By Cathy Morales,2014-06-10 18:34
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     Mandarin Monthly

     Seattle Schools Language Program

    Monthly Guide: Do you know what Asian children like to Culture magnifier collect? Here they are! They are Hello What are some things Kitty and Doraemon that we celebrate and magnets and say in December in Pocket Monster Chinese? trinkets. Kids can put ----------------------------------- the magnets on their I can read it ! refrigerators, and

    decorate their desks. I can write it ! There are hundreds Home activities. of different kinds of What did we learn last collectables such as month? these.

     Culture magnifier: Chinese people dont like 4!?

     Time is the great ally thgrandpas 90 birthday, we try not to Chinese people dont like the number (4). This is NOT because Chinese in development of have four on the card. th of some Satan was born on the 4We dont like four, but we like bā language month. We don’t have a Chinese (8), because 8 sounds like fā (make proficiency. equivalent for Satan. When we a fortune)” People like to have 8 on pronounce sì (4), it simply sounds -- Helena Curtain & their license plate, in their phone like sǐ(die). Imagine if you read a number, or in their address. Here is a Carol Ann Dahlberg-- car license plate with 444 in it, it would little quiz! According this passage, sound like die die die. I believe no one guess which day the opening day of would like that on their car. Also, some Beijin 2008 OLYNPIC Games is. hospitals and buildings avoid having a Hint: fourth floor. Moreover, when we write