my classroom

By Regina Greene,2014-12-25 20:26
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my classroom

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    Liu Zhifei(刘志飞) 1001011412

    Liu Huan(刘欢) 1001011427

    Du Yufeng(杜玉凤) 1001011428


    Basic English Writing



    My Classroom

     I cant help crying out how neat and bright the classroom is when I step into it. Desks and chairs are lined up in highly arranged order, like troops waiting for inspection. Looking around, I am amazed at the snow-white walls, unembellished but delectable. In front of the classroom is a blackboard. It is very clean and there is not even a tiny white on it. The large windows nearly take up the majority of the wall opposite to the door, which makes sunlight shine through freely, warming and brightening every corner of the classroom. On sunny days, we can even read and write in the classroom without lights on at dusk. Then, I turn my eyes to the ceiling: several rows of filament lamps illuminating, bright and soft. The covers on them are stainless and it seems that the dirt doesnt have the heart to fall on them. Taking my view back,

    I begin to notice that the tile floor beneath my feet reflects my image like a mirror, no chewing gun, no scraps of paper, or any other wastes. It is extraordinarily clean and I am worried about disturbing the cleanness with my stepping in.

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