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    Appendix 1

    Organisation Amount Background Project aim Beneficiaries Objective NI

    Tees Valley ?8577 TVA is a registered The stART project operates Young people who are long-Piloting initiatives to

    Arts (TVA) charity that has been as a Connexions Personal term NEET or Intensive support people 7

    delivering participative Development Opportunity Supervision and from groups

    arts programmes for 27 (PDO) for young people not in Surveillance Programme considered hard to 117

    years. It is a not-for- employment, education or (ISSP), leaving care or have reach, to improve

    profit organisation with a training (NEET) and will substance misuse or their progression to 11

    management committee provide workshops with local alcohol dependency issues. work

    of twelve trustees. professional artists allowing

    beneficiaries to gain the 10 beneficiaries on

    Bronze Arts Award programme of which:

     ; 50% will gain Art Bronze

    Breakdown of expenditure: Award

    Salaries 6210 ; 50% progression to

    Expenses 624 training and/or

    Moderation costs 360 employment.

    Artist sessions 1500

    Materials/visits 500

    Management 2450

    TOTAL 11644*

    ; The balance of ?3067

    will be covered by the

    organisation. The

    expenditure shown is for

    50% of the project with

    Connexions contributing

    to the other half.

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund

    Appendix 1

    Hemlington ?7900 Hemlington Community To engage new initiatives to Beneficiaries will include Piloting initiatives to

    Community Partnership is a engage and upskill those not in education, support people 6

    partnership Industrial and Profit economically inactive employment or training, from groups Society. It is a not-for- residents to facilitate their lone parents, those in considered hard to 7 profit organisation with a progression to employment. receipt of incapacity and reach, to improve management committee Learning and support people over 50. their progression to 117 of seven. The activities will include core work partnership manages the learning such as IT, Volunteer placements x 6

    Initiative Centre, a numeracy and literacy, Increase community learning healthy lifestyle and 26 Learners on programme opportunities for facility promoting the volunteering opportunities as including eight lone parents, volunteering education, social and well as tailored learning for six NEETs, six in receipt of economic welfare of example motor vehicle incapacity benefits and six residents. workshops, customer service over 50s. Fourteen

    or office skills. Alongside this beneficiaries will progress to

    will run transferable life skills further learning.

    such as confidence building

    and interview techniques and

    a job club.

    Breakdown of expenditure:

    Tutor costs 2080

    Advice & Guidance 1400

    Project management 1080

    Admin 672

    Advertising 300

    Room hire 1380

    Materials 250

    Childcare 400

    Learner travel 130

    Volunteer travel 160

    Tel/postage 40

    TOTAL 7892

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund

Appendix 1

    West ?9600 WMNT is a registered The project will involve 6 There will be 2 young Increase Middlesbrough charity and company young advisors, two of which advisors from BME opportunities for 6 Neighbourhood limited by guarantee, will be from a black, minority communities recruited and volunteering Trust (WMNT) which also houses a ethnic background (BME), trained. 7

    development company acting as mentors to their Piloting initiatives to

    called Ngage, and has a peers, with particular focus on 80 young people will be support people 117

    management committee those hardest to reach, and engaged and signposted from groups

    of thirteen. referring on to supporting onto an employment considered hard to

     agencies. assistance programme. reach, to improve

     their progression to

    Breakdown of expenditure: work

    Salaries 5793

    Training 569

    Promotion 400

    Certificates 50

    Mobile phones 150

    Travel 500

    CRB 100

    Protective clothing 256

    Stationary 200

    Overheads 1247

    TOTAL 9565

Working Neighbourhoods Fund

    Appendix 1

    Natures World ?10000 Natures World is a The project will provide skills There will be 15 Piloting initiatives to Registered Charity and training and project beneficiaries on the learning support people 7 company limited by development opportunities to programme all of which will from groups guarantee. It is a not-for- local people with disabilities, have specialist needs. considered hard to profit organisation with a learning difficulties and/or reach, to improve 117 management committee mental health issues including their progression to

    of seven. The company people from Ashdale and work provides training in people on Community Service

    horticulture and allied placements. Natures World is fields as well as registered with City and

    emphasis on providing Guilds and will provide 12

    this provision for people modules of practical

    with special needs, horticulture training.

    learning or physical

    disability. Breakdown of expenditure:

    Staff costs 11100

    Fees 840

    Equipment 260

    Overheads 1200

    TOTAL 13400

    ; The balance of ?3400 will be

    covered by the organisation.

