Using HistData With InTouch and Excel

By Russell Dunn,2014-06-23 21:02
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Using HistData With InTouch and Excel

    Using HistData With InTouch and Excel

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    Document #: 000642

    Created: December 97

    Updated: June, 2004

    HistData is a utility program that comes with Wonderware; InTouch?. It

    can retrieve data from InTouch historical log files via DDE and then write the requested data to csv files. HistData can not be used alone; another program is required in order to update HistData’s internal database items. This Tech Note gives an example of how to use HistData with InTouch and Microsoft; Excel?. In addition, common error messages and problems associated with HistData are presented with suggested solutions. The appendix at the end of this Tech Note contains detailed information about

    the items that are in the HistData internal database.

    Using HistData With InTouch

    1. Start WindowMaker and select DDE Access Name from the Special menu

    to create a new Access Name. In the Add DDE Access Name dialog box,

    configure the Access Name with the settings shown below:

    The DDEAccess name is user defined and can be up to 32 characters.

    The topic name is also user defined. The DDEApplication/Server Name

    must be HistData and the Advise all items option must be selected.

    2. Next, create the following DDE tags to generate one csv file that contains the data from the encrypted log files: