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    Dashan: Hi. Glen. It's Dashan. Thanks again for yesterday. We really ;;; visiting your office and ;;; more about your company.

    Glen: Oh, you're welcome. Everybody at Capital enjoyed meeting you and your friends. Listen,


    Dashan: Yes.

    Glen: Well, ;;;;;; coming over to our house for ;;;? Kathy's going to make her vegetarian lasagna tonight.

    Dashan: ;;;;;;;;;;;;. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Glen: And please invite Rumei and Yunbo, too.

    Dashan: ;;;;;;;;;;;;, Glen.

    Glen: ;;;;;;;;;;;;. We're going to have an early dinner. It's a school night for Christopher.

    Dashan: Great. I'm looking forward to it. See you then. Oh, Glen, what's your address?

    Glen: ;;; North Hinton Avenue. That's Hinton near Main. Ours is the house;;;;;;;


Kathy: Hello, everyone. It's ;;;;;; to meet you all. Please come in.

    Rumei: ;;;;;;;;; are for you, Kathy.

    Dashan: And here's ;;;;;;;;;;;;. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Kathy: Quite welcome. ;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Kathy: Sit down, please. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. I'm going to get

    Christopher. He's doing his homework in his ;;;.

    Glen: Would anybody care for a drink before dinner? I have rum, gin, scotch, wine...

    Yunbo: I'll have a gin and tonic, please.

    Glen: OK.

    Rumei: I'd like some ginger ale, please.

    Dashan: Could I have a scotch on the rocks?

    Glen: Sure.

    Kathy: This is our Christopher.

    Everybody: Hi, Christopher.

    Christopher: Hi,everybody.

    Kathy: Christopher, this is Rumei. This is Yunbo and this is Dashan. Dad and Dashan went to

    school together.

    Christopher: Hi, everybody.

    Dashan: What ;;; are you in, Christopher?

    Christopher: I'm in;;;;;;.

    Kathy: Christopher's going to attend a hockey camp this summer. Rumei: ;;;;;;;;;.

    Christopher: Yeah. Mom, when are we going to eat dinner? I'm hungry. Kathy: Very soon, honey. Glen, how about taking everyone into the dining room? I'm going to

    take the lasagna out of the oven.

Rumei: Kathy, can I help with anything?

    Kathy: Oh, that's all right. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Glen: I think everything is just about ready now.

    Dashan: Mmm. Everything smells ;;;;;;.

    Yunbo: And ;;;;;;;;;, too.

    Kathy: Would anyone like some more lasagna?

    Dashan: No, thanks. I'm fine. I couldn't eat another bite.

    Yunbo: I'd like another piece, please. But just a small one.


Dashan: Kathy, let us;;;;;;;;;;;;for you.

    Kathy: Oh, thanks.

    Christopher: Mom, I'm going to watch TV in the family room, okay? kathy: Christopher, aren't you going to work on your project for school? Christopher: Do I have to? ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Kathy: You won't have time tomorrow night. You have a hockey practice. Remember? Christopher: Yeah, you're right.

    Rumei: Kathy, ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;?

    Kathy: Stack them on the counter, please.

    Rumei: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. ;;;;;;;;;.

    Kathy: Oh, thanks. We remodelled it last year.

    Rumei: Oh, really.

    Kathy: Our old kitchen wasn't big enough for ;;;;;;;;; and ;;;;;; and ;

    ;;;;;. So, we decided to add an eating area.

    Yunbo: Kathy, where do you want me to put the leftover lasagna? Kathy: You can put it in a plastic container. Then put it in the fridge, please. Glen, can you get

    Yunbo a plastic container?

    Glen: ;;;;;;.

    Kathy: And the other waste food can go into the container for the composter. I use the compost

    from the composter to fertilize the flowers in my garden.

Rumei: Here, ;;;;;;;;;;;;.

    Kathy: Thanks, Rumei, but I'm going to wash them in the dishwasher. Here, let me do it for you.

    Rumei: Kathy, what do you use these boxes for?

    Kathy: Oh, these boxes are for recycling. Our family is trying to help the environment. Rumei: What do you mean?

    Kathy: Well, we want to save our natural resources for the next generation. You know... ;;;

    air, ;;; water and ;;; forest and wildlife.

    Dashan: Canadians are trying to use their natural resources carefully, so there will be plenty left

for the future generations.

    Kathy: Dashan, please speak English. I can't understand you.

    Dashan: Sorry, Kathy. I wanted to tell Rumei about your family's concern for the environment. All Canadians want to have enough resources ;;;;;;;;;.

    Yunbo: What do Canadians do in their home to help the environment?

    Kathy: Well, we reduce our garbage by recycling paper, glass and metal and by composting our kitchen scraps.

    Glen: We also conserve energy by keeping our homes neither too hot in the winter nor too cold in the summer.

    Kathy: And, we're ;;;;;; our water. We try not to ;;; it.

    Yunbo: Oh, I understand.

    Rumei: Well, we learned a lot about Canadian life by spending time with you tonight. Thank you again for inviting us.


Glen: Christopher, please ;;;;;; or we won't get to the arena ;;;;;;. Come on.

