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Unit 2 Chemical or Organic Farming.doc B5


    Unit 2 Chemical or Organic Farming

     泰安英雄山中学 程冉

    Step 1. Lead-in: A video to students about organic farming.

Step 2 Show teaching aims.

Step 3 Fast reading

    What is organic farming?


    Step 4. Careful reading.

    Task1.Read the text and answer the following questions:

    1. Why are chemical fertilizers so popular in farming today? _________________________________________________

    2. What problems can be caused by using chemical fertilizers? _________________________________________________

    3. What is the main goal for using organic farming methods? _________________________________________________

    Task2. Read the text and fill in the blanks.

What organic farmers do Why do so?

    Use natural waste from animals as fertilizer

    Change crops every 2 or 3 years.

     Plant grass between crops



    Step5 .Speaking

    Suppose you are the owner and the other is a customer. You are persuading the customer to buy your “organic food". Make a

    dialogue. And then act it out.

    Step 6.Beautify your farmland and describe it.

    Step 7. Homework: Make a poster for your organic food


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