On Love

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On Love

7卷第1 读与写条志 20101 Vol. 7 No.l Read and Write Periodical January 2010

    On Love?Hate and Death in Wuthering Heights

     ------from the passion of Catherine and Heathcliff

    罗亚辉 (郑州大学护理学院河南郑州450052) Abstract: This paper focuses on topics of love, hate and death in Wuthering Heights. Love and hate are two aspects of conflict, which results in the death of two lovers. Love represents the lovers * union and peace, while hate stands for the lovers’ separation. Death, which means the storm between the two lovers is gone and peace returns, symbolizes their reunion with love. Key words: Wuthering Heights; love; hate; death; union; separation; reunion Introduction 中图分类号:G642 文献标识码?A 文章编号:1672-1578(2010)01-0025-02 One outstanding woman writer emerged in the nineteenth themselves. Since childhood, they despise religion, and throw century literary world. She is Emily Bronte, who is regarded a the Christian books into the doghouse. They rebel the greater novelist than her elder sister Charlotte Bronte in the authoritative adults, they run away to the moors and stay twentieth centuiy by some critics. “This blending of realism there for a whole day. They are like sister and brother, but 44and mysticism, of fictional cohesion and lyrical power is they forgot more than this in their spirit world, because achieved by means of highly sophisticated and strikingly everything the minute they were together again, at least proto-modernist narrative technique. Wuthering heights is in become soul mates. many ways the most disturbingly modern work of Victorian Catherine believes in her heart “I am Heathcliff—he ’ s fiction, open-ended in theme if not in plot, full of imaginative always in my mind_”she also tells Nelly “Heathcliff is more tension, posing questions rather than offering answers. than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are ^(Richard, Bradford 276) the same(EmilyBronte,82) Heathcliff says before Emily did not fall in love with anyone in her short life, she Catherine’s death “1 can not live without my life! I can not live did not want to be a slave of feelings. But how couid she without my soul!,,(Emily, Bronte, 167) Their stormy love goes create so wonderful love story? It is reported that she was on from the beginning to the end, even after Catherine’s passionately fond of the wild and lonely moors and could not marriage to Linton and her death. But the pure and earJy love, live away from it. She and her sisters spent greater part of though savage, is the most beautiful and unforgettable period time on the moors near their house. She used the moors in their mind. Why is it pure? Because it is not polluted, it is setting to imagine a great love story: the most moving passion from the moors, it is natural. While it is so weak that it can not between Heathcliff and Catherine that proves to be the most resist the strong wind from all ways. First, Catherine yields, intense, the most beautiful and the most horrible passion ever although she knows she doesn’t belong to it. How regretful in human beings. she is in her later years as Mrs Linton. Her heart is well Apart from the theme of searching love, this novel presented in the following sentences: “the whole last seven develops in the sequential movement of major characters * years of mine grew a blank! I did not recall that they had been love, hate and death, through which the Emily criticized the at all. I was a child.” and “…been converted at a stroke into Mrs. Linton, the lady of Thrushcross Grange, and the wife of a false social convention as concerning love and marriage. Love and hate are two sides of the clash, which results in the death stranger; an exile, and outcast, thenceforth, from what had of two lovers. Love represents the lovers’ union as well as been my world ”,( Emily, Bronte, 125) What is her world? What peace and calm, while hate stands for the lovers’ separation on the hell does she belong to? Her world is not in the heaven as well as violence and storm. Death, which means the storm and conventional society, but the nature and the universe. between the two lovers is gone and calm returns, represents Since Catherine belongs to nature and universe, so does her their reunion in heaven. Through the discussion of these love with Heathcliff. Virginia Woolf said: themes, we can understand better how Catherine and “There is no ‘I’ in Wuthering Heights, there is love, but Heathcliff rebel against religion, patriarchy and conventional but it is not the love of men and woman, Emily was inspired by matrimony in their society. Through the analysis of these some more general concept. ••• which is not merely ‘I love’ ‘I themes?we have to say Wuthering heights, in some sense, hate’ but we, the whole human race and you, the eternal outweigh the other world love classics such as . “Remio and powers.’’(Virginia, Woolf, 158) Juliet” and Chinese “Liang In fact, some critics say Catherine is Emily. Because Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”. 1 Love Emily herself is less bound by religion and conventional notions of morality. Emily spent most of her life time living on Love, hate and death are the eternal themes in the world literature history. Love, that is to say?romantic love is a the moors. “She was a private person, rejecting contacts with sweet and supreme human emotion, but it needs the the world. She loved the romantic poets, Wordsworth in commitment of one’s heart and soul. Therefore, in some sense, particular, and quoted Shakespeare often “she believes in love means not only happiness, but also suffering. Engels said the indissoluble nature of earthly love, as evidenced in that, of all the sufferings in human life, the most sublime and Wuthering Heights, where even the separation of death is passionate is the pain of love. Love and hate are so powerful shown as powerless to sever a spiritual connection. wthat can not be separated from each other. Sometimes, love in (Jihai,Gao,l 14-115) extreme will be turned into hate?and hate results from That is why Catherine is buried on the moors after her desiring of love or wanting of love. Wuthering Heights is such death, so does Heathcliff. Their love is original, natural and a classic novel, with a blend of love, hate and death. true. They mostly unite as one when they are playing on the Romantic love is described a lot in Wuthering heights, but moors, and it seems that nothing can separate them. However, it is the violent passion of Catherine and Heathcliff has made Catherine goes against her natural instinct, and she marries this novel one of the great love stories in the world literature. Linton, and chaos arises. Therefore, without loveeverything Part of the facination of Catherine and Heathcliff lies in their inviolent passion, which is as primal and savage as the moors

