Unit 1 Friendship period 1

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Unit 1 Friendship period 1

    Unit7 Living with disease --Period 1 Warming up & Reading I. 重点单词

     1. (adj.)致命的;极有害的

     2. (adj.)想象中的; vt.) 想象 (n..)想象_______

     3. (adj.) 错误的!伪造的

     (n.)感染________ 4. ________ (vt.)传染?感染;

     5. ________(adj.)可利用的;

     6. _________ (n.)预防!阻止; vt.) 阻止_______

     7. _________ vt.).)说服!劝服

     8.___________(adj.) 无防备的 n.?保护__________

     9.___________(n.) 治疗!对待!处理 v.?对待_________

     10._______________(vt.) 使泄气! ;反义词?鼓励_______________

    II. 重点短语

    1. live ______ 忍受!与……住在一起 5. suffer _______ 遭受

     6. ______ ____________ 正相反 2. get ______ 检验

    3. as ______ 正如 7. ______ the moment 暂时!目前

    )感到振奋 8. free ______ 不受……的影响!没有…的 4. cheer;…?__________(使


    Step 1. Brainstorming What do you know about AIDS

    Step 2. Find out the main ideas of each paragraph. Para1 (A) what is AIDS Para2 (B) the channels of transmitting HIV Para3 (C) Many children become infected with AIDS.

    Para 4 (D) Xiaohua is a person living with AIDS.

    Para 5 (E) Xiaohua’s attitude towards life

    Para 6 (F) What Xiaohua does as a young AIDS patient

    Para 7 (G) Xiaohua helps AIDS patients and tries to change people’s attitude to them.

Step 3. True or False

     1.Only bad people get AIDS.

     2.I can become infected with HIV by swimming in a poolsitting in a bathholding

    hands or kissing someone with HIV

     3.In 2002there were 42 million people living with AIDS in the world

     4.People who have not infected drugs do not need to get tested for HIV

     5.1f I had HIVI would know because I would feel sick

     6.HIV / AIDS is incurable

     7.People who have H1V look different from everyone else.

     8.It is safe to be friends with people who are living with A1DS


    Step 4.Read the text again and choose the best answer 1. If a person gets AIDS, he/she ____.

    A. will certainly die in a few years

    B. is left defenseless against infections and illnesses C. will be unable to receive blood transfusions

    D. can be cured by a very expensive medicine

2. AIDS spreads fast in areas where_____.

    A. natural disasters often happen

    B. people like touching and being touched

    C. many old habits and customs are still kept alive D. there’s a lack of health care, prevention and education

    3. What are the means of being infected with AIDS? A. through blood and other liquids

    B. by having unprotected sex

    C. through birth

    D. all of the above

4. Passage 1 mainly tells us_____.

    A. how terrible AIDS is

    B. how miserable Xiaohua is

    C. what we should do towards AIDS and AIDS patients D. how to help Xiaohua

5. Xiaohua will probably agree that______.

    A. people should never give an AIDS patients a hug B. people should change the way they treat AIDS patients C. most people have a good knowledge of AIDS

    D. enough money has been spent on AIDS research and education

Step5. Summary

    Xiaohua is a twelve-year-old girl in South China who has __________. She is living and

    ______ with the disease. AIDS is a disease that breaks down a person’s ________ system. HIV

    spreads through ______ and other body ________and is transmitted through ______sex,

    infected blood ___________ and through birth.

    The disease ________ fast in areas where there is a lack of proper health care,

    ___________ and education. Though Xiaohua knows that her life will be______, she has

    decided to use her ______ time to do something positive;积极的?. Together with a group of doctors, Xiaohua is trying to _______ the way people think about and treat AIDS ________. She

    believes that people should do their best to support them and not be _______ to be friends with


    Step 6. Group discussion

    What do you think of AIDS patient? How should we treat them?


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