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund

    Appendix 1

    Unicorn Centre ?5800 The RDA (Riding for the The centre would actively 100 volunteers will be Increase Disabled) Centre in recruit volunteers from WNF recruited from WNF areas opportunities for 6 Cleveland, Unicorn areas, particularly those not in NEETS or unemployed. volunteering Centre, is a registered employment, and will provide 7 charity with a training in health and safety, 24 of those recruited will be Piloting initiatives to management committee manual handling and DDA able to access OCNner support people 117 of nine. Based in awareness with all attendees Basic Skills in Horse and from groups Hemlington the centre is receiving an RDA volunteers Pony Care. considered hard to a purpose built riding certificate. A percentage of reach, to improve facility for the disabled the volunteers will also be their progression to offering therapeutic able to access one of two work riding and learning accredited courses with the

    opportunities for people open college network (OCN)

    with disability as well as that will run of 60 hours each.

    accredited training in

    Horse Care for disabled Breakdown of expenditure:

    and disadvantaged OCNner costs 800

    people. The centre takes Promotion 350

    disabled riders from Portfolio materials 120

    aged 5 and volunteers Staffing 2613

    from aged 14 years. Support 1583

    Travel 360

    TOTAL 5826

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund

Appendix 1

    Teesside and ?9000 Teesside and District Development of a telephone 20 volunteers will be Increase District Society Society for the Blind is a befriending service staffed by recruited from WNF areas. opportunities for 6 for the Blind registered charity with a volunteers, to be recruited volunteering

    management committee from WNF areas, to maintain 100 people blind or partially 7

    of nine. The project contact with people currently sighted will access the

    provides support to local housebound. serviced.

    blind or partially sighted Volunteers will receive none

    people that include a accredited training in visual

    social centre, shopping awareness and telephone

    escort service, training protocol.

    and quarterly newsletter.

    Breakdown of expenditure:

    Advertising 600

    Volunteer expenses 5200

    CRB 1000

    Stationary 100

    Printing 100

    Training/Supervision 2550

    TOTAL 9550*

    ; The balance of ?550 will be

    covered by the organisation.

Working Neighbourhoods Fund

    Appendix 1

    Barnardos ?8500 Barnardos Tees Training The project will allow people 10 hard-to-reach NEET Increase

    Tees Training is a registered charity not yet in a position to be young people will benefit opportunities for 6 providing training funded by the Learning and from the training. volunteering placements to young Skills Council to improve 7 people that have not basic skills. A specific training 10 volunteers will be Piloting initiatives to been in education, programme will be provided recruited and trained to act support people 117 employment or training for 13 weeks followed by as mentors to learners. from groups prior to this. Funded by further mentor support for an considered hard to the Learning and Skills anticipated13 weeks to aid reach, to improve Council opportunities are transition to training, FE or their progression to available in either E2E work. Volunteers will be work or apprenticeship recruited and trained to act as

    programmes in catering mentors.

    and hospitality, painting

    and decorating or hair Breakdown of expenditure:

    and beauty. Volunteer recruit/train 7500

    CRB 650

    Recruitment 400

    Training costs 8500

    Travel & expenses 3500

    Accreditation 700

    TOTAL 21250*

    *Funding has been identified

    within the project to cover the

    ?12,750 needed in addition to

    the grant

    Working Neighbourhoods Fund

Appendix 1

    Barnardos ?7000 Barnardos SECOS is a This project is aimed at those 24 vulnerable NEETs will Piloting initiatives to SECOS registered charity particularly vulnerable and not benefit from the support people 7

    working with sexually yet ready to access other programme. from groups

    exploited children, young training providers. It will considered hard to 117

    people and vulnerable deliver a menu of basic skill reach, to improve

    adults providing an topics so that programmes their progression to

    intensive case work and can be built around the work

    outreach service. requirements of the


    Breakdown of expenditure:

    Prog prep/materials 1330

    Transport 900

    Equipment/room hire 900

    Staff costs 1500

    Accreditation 1600

    Refreshments 770

    TOTAL 7000

Working Neighbourhoods Fund

Appendix 1

    Rebuild North ?10000 Recently established To provide structured training Volunteer opportunities x 40 East CIC Rebuild North east is a and volunteering (distribution and/or admin) Increase 6

    community interest opportunities within the All of the above entering the opportunities for

    company with a project mainly to long term training programme volunteering 7

    management committee unemployed over twenty. including:

    of three. The company 30 Soft outcomes including Piloting initiatives to 117

    aim is to become the Breakdown of expenditure: confidence building, team support people

    national centre for the Personal Protective work, 30 accessing Health from groups

    community reuse sector, Equipment (PPE) 2000 & Safety Course, 30 considered hard to

    which they do by Room hire/refreshments 1000 attending manual handling reach, to improve

    collection of unwanted or Transport 2500 course, 20 registered on their progression to

    surplus materials and Hand tools 1000 NVQ Level 2 and 10 work

    redistribution to Office equipment 500 competions.

    voluntary sector Overheads 3000

    organisations or TOTAL 10000

    worthwhile causes.

Working Neighbourhoods Fund

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