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     Volume 12, Number 4

    November 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable December 2005 Cub Scout Theme


    Tiger Cub Requirement # 2 Webelos Craftsman & Scientist

    I get my input from Pow Wow Books and other Scouters FOCUSwho have lots of great ideas but we sometimes go off on Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide tangents from the direction intended by National for the This time of year is packed with ―Faith, Hope and Charity‖ theme. - celebrating and sharing family traditions and faiths, hopes What a great weekend I just had.!! My nephews asked for the future and charity to all. Service projects are a way me to go camping with them and their units. So I attended to give thanks while helping those in need in our the Pennsbury District, Bucks County Council, Fall neighborhoods and schools. Celebrate the holiday season Camporee with Pack, Troop and Crew 102 from Levittown, with foods and crafts that are appropriate to various faiths. PA. There were gateways, catapults, Living History Collect toys during a pack meeting or organize a food Reenactments, some initiative games by the C.O.P.E. Staff, collection where everyone brings something to share with First Aid, and a Photography lesson (Each Scout received a those who are less fortunate. disposable camera on Saturday and was then taken on a short

    walk to take unusual pictures. On Sunday they received the CORE VALUES developed pictures before they left). It was fun seeing Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide Scouting in action at another council and especially seeing Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through my nephews as Scouts. I got to talk with the Scoutmaster, this month’s theme are: who had his troop prepare three delicious turkeys for dinner ; Family Understanding, Family traditions are shared with his ―patented‖ method, the Cubmaster (who is, also, an and families work together as they participate in Den Assistant Scoutmaster) and the Webelos Leader, who told or pack activities. me this is her third time as she was Webelos leader for both ; Friendly Service, Cub Scouts learn to serve others her older sons, too. Besides the four stations mentioned through Den and/or pack community activity and above we did some Outdoorsman requirements, especially services. working on Fire Building and Fire Safety as it was chilly. ; Spiritual Growth, Cub Scouts learn more about their The Webelos worked hard looking for wood to keep the fire family‘s faith and respect for other faiths as they going. Just as we were leaving I met their District RT share during the holiday season. Commissioner, who is on a Scouting Task Force with me but The core value highlighted this month is: whom I had never met in person. We spent almost an hour ; Responsibility, By helping others, Cub Scouts learn talking about Roundtables (much to the chagrin of his son

    about duty to care for self and others. who just wanted to go home!)

    Can you think of others??? Hint look in your Cub Scout The weekend before I was Troop Scribe for our council‘s Program Helps. It lists different ones!! All the items on Wood Badge course. My copier ran up about 4700 copies both lists are applicable!! You could probably list all in the six weeks I have it with two Wood Badge weekends twelve if you thought about it!! each with their daily Gilwell Gazettes!! But there are now

    new critters out there working their tickets!! COMMISSIONER’S CORNER Maybe this week I can begin enjoying retirement and

    cleaning my house of all the stuff I brought home! There are a lot of good standard Holiday Cub Scout items in

    this edition but I would weigh them carefully against the Pow Wow season is upon us for a few weeks. Pow Wows Focus above and the vignette for the theme in the Cub Scout allow you to see your best Scouters doing what they like Program Helps. As well as considering the Core Values most. Pow Wow sessions are usually not scripted like the and purposes highlighted for the month in both places to basic training series (New Leader Essentials, Position make sure your Den and pack are presenting programs in Specific courses) but allow someone who is good in accordance with what the theme is supposed to accomplish. (ceremonies, skits songs crafts, games) to present the items

    Page 2 BALOO'S BUGLE relating to (ceremonies, skits songs crafts, games) so others can enjoy them too. You get to see Scouters enjoying showing off what they do best. Don‘t miss your Pow Wow (or university) or if you must, attend one at a neighboring Pow Wow. I plan to attend two this month and have a great time at each.

    Have a great Scouting month!!.


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    1955 Customs of Other Lands SCOUTERS 1956 Christmas In The Americas Thanks to Scouter Jim from Bountiful, Utah, who prepares 1957 Happy Holiday this section of Baloo for us each month. You can reach 1958 The Golden Rule him at or through the link to write 1959 Do Your Best Baloo on CD 1960 Guiding Stars Scout Beatitudes 1961 Follows, Helps, and Gives 2005-2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide 1962 The Magic of Christmas Blessed are the Scouts who are taught to see beauty in all 1963 Old-Fashioned Christmas things around them, for their world will be a place of grace 1964 Winter Festival and wonder.

    Blessed are the Scouts who are led with patience 1965 Happy, Game, and Fair

    understanding, for they will learn the strength of endurance 1966 Yuletide Everywhere and the gift of tolerance. 1967 Do Your Best Blessed are the Scouts who are provided a home where 1968 Winter Wonderland family members dwell in harmony and close communication, 1969 The Cub Scout Gives Good Will for they shall became the peacemakers of the world. 1970 Happy, Game and Fair Blessed are the Scouts who are taught the value and power 1971 Cub Scout Gives Good Will of truth, for they search for knowledge and use it with 1972 Follows, Helps, Gives wisdom and discernment.

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    joy for themselves and others. 1975 Cub Scout Gives Good Will

    1976 Winter Festival Charity Begins At Home

    Scouter Jim, Bountiful Utah 1977 Do Your Best

    One of my favorite quotes is, ―When all is said and done, 1978 Duty to God & Country

    more is said than done.” This past year has been a historic 1979 Customs of Other Lands year. We have seen devastating events all around the world. 1980 Happy Holidays We have seen a massive tsunami hit Southeast Asia. 1981 Do Your Best Hurricanes and the resulting floods of mud have covered 1982 Cub Scout Spirit portions of Central America. A killer earthquake flattened 1983 Giving Gifts whole villages in Pakistan leaving thousands dead. Closer 1984 Do a Good Turn to home, a series of Hurricanes has left many parts the Gulf 1985