Vocabulary Preview

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Vocabulary Preview

    By Zhou Jiamin &Song Ying &Johnpahor UNIT 6

    1. He freaked out when he heard he’d got the job he dreamt.(吓坏了的)

    2. The problem is happening because the wheels are out of alignment with each other. (


    3. ---Have you ever held/carried a torch for somebody, Grandpa. (单恋)

    ---Yes, your grandma. We went to the same school. But, it took me more than three years

    to muster up my courage and confess my love.

    4. Human rights activists fear an escalation(扩大)of violence as the two sides gear up(

    )for fresh elections.

    5. The violence began when the police charged at(冲击;猛攻) a crowd of demonstrators. 6. The ruling party truly thought that they would win the election fair and square. (诚实地)

    7. If you are up to(胜任) the challenge, this is a one-of-a-kind way to see Singapore. 8. Now, when fears of job losses are widespread , they are even less inclined splash out. (


    9. Thanksgiving turkey are traditionally served with a bread mixture that some Americans

    call stuffing. Others call it dressing.(调味品?

    10. Seasonal rains that drench(使湿透) Southeast Asia annually have been extraordinarily

    severe this year, killing hundreds of people across the region.


    11. Most patients find that the numbness(麻痹)from the injection(注射剂) wears off(逐渐消

    ) after about an hour.

    12. An alternative venue for the concert is being sought.

    13. They are content to(满足于)socialize with a very small circle of people. 14. Why does the conversation have to revert to(回到)money every five minutes?

    15. She was stunned(愕然) by the amount of support she received from well-wishers. 16. Youre young and healthy and you have no commitments-the world is your oyster. (从中


    17. He was sentenced to death(判处死刑) but was granted a last-minute reprieve. (缓期执行)

    18. There is an estimated shortfall of some five million dwellings(住处)across the country.

    19. Job creation has become an imperative(需要,命令)for the government.

    20. He hopes to carve out(创业,开拓) a niche for himself as a leading researcher in his field

    of study.

    UNIT 8

    1. The construction of the tunnel is a large and complex undertaking.(事业)

    2. They took out a 40,000 mortgage;抵押 to buy the house.

    3. Id love to come to Malaysia with you, but Im afraid Im a bit strapped (for cash) at the

    moment. (资金短少的)

    4. High winds have hindered firefighters in their efforts to put out the blaze. 5. The two rode through the streets in an open-top vehicle. (敞篷的)

    6. The bride looked gorgeous. (华丽的)

    7. All the countries have proclaimed their loyalty to the alliance.

    8. He blurted everything out about the baby, though wed agreed to keep it a secret for a while. (脱口而出)


    By Zhou Jiamin &Song Ying &Johnpahor 9. As a senior citizen, he is allowed to audit university classed.

    10. Christina was flirting with just about every man in the room. (调情,不认真地考虑)


    1. Jane has a summer internship at a local TV station. (实习生)

    2. The study concludes that in a worst case scenario there might be 80,000 human infections in Britain from BSE beef. (日常生存自救手册)

    3. Heres a question that might seem kind of off the wall. (荒诞的,疯狂的)

    4. For me I think the key is not to let things pile up but instead to face each problem as it

    comes and attack it head-on. (向……发起正面攻击)

    5. The first thing the new chairman of the company did was to shake up the management. (


    6. He tried to console her, but she kept saying it was all her own fault. 7. He had psychotherapy(心理疗法) to help him deal with his childhood traumas. (精神创伤)

    8. Prices have gone through the roof. (价格冲破屋顶?飞涨)

    9. Her books are full of perceptive insights into the human condition. 10. The match ended in triumph for the French team.

    UNIT 10

    1. It must have been a very arduous task to build the pyramids.

    2. We had to learn chemical formulae at school, but I can only remember H2O for water. 3. The idea with young children is to integrate learning with play.

    4. Sadly, some people enshrine myths, weave them into an inviolable religious belief sestem

    and defend them against all logic and at all costs. 5. Each union elects several delegates to the annual conference. (险峻的)

    6. As a police officer you are expected to uphold the law whether you agree with it or not. (


    7. They had evolved beyond disease and social disparity and created a unified government, but also an almost hive mentality. (差异)

    8. The dancing of the principal ballerina added luster to an otherwise unimpressive production of Giselle.(光彩)

    9. The rebels only form of defense against the soldiers guns was sticks and stones. 10. A recurring knee injury may have impaired his chances of winning the tournament.


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