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By Eddie Spencer,2014-06-16 19:08
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Use this form to list supplies needed to fulfill your critical business functions. A supply is

    anything you have not listed in previous forms. It should have an order number and should

    include items essential to keep equipment or work processes functioning, e.g. special fluid for a

    machine, special forms and/or checks.

    If you do not have the supplier recorded on the Supplier/Vendor form, go back to the form to add the information.

Note: Do not include basic office supplies, e.g. pens, paper, stapler. Do not include office

    furniture either, e.g. filing cabinets, mail bins, desks or chairs, as they all should be listed in

    Miscellaneous Resources.

    You can download copies of this form from:

    Save a blank version so you can make additional copies as needed.

    Item Order Item Quantity Supplier/Vendor(s): Related Business Function(s) Number

    Recovery Notes:

    ?2006 Institute for Business & Home Safety

?2006 Institute for Business & Home Safety

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