万方数据-25 Heathcliff turns to hate. Revenge begins. Storm comes. 2 Hate

7卷第1 读与写条息 20101 Vol. 7 No.l Read and Write Periodical January 2010

Heathcliff, as a homeless gypsy orphan, is a child of and “be proud of having a decent husband/* (Emily,Bronte,78) nature by birth. Since the moment he is brought to Wuthering Since she becomes Mrs Linton, she changes herself into a Heights—the “human” world, he becomes alienated to stranger?exile and outcast out of her own worldnature and everyone. Hate and revenge grow in his young heart with the universe, in which she owns her love and freedom with unbearable insult and abuse from Hindley as well as others. Heathcliff. So she is not only the murderer of herself but also Only Catherine stands by him, and becomes his soul mate. the murderer of heathcliff. By vanity, she marries Linton; by Hence, it is Catherine’s love that warms him from the nature, she loves Heathcliff. To Catherine, the most valuable beginning; it is Catherine’s love that gives him the hope of life; time is running over the moors with her beloved Heathcliff. it is Catherine’s love that makes him endurable to every She desires this love, but she is tortured to death by his love. torture. Yes, in one sense, it is her vanity that destroys her; in another ,But Heathcliff is sensitive to his love?when he notices s twisted love that kills her. It looks she sense, it is HeathcliffCatherine * 8 changes in life and hears her words **It would had a peaceful life with Linton, while, she never forgets degrade me to marry Heathcliff” (Emily,Bronte,80), he departs Heathcliff every minute, although she seldom mentioned him without a word to everyone. Emily did not give the reason for before his back. But Heathcliff*s back accelerates her death, his departure. But there is some hint from his words to Nelly because Catherine suffers the conflict of feelings between the before his leaving “if I knocked him (Linton) down twenty two men around her. So she chooses to escape in order to limes, that wouldn’t make him less handsome, or me more so. seek her freedom and love again?and she seeks release in I wish I had light hair and a fair skin, and was dressed and death, which means reunion with Heathcliff. When she dies, to behaved as well, and had a chance of being as rich as he will the surprise of the villagers, she has chosen to be buried, not be! ” (Emily, Bronte,55) In one sense, here shows his self— in the chapels under the carved monuments of the Linton, but abasement. In another sense, it also presents his hope and “on a green slope in the comer of the kirkyard, where the wall ambition to be as rich and gentlemanlike as Linton, So he is so low that the heath and bilberry plants have climbed over departs for Catherine, for his love with his hope. But when he it from the moor; and the peat-mould almost buries it.” (Emilycomes back as a rich gentleman three years later, Catherine Bronte168) This suggests not only her rebellion against becomes Mrs Linton. The good in him turned into evil?which religion, but also her return to nature. he revenges on everyone except Catherine. Even he still loves For eighteen years, Heathcliff has been haunted by Cathy Catherine, his love, however, is combined with hate together. ever since the night of the girl’s funeral. He is almost out of his So, indirectly, Catherine is tortured by his revenge on others. mind. He himself suffers a lot while revenging on others. He The more he loves Catherine, the deeper the hate; the calls Cathy’s ghost again and again. When he heard her ghost deeper the hate, the crueler his revenge becomes. In order to have come, he opens the lattice with an uncontrollable passion make up for his lost love and his sorrow, he revenges even on of tears, calling “come in! come in!Cathy, do come, oh young generation’s love. Therefore, the source of his revenge do—once more! ” (Emily3ronte27) In order to see his beloved is just comes from his hate. His endless hate just results from one again?He tells Nelly he is not afraid of death even he his hopeless love. Love and hate mix together in Heathcliff. knows he is “in its shadow at present”?So he seeks death to Though Catherine is his murderer, he still loves her as deeply reunite with Catherine. Finally they get reunion after death as before, because he forgives what Catherine has done to him. and their ghosts walk together on the moors. He loves his murderer” The