mitford Street, St Kilda and Malvern Road, Prahran. In addition other staff are located in and provide services in public housing high-rise estates. The Inner South Community Health Service Ltd. is a registered company managed by a Board of Directors. The company is registered under the Corporations Act 2001.

Our programs include:

    ; Community Support

    ; Oral Health & Complex Care (including Rhed and Complex Care)

    ; Organisational Support & Development

    ; Primary and Mental Health

    The ISCHS has a commitment to continuous quality improvement and has a reputation for innovation and excellence in its service delivery. The service values collaboration and works effectively as part of the local service system, priding itself on developing innovative, responsive services to meet community needs.

2.1 Mission

    To improve the health of our community through the development and delivery of quality health services and health promotion initiatives. This includes providing links to health services for those in the community who may not readily access them and to advocate in partnership with the community to develop improved health policies and services. C:\convert1\temp\100234027.doc Internal / Confidential ? Inner South Community Health Service Page 1 of 7 Review Date: 3/11/2010 Reviewed by: Robyn Mitchell

     Position Description

2.2 Values

    We value:

    ; Active client and community participation in service development and delivery

    ; Innovative, quality services that are client focused, responsive and outcome orientated ; Services that address access equity

    ; Pro-active and responsive service delivery to marginalised groups within our community ; Skilled and committed staff

    ; A continuous learning culture

    ; The provision of a safe and supportive environment

    ; Good governance, ethical management and transparency in decision making

    ; Fostering partnerships which will achieve the best outcomes for our communities ; Accountability for performance

    ; Achieving results

    ; Health Promotion principles

    ; Social Model of Health

    ; Value for money / impact / high quality.

For more information on our organisation please visit our website


3.1 Position Context

    This position was created following the 2010 evaluation of the ISCHS Diabetes Model of Care, and the Year 1 Report from the Chronic Conditions (Partners for Better Health (PBH)) project. It will work in collaboration with the PBH project worker and relevant ISCHS structures such as the PBH group, the Practice Reference Group and the Diabetes Assessment Team. Significant external links will include South Eastern Bayside Diabetes Alliance (SEBDA), and the Inner South East Partnership In Community Health (ISEPICH). It is envisaged that following the service development achieved through the project an ongoing part time Diabetes Educator position will be created for which the DE project worker will be eligible to apply.

    Working within the social model of health, ISCHS staff provide responsive and comprehensive primary and social health services to people who often face multiple barriers to participation in the community, and who are often unable to negotiate the complex pathways to health and welfare services. The target client group includes people across the life span experiencing a variety of health and social difficulties. It can include people experiencing homelessness, substance dependence, mental health issues, Indigenous clients and people who are otherwise vulnerable and at risk. Direct service provision and partnerships with other agencies, C:\convert1\temp\100234027.doc Internal / Confidential ? Inner South Community Health Service Page 2 of 7 Review Date: 3/11/2010 Reviewed by: Robyn Mitchell

     Position Description

    combine to provide services that address a wide range of client needs. ISCHS is client focused and demonstrates an enduring commitment to consumer participation in both program planning and service delivery. Consumer focus groups and consumer consultants are regularly employed to provide input into the development of services, ensuring they are relevant and user friendly.

3.2 Position Objective

    To develop and establish the ISCHS Diabetes Educator service.

3.3 Key Responsibilities

    In collaboration with ISCHS management, PBH project, staff and clients where appropriate:

    ; Develop DE project plan and timelines

    ; Deliver DE project objectives according to agreed timelines.

    ; Develop and deliver reports on project activities as required

    ; Utilise/revise existing and develop new Diabetes service documentation, processes

    and resources

    ; Progress and document future Diabetes service model in consultation with staff and

    consumers within the context of the organization-wide approach to chronic conditions.

    ; Review and develop data collection (e.g. use of Electronic Health Records)

    ; Identify training and support needs of existing staff and devise staff development plan

    ; Audit and management of information resources

    ; Develop constructive relationships with and represent ISCHS at relevant external

    agencies and networks.

    ; Undertake needs analysis and prioritise service gaps

    ; Set up and trial delivery of Diabetes Educator clinic for individual clients.

    ; Pilot group DE sessions and contribute to multidisciplinary group programs

    ; Provide secondary consults for ISCHS staff and diabetes expertise and advocacy in

    service planning.

Professional Development

    ; To attend and contribute to staff development and supervision programs, and to attend

    relevant courses and mandatory in-house training when appropriate.

    ; To participate in peer review/practice review.

Occupational Health & Safety

    ; Ensure that work and services are provided in a safe manner at all times by regularly

    reviewing practices and environment and by participating in OH&S training where required.


1) Continuous Quality Improvement

    ; Identify continuous quality improvement opportunities

    ; Participate in the development of quality procedures and contribute to internal and

    external program reviews as required.

C:\convert1\temp\100234027.doc Internal / Confidential ? Inner South Community Health Service Page 3 of 7 Review Date: 3/11/2010 Reviewed by: Robyn Mitchell

     Position Description

    2) Community Participation

; To undertake active and meaningful community participation and engagement

3) Chronic Conditions Care

    ; Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of chronic conditions

    care at ISCHS.

Health Promotion

    ; Contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of organisational Health

    Promotion strategies as identified in the Health Promotion Plan; and undertake health

    promotion training as required.

Performance Management Framework

    ; Actively participate in an annual individual performance plan, which determines key

    responsibilities, strategies and performance indicates in line with the organisation’s

    Strategic Plan and Program Business Plan.


    ; To attend all relevant Centre meetings.

    ; To accurately complete timesheets and statistics on a routine basis.


    ; To participate in the ongoing planning, evaluation and development of the RhED &

    Complex Care Program

    ; To adhere to ISCHS policies and procedures.

    ; To participate in quality assurance activities as required.

    ; To receive appropriate training about the Needle & Syringe Program (NSP) and participate

    in the NSP as required.

    ; To undertake active and meaningful community participation and engagement ; Other duties as required by the Manager of the Program.

3.4 Reporting Relationships