Fin 373 Finance Internship

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Fin 373 Finance Internship

    MKT 373 - Contract

    James M. Maskulka

    Associate Professor

    Department of Marketing

    (610) 758-4774

Marketing Internship Contract:

MKT 373 Marketing Internship (1.0 credit)

    Based on a student’s work experience, a sponsoring faculty member shall direct readings, projects, and

    other assignmentsincluding a "capstone report." It should be noted that the work experience (at least 80 hours), by itself, is not the basis for academic credit. The faculty directed activity must be provided concurrent with the work. Course registration and related arrangements must be made in advance of the work engagement. This course must be taken Pass/Fail and cannot be used to satisfy marketing major requirements. Prerequisites: MKT 211, declaration of a marketing major, junior standing, and department approval. May be repeated once.

The student must satisfy the following set of requirements before registering for the Marketing Internship

    course --MKT 373.

1. The student must satisfy the prerequisites for the course.

    For MKT 373, the prerequisites are: completion of MKT 211, declaration of a marketing major,

    junior standing, and department approval. MKT 373 -- Marketing Internship (1.0 credit) may be

    repeated once.

2. The student must secure an internship.

    3. The internship supervisor must agree to provide an evaluation of your internship experience at the end

    of the term. See sample form at the end of this contract.

    4. A contact sheet with the following information must be provided to Professor Maskulka.

    a. Your name

    b. Your email address

    c. Address and Phone Number

    d. Approximate dates of your internship work

    e. Approximate number of hours per week

    f. Name, title, and phone number of your internship supervisor

    g. Name and address of the firm responsible for your internship

    5. An email from your supervisor outlining the Internship position, as well as, what the student Intern

    should learn from this experience.

    6. This agreement must be signed and the above information submitted before you register for MKT 373

    -- Marketing Internship.

    Name (Print or type): ____________________ Student Signature: ____________________________

    Date: ________________________ Approved by: _______________________________________

    MKT 373 - Contract

    To obtain credit for MKT 373 the student must complete the following requirements.

    7. During the internship, the student will prepare a weekly log of his/her internship experience. Focus

    should be on what you learned, as well as what tasks you perform. Thus, the weekly essay (not bullet points) should provide an overview of the internship activities interwoven with the skills mastered. The weekly log (1-page maximum) must be emailed to Professor Maskulka ( on a weekly basis and are due each Monday. They should include a tally of the hours worked.

    8. A completed evaluation from your supervisor must be received by Professor Maskulka. Failure to obtain an evaluation in a timely fashion will result in an incomplete for the course until the evaluation is received.

    9. Gather information for your "capstone report" during your internship. This report should be approximately 10 pages of written text (double-spaced), not counting an executive summary, tables, exhibits, and references. Your report will be on a topic related to your internship experience and approved by Professor Maskulka. The final report on your internship is due the first day of finals week during the semester in which the internship is undertaken.

; Executive Summary: Each write-up must include an executive summary. The executive

    summary is a one-page essay overview of everything covered within your report, including the

    overall solution (1-page maximum). It is not an introduction and is not to be in bullets.

    ; Body of Report: The body of the report should include an introduction and a conclusion. Your

    report should address all the questions presented within the assignment as well as factors that are

    disturbing such as limiting assumptions or ethical implications of suggested alternatives. Be sure

    to include page numbers.

    ; Exhibits: Tables, graphs, and detailed equations should be placed in exhibits to avoid disrupting

    the flow of the report. Exhibits should be used to illustrate, explain, and elaborate on points made

    in the report text, but it should be possible for the reader to follow the report without ever

    referring to the exhibits. Exhibits should also be stand-alone documents, so include relevant titles

    and highlight the important figures or equations. All exhibits must be tied into the text.

; References

    Getting Started on Your Internship Paper: Firm Overview and Project Outline.

    ;;Firm Overview: Submit a brief business category analysis of your sponsoring firm. This would include but is not limited to: recent data on: industry classification, (ISIC code), key product/markets served, sales volume, marketing share, key competitors and assessment of the sponsoring firm’s

    generic business strategy: leader, follower, innovator, niche player etc.

     Project Outline: Submit a two page topical sentence outline of your proposed idea. This topical

    outline should start with a theme of your research paper roughly one (1) paragraph in length, the

    tentative paper outline, planned research approach and a brief description of the expected outcome (deliverable). The outline describing your approach to completing your final internship report is due at the start of the second week of your internship.

    10. Depending upon the quality of the internship experience, other work may be assigned.


    Student-Focused ? Research-Oriented

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