Name Andrew Duff Total nautical miles 32000

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Name Andrew Duff Total nautical miles 32000 ...

Name: Andrew Duff Total Nautical Miles: 81,000

    D.O.B: 19 08 1983 Blue water miles as skipper: 5,000

    Nationality: New Zealand B1/B2 Visa Drivers License: Full

    Email: Phone: +34 6371 77717

Personal Profile:

    The marine industry and the water have been my passion since childhood. My earliest memories are of sailing my own

    Southerly 23 and cruising aboard my parent’s yacht. After completing my Certificate in Boat Building I joined The

    Moorings and quickly moved through the ranks to manage two of their South Pacific charter bases. I have recently

    returned to New Zealand after working as First Mate aboard M/Y Daybreak and am seeking a skipper’s position on a

    Performance Racer/Cruising Yacht between 60 to 100 feet with my partner Gemma Davies.



    Auckland University of Technology February 2002 - November 2002 Certificate in Boat-building

     Hagley Community College February 2000 -November 2000

     New Zealand School Certificate Major Engineering.

     Highest Honours Engineering Student 2000

     High Achievement English 2000

     Lincoln High School February 1997 - November 1999

     New Zealand High School Certificate

     Other Qualifications:

     RYA / M.C.A Yacht Master Ocean/Master of Yachts 200T

     RYA / M.C.A Yacht Master Offshore 200T Motor/ Sail Commercial Ticket

     Restricted Radar Observers Certificate

     Restricted Radio Telephone Operators Certificate

     S.T.C.W 95 Basic Training

     Advanced Open Water Diver (IDEA)

     New Zealand Day Skipper (Coastguard)

     New Zealand VHF Operators License


Employment History

S/Y Risktaker Official #739350 68ft Swan (Private) July 2008 September 2008

Captain (Coupled with my partner Gemma Davies as Stewardess/Deckhand/Cook) Completed a handover period

    with the previous crew, familiarising myself with all the mechanical, electrical and custom made systems of the yacht.

    Managing all paperwork and on going matters. Constantly keeping the owners and the management company informed

    as needed. General day to day duties of cleaning, running, maintaining, servicing and repairing of the yachts systems. I

    was responsible for mooring the yacht at all times and trimming of sails to ensure the owner was satisfied whilst underway.

    I also assisted Gemma when required and carried out research for future voyages.

M/Y Daybreak. Official #80034 153 ft Feadship April 2006 February 2008

First Mate Assisted the Captain with the general running of the yacht, passage planning, yard work, day to day running

    of the deck crew. Engineering was also a big role in this job including assisting the chief Engineer with Mains and

Generator Servicing, water makers, electrics and filling in as engineer with the captain on the last Atlantic crossing,

    maintaining the yacht to the highest of standards for the industry.

Bosun Taking direction from the First Mate and Captain for all aspects of this job role. Standing in for the First Mate

    whilst he was on leave. Primary Watch Keeping, all aspects of yacht maintenance, and expansion of my skills base to

    enable me to move quickly up the ladder towards First Mate.

Deckhand My first position when joining this industry was as deckhand. I was able to share my knowledge of yachting,

    and also broaden my skills whilst learning the ropes on a larger vessel. I was able to experience and learn more of what

    it takes to run maintenance schedules and the day to day duties onboard a super yacht of this quality.

    The Moorings New Zealand ~ Bay of Islands November 2005- April 2006 Base Manager

    As Base Manager I was required to take on all aspects of running this remote base. Managing a team of 5 my role was to

    ensure that clients were met and briefed according to their itineraries, the delivery of yachts between bases was safely

    carried out including the Skippering of many yachts myself. Maintenance pre and post charter was scheduled in and

    recorded, owners were kept up to date, Maritime safety and rules were adhered to and reported on. The organisation of

    outside contractors, delegation of jobs for the dock, provisioning and valet staff were undertaken, along with daily liaison

    with the Auckland head office to ensure the smooth running of the whole operation and that the clients were given the

    best sailing holiday in the world.

    The Moorings Tonga November 2004 November 2005 Assistant Base Manager

    Overseeing the daily running of the base and its staff. Standing in for the Base Manager as required by shift and for leave.

    Attending to clients requests regarding flight, provisions and charter details were concerned. Meeting with local

    government authorities and tourism operators to ensure the smooth running of a NZ owned business in the kingdom.

    Dock Assistant Sunsail New Zealand, Tonga, Australia. February 2002 November 2004 Preparing Yachts for charter, engineering and servicing of a wide range of vessels from 28 to 50 feet in a rapid turn

    around environment. Daily service calls, annual Safe Ship Management of all vessels and assistance in setting vessels

    up for offshore deliveries.

    Office Furniture Manufacturer Oliver and Smith LTD January 2001 December 2001 All aspects of cabinetry making, assembly of all office furniture equipment, working on site to install workbenches, mobiles

    and bookshelves. Dealing with mass production to tight deadlines.


Hobbies and Interests:

    Sailing, Racing, Diving, Farming, Camping, Mechanics, Reading, Technical Drawing, Water Sports, Fishing


    Peter Jebsen Capt. Duncan Hollowood

    S/Y Risktaker M/Y Daybreak

    +47 482 73690 +1 954 536 2270

Shane Walker Peter Oliver / Ashley Smith Trevor Joyce

    The Moorings New Zealand & Tonga Oliver & Smith Ltd Mariner Boating Holidays

    +64 (0) 9 378 7900 +64 3 348 9052 +61 (0) 2 9966 1244

     Sailing Experience for Andrew Duff

Offshore Cruising and Sailing.

