Using the IO Server Debug Menu

By Lester Elliott,2014-06-23 21:02
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Using the IO Server Debug Menu

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    Topic#: 000074

    Created: Mar-1-1994


    If you are trying to resolve a communication problem with a Wonderware I/O Server, then you will need to examine the protocol messages that are sent from the server to the PLC or controller. An easy way to look at the messages is to use the Wonderware server's Debug Menu and ask the server to write its Send and Receive messages to the Wonderware Logger (WWLogger). This explains the procedure as well as present a video demonstration on how to activate and use this Debug menu to look at the protocol messages. Procedure

    1. All Wonderware I/O Servers come with a Debug Menu that you can

    activate by adding a line to the WIN.INI file. For example, if you

    were using the Wonderware Modbus I/O Server, then you would add this

    line to the [Modbus] section in the WIN.INI file:


    Note For other Wonderware servers, you would add this line for the

    Debug Menu in the particular server section of WIN.INI. Each

    Wonderware server that is installed on your computer will have a

    its own section in WIN.INI.

    2. Save the WIN.INI file and the restart the Wonderware server if it

    is currently running. The server will gain several new options in

    its Control Menu. Press <Alt><Space bar> to activate the Control

    Menu. Here is what you should see in the Control Menu:

3. The Wonderware server will always begin with Show Errors selected.

    To see the protocol messages that are sent by the server to the PLC,

    click Show Send. To see the protocol messages are sent by the PLC

    to the server, click Show Receive.

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