Exercise 6

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Exercise 6Exerci

     Exercise 6


     Mr.West intended to buy his wife a Christmas present, but he was always very busy, so he was never (1) ___ to find time to go to the shops. At last, when it was the ek (2)___ Christmas, and the shops were very crowded, he (3)___ that he could we

    not wait any longer. He worked in an office, and (4)___ had lunch in a restaurant, but one day he bought some sandwiches, ate them quickly and went out to a big shop near his office during his lunch (5)___ .The shop was full of women, who were also buying presents during their lunch hour.

    Mr.West stood politely at the edge()of a crowd of women who were (6)___ forward

    to try to get to the people who were (7)___ necklaces and earrings. He tried to move forward slowly, taking his turn with the others, but more and more women were (8)___into the shop the whole time and pushing selfishly past him.

     After half an hour, he was just as far from the people who were selling the necklaces as he had been (9)___he came in, and his lunch hour was coming to an end, so he decided to change his (10)___ of doing things: he put his head down,

    )___ of the (11)___ a sudden loud shout and started to push his way towards the (12crowd as hard as he could.

    The women around him became very (13)___when they saw what he was doing, and

    began to scold him.Why cant you behave like a gentleman?they shouted.

    Ladies,he (14)___them,I have been behaving like a gentleman for the past half hour, and it has done me no (15)___ ,so now I am starting to behave like a lady!

    1. A. sure B. certain C. able D. possible

    2. A. before B. after C. till D. within

    3. A. promised B. decided C. agreed D. insisted

    4. A. never B. sometimes C. seldom D. usually

    5. A. hour B. moment C. minute D. second

    6. A. pulling B. pushing C. gathering D. managing

    7. A. selling B. buying C. choosing D. seizing

    8. A. going B. entering C. fetching D. coming

    9. A. where B. until C. when D. even if

    10. A. habit B. way C. action D. sign

    11. A. caught B. made C. blew D. gave

    12. A. center B. end C. front D. back

    13. A. patient B. angry C. surprised D. nervous

    14. A. hated B. waved C. explained D. answered

    15. A. treasure B. good C. respect D. present

II. 语法填空

     Do you want a friend (1)____ you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and (2) _____ (think)? (3)____ are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you, or would not understand what you are going through ? Anne Frank wanted (4)


    ____ first kind, so she made her diary her best friend. Anne lived (5)___Amsterdam in the Netherlands during World War II. Her family was Jewish so they had to hide or they would be caught (6)____the German Nazi.

    She and her family hid away for nearly twenty-five months before they (7) _________(discover). During that time the only true friend was (8)____diary. She

    I dont want to set down a series of facts in a diary (9)___ most people do, but said,

    I want this diary (10) ____ to be my best friend, and I shall call my friend Kitty.

III. 阅读理解


     The days of elderly women doing nothing but cooking huge meals on holidays are gone. Enter the Red Hat Society a group holding the belief that old ladies

    should have fun.

    “My grandmothers didn’t do anything but keep house and serve everybody. They

    were programmed to do that,” said Emily Cornette, head of a chapter of the 7-year-old

    Red Hat Society.

     While men have long spent their time fishing and playing golf, women have sometimes seemed to become unnoticed as they age. But the generation now turning 50 is the baby boomers, and the same people who refused their parents’ way of being young are now trying a new way of growing old.

     If you take into consideration feminism(女权主义), a bit of spare money, and

    better health for most elderly, the Red Hat Society looks almost inevitable(必然的). In

    this society, women over 50 wear red hats and purple clothes, while the women under 50 wear pink hats and light purple clothing.

     “The organization took the idea from a poem by Jenny Joseph that begins:

    “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple. With a red hat which doesn’t go,” said Ellen Cooper, who founded the Red Hat Society in 1998. When the ladies started to wear the red hats, they attracted lots of attention.