most touching part of their love is Storm is gone, clash is over, both Wuthering Heights and before Catherine’s death. Love and hate are mixed together. Thrushcross Grange recover calm again. “Oh! You said you cared nothing for my sufferings! And I Conclusion pray one prayerI repeated it till my tongue stiffens Emily’s love story is timeless and contains universal Catherine Eamshaw, may you not rest, as long as I am living! passionlovehate, revenge and death. These passions show You said I killed youhaunt me, then! The murdered do haunt us the clash between peace and violence, restraint and their murderers. I believe_I know that ghosts have wandered freedom, calm and storm in human’s feeling world, and a on earth. Be with me alwaystake my formdrive me mad! tension between two kinds of reality: “the raw, inhuman Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, reality of anonymous natural energies, and the restrictive God! It is unutterable! I cannot live without my life! I cannot reality of civilized habits?manners and codes' (Dorothy, Van live without my soul! ” (Emily, Bronte, 167) The hero’s Ghent, 157) Therefore, as far as the love of Catherine and deepest and most passionate love is like the turbulent storm Heathcliff is concerned, the course of love, hate and death beating the sea again and again. He means to say “I hate you” presents their union, separation and reunion. Their fierce love to his beloved one, while in his heart there is only “I love you”. stands for their rebellion against the conventional matrimony and religion as well as their cruel society. At that time, only their own promises are lingering in the air. “I am Heathcliff"’’ “he couldn’t love as much in eighty years, as Bibliography [1] Richard, Bradford. Introducing Literary I could in a day.”(EmilyBronte, 149) 3 Death Studies [M]* New Jersey: Prentice-hali, Inc, 1996. “You teach me now how cruel you’ve beencruel and [2] Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights [M]. Bei Jing: Foreigh false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own Language Teaching & Research Press, 1994. heart, Cathy? I have not one word of comfortyou deserve [3] Gao Jihai. Trends and Changes in the development of this. You have killed yourself,” (Emily,Bronte, 161) This is English novels [M]. Bei Jing:Central compilation & Heathcliff?s blame for Catherine * s marriage to Linton. No matter how she Translation Press, 2004. loves Heathcliff, she betrays their true love. Catherine has [4] Ghent,Van, Dorothy. The English never dreamed that it is just from the moment of seeing the NovehForm and Function [M]. New York; Harper & Row, peace and beautiful scene in Thrushcross Grange that she and 1961. Heathcliff are separated forever. It is just from that moment [5] Woolf, Virginia. TTie Common Reader[M].New that Catherine loses herself. Especially, after her five -week York: Harcourt, Brace and Co, 1925. staying in the Lintons, the tie connected between her and 作者简介:罗亚辉(1977-),女,出屯于河南开封,英语教师,英 Heathcliff are totally broken. She is attracted by 语语言文学硕士。Linton’s handsome appearance and his wealth, through which can make her “be the greatest woman of the neighborhood”

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    On Love, Hate and Death in Wuthering Heights ------- from Lu 思文献

    the passion of Catherine and Heathcliff

    作者: 罗亚辉 作者单位: 郑州大学护理学院,河南,郑州,450052 刊名: 读与写(教育教学刊; 英文刊名: READ AND WRITE PERIODICAL 年,卷(期; 2010,7(1) 被引用次数: 0

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    1. 期刊论文 Symbolism in Wuthering Heights -南文学2010""(4) Symbolism is a useful technique used in literary works.This paper analyses the love between Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights from the perspective of symbolism to make us have better understanding of the theme of the novel. 2. 期刊论文 _ An Analysis of He athcliff in Wuthering Heights -写算?教育教学研究?2010""(3) Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte, is a magic masterpiece in English literature. This book reveals the real life in a deformed society, draws outline of twisted human nature and terrible events caused by this human nature. This paper probes Heathcliff's character. the causes of his character formation and the significance of his character transformation with respect to the theme. 3. 期刊论文 The Emotional World of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights -河北旅游职业学院学 2010,15?