    We have to pick up Dashan and Yunbo ;;;;;;.

    Christopher: I'll be down ;;;;;;;;;. I'm going to get my hockey pants on.

    Glen: Need any help?

    Christopher: No, thanks. I can manage.

    Glen: Okay, I'll ;;;;;; you in the van.

    Christopher: Dad, will you take my hockey bag out to the van for me?

    Glen: Sure. But I need you to bring your hockey stick.

    Glen: Did you say“Goodbye” to your mother?

    Christopher: Yes. She wants you to pick up a newspaper ;;;;;;;;;.

    Glen: ;;;;;;;;;, please. Hello, Dashan. I'm afraid we are going to be a bit late. We'll pick you and Yunbo up in front of the hotel ;;;;;;;;;;;;. Oh, will you tell

    Rumei to meet Kathy in the hotel lobby ;;;;;;? Okay. Bye. So, Pal, are you excited

    about the hockey game?

    Christopher: Yeah. It's our last game of the season. I hope we'll win it. Glen: I hope that you'll have ;;; and play ;;;.

    Christopher: All right, Dad. But I still hope we'll win.

Glen: Hi, everybody. Hop in. Welcome to the world of kids hockey.

    Dashan: Hey, Christopher. Thanks for inviting us to your hockey game. This is Yunbo's first hockey game, you know.

    Yunbo: Yes. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;?

    Christopher: Well, I play forward. I get the most chances to score goals. I shoot the puck into the goalie's net. The team with the most points wins.

Yunbo: Is a puck like a ball?

    Christopher: Yeah. Sort of. It's flat and slides on the ice. I move it around with my hockey stick.

    Yunbo: Oh, I see.

    Christopher: Our team isn't playing very well this season, but we're playing better than last year.

    Glen: I think so, too.

    Dashan: Christopher, who's your ;;;;;; hockey player?

    Christopher: Well, Dad's a big fan of Wayne Gretzky. Mom and I gave him a number 99 shirt for

    his birthday. But, I like Doug Gilmour better than Gretzky.

    Dashan: Doesn't Gilmour play for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

    Christopher: He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, he was traded. But I still collect his hockey


    Glen: Here we are at the arena. And we ;;;;;;;;;!

    Christopher: Oh, there's Jeanette. She's our goalie. Hi, Jeanette. Yunbo: So girls play on your team. That's interesting.

    Christopher: Yes, we have ;;;;;; on our team: the goalie, a forward and a defenseman. Dashan: Do the girls on the team play as aggressively as the boys? Glen: Sure. Sometimes they play more aggressively. ;;;;;;;;;, the girls skate better

    than some of the boys.

    Christopher: Well, maybe. Dashan, will you please pass me my hockey bag? Dashan: Sure. ;;;;;;;;;.

    Christopher: Thanks. Dad, I'll meet you in the dressing room. Glen: Okay. I'll park the van. I won't be too long.

    Yunbo: Bye, Christopher. Good luck!

    Dashan: Have fun. We'll ;;;;;; you.

    Christopher:Bye, everybody.


    Yunbo: Christopher, what an excellent game! You're a terrific hockey player. Glen: Yes, son. ;;;;;;. You played very well. And you won. Mom will be very ;;;.

    Christopher: Thanks, Dad.

    Dashan: Christopher, thanks again for inviting us. I've really ;;;;;;;;;.

    Christopher: The game was cool. And Jeanette was super, wasn't she? She made a lot of great saves.

    Glen: Yes, Jeanette's a good goalie. Will she be at your hockey camp this summer? Christopher: No, she won't. She'll be in Alberta with her ;;;;;;.

    Yunbo: Here let me give you a hand with your bags.

    Christopher: Thanks.

    Glen: Christopher and I always go for hamburgers and fries after the game. We're crazy about ;

    ;;;;;. Why don't you and Yunbo join us?

    Dashan: ;;;;;;;;;t, but we don't have enough time to go out for lunch. We have to ;;;;;;;;; later this afternoon.

    Christopher: You're leaving this afternoon?

    Dashan: Yes, ;;;;;;. So, we'd better get back to the hotel.

    Glen: That's too bad. Well, maybe we'll do it next time. When will you be back in Ottawa? Dashan: Probably in the summer. I'll let you know.

    Glen: Seatbelts fastened?

    Group: Yes.

Rumei: Yunbo, Dashan, hi.

    Yunbo: Rumei, where were you? You look ;;;;;;.

    Rumei: Well, Kathy treated me to a morning at a ;;;. Kathy and I got ;;; and facials. It

    was such a treat. How was Christopher's hockey game?

    Dashan: Terrific. His team won. He's a good hockey player.

    Yunbo: I really enjoyed watching the game and learning about kids' hockey. Rumei: I'm ;;;. Why don't we get something to drink?

    Yunbo: Rumei, our flight leaves in two and a half hours. We'd better pack first. Rumei: Don't worry, Yunbo. I packed everything this morning. So we have enough time to get some coffee. Why don't you and Yunbo get the bags from the rooms? I'll ;;;;;; and

    ;;; at the coffee shop.