It seems like everyone uses social media these days to help grow their business or personal brand

By Randy Marshall,2014-06-18 21:12
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It seems like everyone uses social media these days to help grow their business or personal brand

    It seems like everyone uses social media these days to help grow their business or personal brand. An ironic by-product of the success of social media, however, is that it’s become extremely hard to stand out among all that content. The data is striking:

    Sure, some 800 million people use Facebook, but only 7.5% of your fans ever see your status updates, according to PageLever. And Sysomos reports that only 29% of your Twitter followers will see your messages. So how do you keep from being ignored online? Here are five fundamental strategies.

    1 Start with the basics

    It should almost go without saying that your business should have a website as well as a blog and should participate in the top four social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. People are searching for you or for other companies that offer similar services, and every search query in which your company’s name doesn’t come up is an opportunity lost

    2 Establish a niche

    When creating your online brand, you need to have a specific audience in mind the

    audience that would most likely purchase your product or service. For example, Rachel Rodgers Law Office in Phoenix positions itself as a company that offers “Innovative Legal Counsel for Generation Y Entrepreneurs.” If you’re too general with your positioning, you won’t attract the people that can make your company profitable over the long haul. Although this approach might not yield 2 million followers and fans, you’ll certainly generate leads.

    3. Create valuable content

    The content that you publish should be concentrated on a single topic related to your business. Your status updates and blog posts could contain research, quotes, facts, stories and ideas instead of product pitches. As Jeffrey Gitomer famously said, “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” Direct selling through social

    channels turns people off and is the fastest way to hold back your business growth. Your market will be drawn to the valuable and interesting content that you produce. They’ll then follow you and examine your website for your products and services.

    4. Interact with your audience

    Aside from producing content on a regular basis, you need to both listen and interact with your followers. By listening to what people are saying about your brand, you can better serve them with content and products. Start by using tools like Google Alerts and Twitter in order to review your brand mentions.

    5. Make yourself an expert

    You can’t rely on people finding your website or your profiles anymore. You need to proactively market your brand so that you can stand out in the clutter. The best way to do this is to brand yourself as an expert in your field, proactively reaching out to a select number of journalists that cover your topic, and offering yourself as a source for future articles. Each time you’re interviewed for an article, make sure your company’s name is included, which will draw more people to your website. By having a third party endorsement from a media outlet, and putting yourself out there, you will become more credible, trusted, and your visibility will multiply.


    1 whats the best title of this passage?

2 what strategies can make your status more attractive?


    1 participate in参加

    How many people participated in the opening ceremony? 多少人参加了开业典礼 2 stand out 引人注目,脱颖而出

    Our daughter is a great dancer, she stands out above the rest.


    3 hold back . 1 抑制 2. 阻碍 3. 退缩 4. 隐瞒

    He was held back from further promotion. 他没得到进一步的升级。 4 on a regular basis 1. 定期地、经常地2. 定期 3 经常性的 The supplier supplies the goods to the shop on a regular basis. 那厂商定期向该商店供应货品。

    5 pitch 1. (帐篷);() 2. ...定得,3 ...定在竭力推销 4,, The salesman stood at the door, pitching his products.推销员站在门口,极力推销他的产品。

    6 brand n. 1. 商标;牌子[(+of)] 2. (某人特有的)一种(风格,举止等)[(+of)] vt. 1. 烙印于;...商标于 2. ...污名加于...[(+as)] 3. 铭刻于;铭记

    All cattle on the farm were branded with the letter A. 这农场所有的牛都烙上"A"印记。

    7 query n. 质问;询问;疑问 vt. 1. ;询问[+wh-] 2. ...表示疑问[+wh]

1 strategies to make your status stand out

    2 此题太简单?省略答案

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