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Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data SheetSection 1 Chemical Product and Company Identification

     Chinese name? Sulfur Granules Product name? Sulfur Granules

     MSDS#? JJF201101S01 CAS No.? 7704-34-9

     Manufacturer ? Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture Technology Co. Ltd

     Address: Room 306, Shuigong Building, No.368 Qinxian Street, Xiaodian District,

     Taiyuan, China

     Validation date? 1st, Jan.,2011

Section 2 Composition and Information on Ingredients

     Ingredients Sulfur

     Content 99.95%

     CAS No. 7704-34-9

Section 3 Hazards Identification

     Product is a pale, yellow, solid. This is a combustible, reactive solid

     material. Product may form explosive dust/air mixture if high

     concentration of product dust is suspended in air. Static electric

     EMERGENCY charges created by emptying product from ungrounded containers inOVERVIEW: or near flammable vapors may cause flash fire. May cause eye

     irritation. Vapors may also produce eye irritation.

     Inhalation of vapors/fumes generated by heating this product may

     cause respiratory irritation with throat discomfort, coughing or difficulty


     Because it can be transfered into hydrogen sulfide the intestine part

     and be absorbed, so a lot of taking in can lead to hydrogen sulfide

     poisoning. When poisoning, it shows Headaches, dizziness, lack ofHealth hazard power, vomiting, ataxia, coma, etc for people.

     Sulfur can aslo cause Conjunctivitis, skin eczema and the skin is weak


     During the producing, it show no healthy dangerous by taking in

     poeder of the sulfur.


Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data SheetEnvironment Because of it is low toxicity product. So it may pollute the water if youhazard? throw them in it .

     Explode hazard: Pullute the air by the explosive smoke.

Section 4 First Aid Measures

     In case of skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water. If irritationSkin contact: develops or persists, seek medical attention. If hot product contacts skin,

     cool under running water and seek medical attention.

     Do not attempt to remove the hot, molten or cooled product from the skin.Eye contact: Lift eyelid, immediately flush eyes with flooding amounts of cool water for

     at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention

     Inhalation: Move person to non-contaminated air. If affected person is not breathing,

     apply artificial respiration. Seek medical attention.

     Ingestion: If swallowed, Drink moderate water as emetic, get medical attention.

Section 5 Fire and Explosion Data

     High concentration of airborne dust may form explosive mixture with air.General Fire Static electric charges created by emptying product from ungroundedHazards containers in or near flammable vapors may cause flash fire.

     Product is combustible. If heated above its flash point in the presence of

     air, product can support combustion.


     Decomposition Smoke, sulfur oxide and other products of combustion


     Extinguishing Sandy soil or water.


Section 6 Accidental Release Measures

     Containment Contain the discharged material. If airborne dust is generated, that may

     come into contact with material of the igniter.

     Isolation leakage pollution area, limit access. Cut off the fire. Suggest theClean-up emergency treatment person wear filter dust mask and wear generally workProcedures overalls.

     Don't direct contact with the leak things


Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet

     Small leakage: Avoid dust, then collect in a dry, clean, cover containers byEvacuation the shovel, then transfer to a safe place.

     Procedures A large leakage: cover it by the plastic cloth, canvas instead of flyoff. Use

     no spark tools to gather or shipped to the waste disposal sites.

     Special Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of fumes from moltenInstructions product.

Section 7 Handling and Storage

     Avoid eye and skin contact. Avoid breathing dusts from this material. Avoid

     breathing fumes if product is used at high temperatures. Maintain good

     housekeeping to prevent dust accumulation.

     Handling: Do not chisel drums in areas where flammable solid or liquid are stored or

     used. Wash thoroughly after handling. Never eat, drink, or smoke in work

     areas. Practice good personal hygiene after using this material, especially

     before eating, drinking, smoking, using the toilet or applying cosmetics.

     Store at a dry, ventilated and cool place and heat insulation.

     Storage: Suggest dry,ventilated without rain for bulk storage.

     Shelf-life : 1 year in its original packaging

Section 8 Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

     Local exhaust ventilation is preferred because it prevents contaminant

     dispersion into work areas by controlling it at its source. Local exhaustEngineering ventilation is recommended when generating excessive levels of airborneControls dust or vapors from handling or thermal processing. Use electrically

     grounded, explosion-proof equipment for ventilation or any handling of this


     Respiratory Generally don't need special protection. The dust concentration is high in theprotection air, wear self-inhalation filter type dust mask

     Eye protection Generally don't need special protection. But wear chemical goggles and face

     shield if handling the package of the product.

     Body protection Use impervious gloves. Work clothing sufficient to prevent all skin contact

     should be worn, such as coveralls and long sleeves

     Others protection Quit smoking, eating and drinking water in the workshop. Pay attention to

     yourself cleanliness, take a shower once finishing the work.


Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data SheetSection 9 Physical and Chemical Properties

     Appearance and Solid, light yellow crystalline powder, granules, chips. It has special odour.character?

     pH? Not applicable

     Flashing 207 ?C Density ( vs.water ) 2.0 (Water = 1)point(?)?

     Boiling 444.6?C Vapor Density (air =1)? Not availablepiont(?)?

     Molecular ? S Molecular Weight 32.06

     Upper Explosive 3

     Limit % Not available Upper Explosive Limit % 35mg/m

     Ingredients Sulfur

     Vapour pressure Softing point

     (kPa)? 0.13kPa Not available.

     Solubility The sulfur is insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol, ether, easily soluble in

     carbon disulfide.

     Applications ? As flammable solid sulfur, it mainly used in the manufacture of dyes,

     pesticides, matches, gunpowder, rubber, rayon, etc

Section 10 Stability and Reactivity Data

     stablity The product is stable

     Conditions to avoid Avoid heat, spark.

     Incompatibility May react with strong oxidizing agents.

     Hazardous Decomposition Smoke, sulfur dioxide, and other products of combustion.Products

     Hazardous Polymerization Hazardous polymerization will not occur

Section 11 Toxicological Information


Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet

     Primary eye irritation study in rabbits showed product to be mildlyToxicity to Animals irritating. Varying degrees of conjunctival irritation was noted in all

     unwahsed eyes that cleared by day 10. Product was not found to be a

     skin sensitizer in guinea pigs.

     Contact may cause skin or eye irritation. Ingestion may cause nausea,

     vomiting and diarrhea. Inhalation of dust may cause respiratory irritation.Toxicity to Humans In halation of vapors/fumes generated by heating this product may

     cause highly toxic action to people.

     Product was not found to cause skin sensitization in human patch test


Section 12 Ecological Information

     Ecotoxicity Low toxicity

     Dangerous features Strongly reaction will occur with the halogen, metal powder. The

     smoke form its burning will contaminate the environment.

     Other ecotoxicity No determined.

Section 13 Disposal Considerations

     Waste Disposal No information

Section 14 Transport Information

     Proper Shipping Name? None

     UN code None

     DOT Identification Number None

     DOT Classification None

     Packing Group None

     Package ? 25kg PP/PE woven bags

     Special Provisions for In the storage and transportation, it is easy to produce electrostatic,Transport which may cause the sulfur dust on fire. Dust, steam and air or

     oxidant mix will form the explosive mixture.

     Additional Shipping None



Shanxi Jiajifeng Agriculture

     Technology Co., Ltd Material Safety Data Sheet


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