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    AddressChengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University 264# (6111731) Mobile139-8223-1136 LI Linjia

Personal Information

     Name LI Linjia



     DegreeBachelors Degree

     Date of Birth11th September 1989

     Native Place: QUxian of Sichuan province

    Education Background Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies


     Major English MinorSpanish

     Course taken Advanced English, Comprehensive reading, Listening,

    Translation, Linguistics, Business Writing, Culture in Western Countries,

    International Trade and so on.

Position Sought

     TranslatorChinese as a Foreign Language Teacher

Professional Skills

     Specialized Skills June, 2008 CET-4(College English Test)

    December, 2009 CET-6

    April, 2010 TEM-4(Test for English Major)

    May, 2010 TEM-6

    Be positive to prepare for TEM-8

     Computer skills

    April, 2008 National Computer Rank Examination Certificate (Grade 1)

    September, 2009 National Computer Rank Examination Certificate (Grade 2)

    Skilled in use of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access

Position in School


20082009 The Vice-secretary in Oral English Association

Social practice

     October, 2009 Sell leader in school

    ; Taka part in promoting

    ; Collecting and arranging data

    ; Deepened the sense of teamwork at the same time enhancing the

    ability to deal with high-pressure work independently

    Hobbies Chinese traditional culture and literature, Long-distance running, outdoor

    sport(such as mountaineering)


     For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart, I’d not regret a thousand times to die.


    During the diligent college time, I have trained myself on the great interest in learning English and accumulated a wealth of expertise in areas such as reading, writing and listening which have been made great process. Have a good independent learning ability and always be ready to innovate and to strive for excellence.

    In summer and winter vacation time, I took an active part in social practice and gained a great deal of experience in working ability and interpersonal skills and so on. With a positive attitude and strong sense of responsibility, I would be able to timely bring the serious task given by higher-up success.

    Be good at communicating, full of team spirit and proper to deal with personal connections. Owing to hold the persistent optimism, I have the courage to face difficulties and challenges. There is a strong endurance, willpower and hard-working quality in my character.


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