An Analysis on Aestheticism Reflected In The Ambitious Violet

By Melvin Black,2014-07-25 18:41
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An Analysis on Aestheticism Reflected In The Ambitious Violet

    An Analysis on Aestheticism Reflected In The

    Ambitious Violet

    I've read many superb works of Kahlil Gibran, and I love this one most, for the significance of beauty it conveys.

    Aestheticism is a kind of art proposition, taking modal beauty and sensory beauty as absolute beauty. It goes in for the beauty of artifice, which is far away from the reality. In Kahlil Gibrans works, he often use

    a combination of beauty and spiritulity, so I think he is also one of the great representatives of aestheticism.

    I intend to give an aesthetical analysis of The Ambitious Violet from

    the perspective of literature, music, symbolism and philosophy, probing the beauty and the significance reflected in it.

    Firstly, the beauty of innocence is mirrored in the fable. The plot is simple as well as its language. However, you can find the beauty of the innocence through reading the fable. The simple plot and language are not only designed to be qualified for the fable but also reveals the beauty of Kahlil Gibrans ideas that the innocent mind and ambitious personality are the best things men should pursue in the world and he puts this idea into this fable. Take the voilets encounter for example, then you can find

    this beauty hidden in its simple plot and language. The little voilet wants to be a rose, even one day is enough. God realizes her dream,and she

    become a tall rose tree. Unfortunately, there is great storm destroying all the tall plants, including the rose. Nevertheless, she doesn’t regret for it,

    instead she is satisfied with her choice,for she has got what she really wants. You can find the fable reveals the violets innocent mind and

    ambitious personality everywhere between lines, isnt it a good spirit for

    us to follow?

    Secondly, you can also find the beauty of music in this fable. There are many ways to get people to understand a point that is trying to be made. In this fable, Kahlil Gibran uses similes, personification and metaphors and to paint a vivid picture in the reader's imagination which results in a greater impact and more enlightening experience. Kahlil Gibran uses personification in the fable most, everything that is nonliving, such as the rose , the violet, and the other plants in the garden, become alive in the fable, and it is vivid and close to the readers. Kahlil Gibran uses metaphors at the violets last moment. "...I have heard the whisper of

    the firmament through the ears of the rose and touched the folds of Lights garment with rose petals " It really sounds lively to us readers.

    The comparison is used to show the different feelings the voilet has as a tall rose tree.He also uses metaphors to describe the sounds that we cannot hear ourselves, but with some help we can imagine them. "The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;" His metaphor recreates the

    high-pitched screaming that the shells made as they rained from the sky. Gibran 's use of similes, metaphors and personification gives us a much better view of the scene he is trying to create for us than if he were to use regular wording as if he were talking to someone that was actually there. It makes us picture in the fairy tale, fantastic and magical.

    Thirdly;the beauty of symbol is also reflected in this fable. Kahlil Gibran uses many symbols in the fable to make it more interesting or may be more meaningful for the readers. These symbols are of great meaning and value. They make readers think beyond this fable. For instance, the rose which stands for the love, while in this fable, represents power and elegance. The violet stands for those who are ambitious and struggling for their dreams. As we know that these symbols themselves are a kind of beauty. Through the way of symbolizing, the author gives the readers a feeling of relax and refreshment.

    Fourthly, the deep meaning of the fable is a kind beauty as well. It reveals the beauty of love to us. This fable is to tell us that ambition beyond existence is the essential purpose of our being. In the fable, The humble Violet is dissatisfied with his own life,and request the Nature to turn it into a tall rose tree, but he paid her whole life on it. However, she doesnt regret for what she has done. Instead, she is rather satisfied and

delight with it. “…in a weakening voice, mingled with pride and

    achievement, she said, I have lived one hour as a proud rose; I have existed for a time like a queen…” After reading this article, How do you

    view the tree, will you think the Violet greedy , for in order to achieve her dream, she would rather pay her own life? How to pay the expensive cost? Do you think her dream worth her own life? In one of Gibrans

    works tears and laughter, when you read the introduction, you will see

    the words "I would like to pursue the ideal of death rather than born to death. I hope in their hearts, there is a hunger for love and the pursuit of beauty." He puts his own beliefs to the Ambitious Violet. This is the

    fable of his real life, and he uses the Violet to reveal the "meaning of life". Gibran's Prose is full of imagination, conveying a profound meaning, and it is much worth reading.

    In a conclusion, through reading of the article The Ambitious Voilet,

    we can have a warm feeling from the head to toe. Even nowadays, it still has a great influence all around the world, especially on the young generation. This fable has a simple language and plot but its meaning reflected is profound. The feeling of beauty it gives to the readers and its praises for true friendship and pure love are meaningful. It also reveals a philosophy idea that life is full of contradiction and the pursuit of beauty will never be dropped by our mankind.And ambition beyond existence

is the essential purpose of our being. We shouldnt be satisfied and

    contented with our ordinary life, though contentment has acted as a barrier between the existence and the tempest of life. To be ambitious and fulfiled is the design of life, and this is the secret of exsitence.

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