     “The point of this is that we need a rest from always doing something for

    someone else,” Cooper said. “Women feel so ashamed and sorry when they do something for themselves.” This is why chapters are discouraged from raising money or doing anything useful. “We’re a ladies’ play group. It couldn’t be more simple,” added Cooper’s assistant Joe Heywood.

    1The underlined word “chapter” in paragraph 2 means __________.

     Aone branch of an organization

     Ba written agreement of a club

     Cone part of a collection of poems

     Da period in a society’s history of the baby boomers

    2The “baby boomers” are a group of people who

     Ahave gradually become more noticeable

     Btried living a different life from their parents when they were young

     Care worried about getting old too quickly

     Dare enjoying a good life with plenty of money to spend

    3We can infer from the text that .


     Amembers of the Red Hat Society are interested in raising money for social work

     B.members of the Red Hat Society are programmers who can plan well for their


     Cmembers of the Red Hat Society believers in equality between men and women

     Dmembers of the Red Hat Society are good at cooking big meals and taking care

     of others

    4Who set up the Red Hat Society ?

     AEmily Cornette . BJenny Joseph . CJoe Heywood . DEllen Cooper .

    5Women join the Red Hat Society because .

     Athey want to earn much money. Bthey would like to appear more


     Cthey would like to have fun and live for themselves

     Dthey want to be more like their parents


     Believe it or not, optical illusion(错觉) can cut highway crashes. Japan is a case

    in point. It has reduced automobile crashes on some roads by nearly 75 percent using a simple optical illusion. But stripes, called chevrons(人字形), painted on the

    roads make drivers think that they are driving faster than they really are, and thus drivers slow down.

    Now the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety in Washington D.C. is planning to repeat Japan’s success. Starting next year, the foundation will paint chevrons and other patterns of stripes on selected roads around the country to test how well the patterns reduce highway crashes.

     Excessive (too great) speed plays a major role in as much as one fifth of all fatal traffic accidents, according to the foundation. To help reduce those accidents, the foundation will conduct its tests in areas where speed-related hazards (danger) are the greatest curves, exit slopes, traffic circles, and bridges.

     Some studies suggest that straight, horizontal bars painted across roads can initially cut the average speed of drivers in half. However, traffic often returns to full speed within months as drivers become used to seeing the painted bars. Chevrons, scientists say, not only give drivers the impression that they are driving faster than they really are but also make a lane appear to be narrower. The result is a longer lasting reduction in highway speed and the number of traffic accidents. 6. On roads painted with chevrons, drivers tend to feel that ________.

     A. they should avoid driving fast. B. they are driving in the wrong lane

     C. they should slow down their speed D. they are coming near to the speed limit 7. The advantage of chevrons over straight, horizontal bars is that the former


     A. can keep drivers awake B. can cut road accidents in half

     C. will look more attractive D. will have a longer effect on drivers 8. What does the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety do?

     A. change the road signs across the country

     B. try out the Japanese method in certain areas


     C. replace straight, horizontal bars with chevrons

     D. repeat the Japanese road patterns

    9. What of the following is true about straight, horizontal bars painted across roads?

     A. They are suitable only on broad roads.

     B. They are falling out of use in the United States.

     C. They cannot be used successfully to traffic circles.

     D. They are ignored in a long period of time.

    10. What’s the best title of the passage?

     A. a new pattern for painting highways B. a new way of highway speed control

     C. a new way of training drivers D. a new type of optical illusion


    survive remove doubt worth style design evidence select agree with be similar to belong to in search of for oneself think highly of in return 1.The climate here doesn't _____________ me.

    2.The story is well _________ reading again.

    3.The company managed to __________ the crisis.

    4.As we all know, Taiwan _____________ China.

    5.There is no _________ that he will help you.

    6.The men ran out _______________ the missing boy.

    7.I wish I could do something for you ___________.

    8.It is hard to __________ the chemicals from water.

    9.This building was __________ by Mr Wang.

    10.The Professor ___________________ my speech.


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