Days 98 - November 30(1997) (Jer

By Monica Bryant,2014-11-11 22:31
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Days 98 - November 30(1997) (Jer

DAYS „98

? 1998

James H. Kurt

    November 30(1997) (Jer.33:14-16; Ps.25:4-5,8-10,14;

     1Thes.3:12-4:2; Lk.21:25-28,34-36)

    A new year begins on this the First Sunday of Advent.

The Lord teaches us to love;

     He teaches us to prepare our hearts,

     to prepare our lives for His coming.

    The way is not easy, we must know this -

     but it is nothing to fear if we love Him,

     if we seek Him

     and make progress every day in Him.

    Even our readings tonight speak of love,

     a love I know I lack at times,

     but a love I shall seek.

    And this morning at Mass I am blessed to speak briefly

     of the beauty of Medjugorje

     and the Mother's messages.

    (A way yet to go to sainthood have we;

     we must learn to wait for His coming.)

Jesus, be with us.

    Holy Spirit, please bless us.

December 1 (Is.2:1-5; Ps.122:1-9; Mt.8:5-11)

    Nations of faith shall stream to the House of God;

     those who believe shall be welcomed in.

    I continue to work on my faith and to find peace. Confidence and maturity (as real as the beard on my face, grown in Medjugorje) are being deeply set in me. The chinks in my armor are being filled.

    This morning we take refuge in convent chapel; weekday Masses are to take place there beginning today. In this tiny chapel, the elderly woman behind me noted: "The church looks full."

    Peace be to all who find their home and instruction in God's house.

In prayer, we find refuge in you, O Lord.

    Lead us to thy home.

    Heal us of all wrongs.

    December 2 (Is.11:1-10; Ps.72:1,7-8,12-13,17; Lk.10:21-24)

Our eyes look upon the Prince of Peace,

     by whom the lamb does lie down with the lion. Alleluia!

Perhaps there is hope.

    Tonight we have first of our parish/cluster/deanery meetings with aspirations to reform and renew the Catholic Church in our area. It seems sometimes to

    me we are dying as a church, but together with the Spirit we may find rejuvenation. Perhaps we may all be able to sit down together and in unity find peace.

    Also, speaking at length with woman of other religion (Islam) as well as those of other nations and colors. In the presence of Jesus all is possible.

    (And all shall see.)

Lord, in life and death we are one in you.

    May Isaiah's vision of peace become reality. May you who are near, who are here,

     become known to us.

(That peace is always present,

     but we so readily pass it by.)

December 3 (Is.25:6-10; Ps.23:1-6; Mt.15:29-37)

The Lord provides.

When we have His will in mind,

     when we love with His heart -

     all is given that is needed.

    Worry not, for if your desire is to serve the Lord,

     you will be cared for.

    It strikes me so clearly that it is Jesus' compassion for the people, His need to care for them, that creates the miracle. And, of course, it is wonderful that they come with such faith to the Shepherd. This is how it

    is in the Father's kingdom.

    The Lord provides me with His peace and patience these days. And my fast is as a great spiritual feast.

    And He gives me rest.