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AV Transportation, 2103 9AV T


    thA.V. Transportation, 2103 9 Ave., Camanche, IA 52730


     Wellness Corner!!!


    This month’s topic is “Dental Health.” Remember, a We would like to recognize the following healthy smile says a lot about people. Although you may not think people for their years of service!!! it, but keeping your teeth and mouth clean and healthy plays an AN important role in keeping the rest of your body healthy! Bill Sherrard 3 years

    Will Perkins 3 years

    Melvin Peirsen 1 Year

    Gary and Kim Chase 2 Years

    Rodney Crowe 1 Year

     We appreciate you!!!!


    We will now have a website you can go on to see the latest updates, newsletters, etc! The website is: Now you will be able

    to log on anytime you want to see what’s new. There is a contact page where you can email any questions, concerns or comments to us in the office. Please give us your feedback on the website as we will continue to improve it to the best of our ability!!! Van Green- Driver Steve Bockleman- Mechanic Don Hansen- Driver WINTER POLICIES!!!! John Cogdon- Driver Paul Wenzel- Driver Please review the winter policies that were given to you Clayton Lutton-Driver last month!!! It is very important that these procedures be followed!! Please remember you are NOT allowed to park your tractor and trailer in the tower lot… You must drop your trailer WELCOME ABOARD!! stat 21 St. If you have ANY questions please ask!!!! Always top off fuel tanks EVERYTIME you get back to the yard!!


     The following employees had CLEAN

    INSPECTIONS in October!!! Note to Drivers!!!

    Please make sure you are not leaving anything plugged in Greg Garrison 10/8 or turned on in the trucks, which leads to it having to be jump Diane Kottmann 10/9 started!!! Also make sure you are all using your Qual Com macros. Nick Smith 10/10 Arrive/Depart calls etc. It leads to a lot of confusion in our office if Todd Ellithorpe 10/11 we don’t have them when brokers are calling us for information. Allen Crowe 10/20 Which leads to another important issue… please make sure you are

    calling and checking in with your brokers.

     Keep up the good work!! Remember for every

     clean inspection you get…we pay YOU!!!


    Susan Barker 11/11

    Thomas McKenna 11/22


If you have a question about a topic or would like to receive more information via e-mail, contact Melissa Liddle,

    Safety. or call 563-259-1924 ext.10

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