a problem of education

By Tracy Allen,2014-12-25 12:55
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a problem of education

    A problem of education

    It is widely acknowledged that education is of great importance to personal growth of people. According to a recent survey conducted by China Daily, a high proportion of parents admit that education is the best way to let their kids’ growth.

    Children, however, are required to take the exam every term and do a great deal of homework after school. Some schools only pay attention to theoretic without practice. The disadvantages of study limited to lessons as follows. Firstly, students will lack of hands-on ability. Secondly, they perhaps copy the textbook only and will be lack of creativity. What’s more, many people hold a wrong conception

    that the higher score means the more intelligence, however, practice is just the sole criterion of truth.

    As far as I am concerned, school should provide us more opportunity to practice. With the development of economy and technology, students might as well make more efforts than necessary to take up social practice in term of the fierce competition in the job market.

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