Configure Alarm Printer Utility to Create Historical ALG Alarm Files

By Kyle Ferguson,2014-06-23 20:20
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Configure Alarm Printer Utility to Create Historical ALG Alarm Files

    Configure Alarm Printer Utility to Create Historical ALG Alarm Files All Tech Notes and KBCD documents and software are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. See the Terms of Use for more information.

    Topic#: 002097

    Created: April 2005


    This Tech Note provides detailed information on configuring the InTouch? Alarm Printer to log alarms to a text file. This feature is included with InTouch v. 8.0 and later.

    Note: The Alarm Printer existed on version 7.11 but did not support logging to an external file.

    Detailed Steps

    Launch the InTouch Alarm Printer Utility

    1. Select Start/Programs/Wonderware/InTouch/Alarm Printer.

    FIGURE 1: Alarm Printer Dialog Box

    Configure the File Logging Tab for ALG File

    1. Select Configure.

    The Configuration Settings dialog box appears (Figure 2 below). 2. Select the File Logging tab.

    3. Select the Enable Alarm File Logging checkbox.

    4. Browse to a Directory (location) folder for the ALG file by using

    the ellipsis ( ) button next to the Directory field.

    FIGURE 2: Alarm File Logging Configuration Setttings 5. Click OK.

    Configure the Printing Tab to No Printer

    1. Select the Printing tab.

    2. Select the None radio button in the Print To area (Figure 3 below):

    Figure 3: Set Printer to None

    3. Click OK.

    Activate the Query

    1. Launch InTouch WindowViewer.

    2. Select Query/Start.

    The Alarm Printer window will display a green background for Alarm

    Log File and Printer Port or Name will show <disabled> (Figure 4


    Figure 4: Alarm Printer dialog Box

    3. Access the Directory folder to verify ALG file creation (Figure 5


    Figure 5: ALG File

    The ALG is now available for viewing or editing with a text file editor. Sample content is provided below:

    # Wonderware Alarm Printer 8.0.2 query: group: ( \InTouch!$System ), state: ( All ), priority: ( 1-999 ) time is LOCAL

    27 Apr


    27 Apr

    2004,12:12:22.683,VALUE,UNACK,LO,1,ReactLevel,Reactor,\InTouch,0,200,E36D,None,Reactor level,0.000000,0.000000,

    27 Apr


    27 Apr


    27 Apr

    2004,12:12:23.464,EVENT,,SYSTEM,999,$OperatorDomain,$System,\InTouch,InTouch,InTouch,E36D,None,$OperatorDomain,0.000000,0.000000, 27 Apr


    27 Apr

    2004,12:12:25.577,VALUE,UNACK_RTN,LO,1,ReactLevel,Reactor,\InTouch,200,200,E36D,None,Reactor level,0.000000,0.000000,

    27 Apr


    27 Apr

    2004,12:12:42.209,VALUE,UNACK,HI,1,ReactLevel,Reactor,\InTouch,1850,1800,E36D,None,Reactor level,0.000000,0.000000,

    You now have a file containing a history of old InTouch alarms.

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