2008 April Auckland, N.Z Vavau, Tonga (S.V Zuben) 44ft Beneteau as Skipper 1280nm *

2008 Carribean until 15 Jan. 200nm Still First Mate On Charter M/Y Daybreak 200nm

2007- FLL Bahamas FLL- Azores Palma, Spain- France- Italy France Malta- Croatia Italy France-

    Palma,Spain Gibraltar Bermuda Savannah FLL Carribean (M/Y Daybreak) 153 ft Feadship as Bosun / First

    Mate 30,000nm

    2006- FLL- Bahamas- Bermuda- Azores-Malta- Greece Italy Canaries FLL (M/Y The Daybreak) 153ft Feaship as Deckhand / Bosun 20,000nm

    2005- Vavau, Tonga Auckland, N.Z (S.V Monu’ia) 42 ft Beneteau as Skipper 1280nm 2005-Auckland-Vavau, Tonga (S.V Blue Planet) 37ft Beneteau as skipper 1280nm

    2004- Vavau Tonga - Opua, N.Z (S.V Alouette) 42ft Beneteau as Skipper 1200nm

    st2004- Auckland - Vavau Tonga (S.V Sirocco) 39ft Beneteau as 1 mate 1280nm

    st2003- Auckland - Vavau Tonga (S.V Kepa) 36ft Beneteau as 1 mate 1280nm

    st2002- Auckland - Vavau Tonga (S.V Hirondelle) 38ft Beneteau as 1 Mate 1280nm

    st2001-Opua-Vuda Pt, Fiji (S.V Safarii) 36ft Jeanneau as 1 mate, 1100nm

    1996- Lyttelton Napier - Tonga Tauraunga Napier - Lyttelton (S/Y Tarua 2) Crew. 4000nm

    1991 - Lyttelton Napier - Tonga Tauraunga Napier - Lyttelton (S/Y Tarua 2) Crew. This included sailing through the

    Ha’apai and Vavau Group in Tonga and through the Yasawa group in Fiji. 5000nm Coastal Sailing Experience

    2008 September 02 15 Anitbes, France Kotor, Montenegro 63ft Mochia as Skipper 1200nm *

    2008-Cruising around Palma de Mallorca 250nm Owners Holiday (S.V Risktaker) as Captain.*

     -Palma de Mallorca-Barcelona 130nm one way (S.V Shadowfax) as Skipper

     -Palma de Mallorca-Corsica 350nm one way (M.V Never Say Never) as First Mate

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Shard) 41ft Beneteau as Skipper

     -Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (S.V Breakaway) 40ft Beneteau as skipper *

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Taranui Spirit) 41ft Beneteau as Skipper *

     -Akaroa-Stewart Island 300nm trip one way (S.V Tarua 2) 36ft Cutter as Crew

    2005 Vavau-Haapai 180nm trip return (S.V Bliss) 49ft Jeanneau as skipper for T.V

     Series “Minnie Drivers Excellent Adventures”

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Monu’ia) 42 ft Beneteau as skipper

     - Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (S.V Blue Planet 37ft Beneteau as skipper

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip oneway (S.V Alomar) 35ft Beneteau as skipper

    2004-Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (M.V Ambition)33ft power Launch as skipper

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Monu’ia)42ft Beneteau as skipper

    2003-Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Options)46ft Beneteau as skipper

     -Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (S.V Squirrel)39ftBeneteau as skipper

     -Opua-Auckalnd 130nm trip one way (S.V Hirondelle)38ft Beneteau as skipper

     -Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (S.V Sirocco)39ftBeneteau as skipper

     -Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (M.V Ambition)33ft power Launch as skipper

    2002-Opua-Auckland 130nm trip one way (S.V Squirrel)39ft Beneteau as First Mate

     -Opua-Auckalnd 130nm trip one way (S.V Hirondelle)38ftBeneteau as First Mate

     -Auckland-Opua 130nm trip one way (S.V DreamTime)30ft Hunter as Skipper

    2001-Nelson-Lyttelton 260nm trip one way (S.V Aimless)42ft cutter as First Mate

    1999-Malborough Sounds - Akaroa 200nm trip one way (S.V Decadence)Farr 11.6 as First Mate

    1998- Akaroa-Dunedin 240nm trip one way (S.V Close Encounters)Farr 1104 as First Mate

    1993- Akaroa-Malborough Sounds 400nm return trip (S.V Tarua 2)36ft cutter as Crew

    1992- Akaroa-Malborough Sounds 400nm return trip (S.V Tarua 2)36ft cutter as Crew

    1990- Akaroa-Malborough Sounds 400nm return trip (S.V Tarua 2)36ft cutter as Crew

    1989- Akaroa-Malborough Sounds 400nm return trip (S.V Tarua 2)36ft cutter as Crew

    Total Nm for Offshore and Coastal 74,000 + 10,000nm of day sailing approx

    I have owned my own Southerly 23 Keel yacht which I had for 3 and half years, looked after my first ever bosses yacht Crazy Horse (Farr 1020) while he has been away on holiday. A Beneteau 473 “Legato” which I did many jobs for the

    owner to keep in a clean and tidy condition. And have raced boats from small sailing dinghy’s to 60 ft Keel yachts including my good friends sport yacht “Snatch” a Shaw 6.5 designed for speed.

    My parents first took me sailing when I was 4 days old and have not stopped since. I have been on the water just about every weekend of my life apart from the odd few when the weather was just too nasty to do so completing many miles of day sailing as well.

    N.B * The passages with a star beside them are the deliveries that Gemma my partner has carried out with me.

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