    Wuthering Heights,the great novel by Emily Bronte,is not a simple story of revenge,it has more profound implication.The goal of this paper is to analyze the emotional world of Heathcliff in different times:childhood,youth adults and revenge period.Through analyzing Heathcliff s character and living experience of these three periods,it generalizes his emotional world in different times to show and illustrate the theme of the novel. 4. 期刊论文王慧 An Analysis of Catherine’s Character-Wuthering Heights -科技信息?科学•教研? 2008,"" (10) Wuthe

    gain immediate success, but it is now thought one of the finest novels in the English language. Catherine is the key character of this masterpiece,because everybo' better if we know Catherine well.

    ring Heights, Emily Bronte’s only novel, was published in December of 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. The book did not t is now thought one of the finest novels in the English language. Catherine is th can understand this masterpiece,because everybody and everything center on her though she had a short life. We can understand this masterpiece better if we know Catherine well.

    5. 期刊论文计艳辉.Ji Yanhui爱恨交织的痛楚——《呼啸山庄》中的女性爱情悲剧-吉林广播电视大学学报 2009,""(5) 〈呼啸山庄〉是英国19世纪文学中的一朵奇葩.小说的主人公虽然是弃儿希斯克里夫,但是,围绕希斯克里夫的两个主要女性的爱情悲剧却给读者留下了 难以磨灭的印象,她们爱的真切,不顾一切后果;但当爱变成恨时,她们又恨得悲切,最终郁郁而终.她们为爱而生,却因爱成恨,为爱而死,正如作者艾米丽 勃朗特所说:"我爱,我恨,我受苦而作者艾米丽勃朗特,作为女性作家,把自身的创作和英国当时的社会状况完美的结合到一起,谱写了一部女性的爱 情悲剧.本文就〈呼啸山庄〉中体现的爱恨交织的女性爱情悲剧进行解读.

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    艾米莉勃朗特在其代表作〈呼啸山庄〉中借助大自然来抒发自己强烈的感情,展示与维多利亚时代以金钱和地位为基础的婚姻制度所完全不同的爱情 真谛:猛烈、坚定不移的心灵契合的爱情.本文试从暴风雨和树这两方面的象征对这部作品进行分析,探讨它们丰富的象征内涵,尤其是对人物丰富的内心 世界的烘托和对爱情主题的深化意义.

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    英国小说《呼啸山庄》从遭冷落到声名日隆的大起大落中,人们更多看到的是这部小说的艺术成就.而立足于小说的寓言性质则可揭示它的深刻含 义:它的与世隔绝的荒原环境具有孤岛型小说展现人性本质的优势;它所描述的男女主人公的爱情悲剧则是超常爱情与现实冲突这类常讲常新的故 事。

    8. 期刊论文屈彬.张晓航论《呼啸山庄》中人物性格和人物爱情的荒原气质-大家2010,""(2)

     〈呼啸山庄沖的主要人物生活在荒凉暴烈的自然环境中,荒原的气质深深地渗入到了人物的性格之中,在荒原上,男女主人公上演着一部惊心动魄的、 震撼人心的、狂风暴雨般的爱情故事.本文试图分析〈呼啸山庄〉中的自然环境--荒原的暴烈气质是怎样赋予人物性情以暴烈和如何孕育了狂风骤雨般的骇 世惊俗的人物爱情的.

    9. 期刊论文刘斯敏.LIU Si-min爱恨共辉煌一《呼啸山庄》希斯克利夫形象创作赏析-长江工程职业技术学院 学报2009,26(2)

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    10. 期刊论文.炎萍.WANG Li-juan. YAN Ping仇——《呼山庄》与《原野》之比分析-南昌教育 学院学2008,23(4)

    英国作家艾米莉勃朗特的〈呼啸山庄〉和中国作家曹禺的〈原野〉讲述了原野中激烈的爱情与复仇的故事.两位作者都以原始的、与世隔绝的原野作为 舞台,描述了狂野、强悍的人性.也揭示了激情一旦遭遇不公就会成为一股极具破坏性的力量,最终也会毁灭爱情.这两部作品既是对淳朴爱情的一曲赞歌 ,也是一曲挽歌. 本文链接: 授权使用:江苏大学图书馆(wfhyjs04),授权号:c4da4d6a-6dff-4588-923e-9e1400900f76


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