2014 The ninth Of East Asia International Food Expo

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2014 The ninth Of East Asia International Food Expo

    2014 The ninth Of East Asia International Food Expo

    Invitation Letter

Organizers: Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee. The

    Organization for the East Asia Economic Development. The Organization for Japanese

    food safety. China & Korea Broker Association. Yantai Municipal Peoples

    Government. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shandong

    Sub-council. China Chamber of International Commerce Shandong Branch.

    Sponsor: Shandong Food Industry Association. Yantai Economic and Information

    Technology Committee. Yantai Food Industry Association. China Council for the

    Promotion of International Trade Yantai Sub-council. China Chamber of International

    Commerce Yantai Branch.

    Co-organizer: Korea International Trade Exhibition Association. Shandong Light

    industry Association. Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Resretch, Chinese Academy of

    Sciences. Taiwan Affairs Office of Management of Yantai Municipal People's

    Government. Foreign Affaris Office of Yantai Municipal Peoples government.

    Heilongjiang News Service. Europe Easy Fresh Network. Yantai Tea Association

    Media support: Economic Daily News, South Korea kyungin daily, Japan economic news,

    Shandong TV station, China Agricultural Network, The food business network, China

    aquatic network, Food partner network, Yantai forum, China food circulation network,

    Chinese food business network, Yantai TV station, Jiaodong Online and others 86

    industry mainstream media


     "East Asia International Food expo " (China Japan and South Korea International Food expo " ), since 2004 has been successfully held 7 sessions, has become China's northern region biggest and most effective professional food industry event. That Is the model of food industry cooperation of China, Japan and South Korea, the exhibition area from 8000 square meters to 20000 square meters between years 2004 - 2013, on-site turnover increased year after year, it is the industry of Chinese and foreign manufacturers preferred Exhibition

    The seventh session of the " food fair " in 2012 June successfully held in Yantai, and the volume of transactions are to achieve new breakthroughs in the scale, exhibitors on overall satisfaction is 81.6%, the audience to show the overall satisfaction was 89%, of which 67% of the audience and exhibitors reached cooperative intent. From Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, China Hongkong, China Taiwan and other 21 domestic provinces and 176 delegations, about 1200 food enterprises , exhibition area of 21000 square meters, exhibition of famous special product 6700 kinds, attracted more than 360 foreign buyers in China and more than 2000 Import and export traders, more than 4700 dealers, and 9300 stores, wholesale and retail, hotel will wait until the scene procurement negotiations, the number reached 160000 person-time, exposition turnover amounted to

    2.75 million yuan, signed a cooperation agreement of intent 420 multinomial, intention investment of 9,80 million yuan.

Theme and purpose:

    2014 ninth session of the " food fair " to " green, innovation, cooperation, development" as its theme, give full play to the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone industrial advantage, resource advantage and market advantage, Japan and South Korea 's geographical advantages, to promote the import, export and domestic trade for the purpose, open convenient ways for foreign enterprises to enter China the market, build export trading platform for domestic businesses to provide efficient, trade opportunities for different parts of the country famous food enterprises.

    Welcome to Yantai

I Summary of activities

    Preparation Time: 2014 / 5 / 21 22

    Exhibition Time: 2013 / 5 / 23 26

    Closing time: 2013 / 5 / 26 After 16:00pm

    Yantai International Exhibition Centre

    Exhibition Scale: 1,200 international standard booths

II Exhibition and display the contents of set

    International Zone: Display exhibits more than 50% overseas production belongs to

    the label, special food, leisure food, health food, agricultural products, aquatic products

    and beverage

    Taiwan Zone: Show Taiwan special food.,health food, agricultural products, aquatic

    products, fruits, vegetables and beverage

    Domestic enterprises set up exhibition by product category

    1, Chinese famous exhibition of new special food: Ecological features of the original

    brand foods; Geographical indications protection products; Agricultural industrialization

    enterprises; China's Time-Honored Brand; Awarded Chinese top brand; Well-known

    trademark in china; Famous brand of Shandong; The food industry enterprises famous

    trademarks of Shandong; family farm; green food; organic food,etc

    2, Food Zone: Various types of nourishment foods; Green food; Organic food; Halal food;

    Livestock and poultry meats products; Casings; Frozen food; Prepared food; Oil;

    Condiment; Snack food; Bean products; Dairy; Baked goods; Freeze-dried food; Fans;

    bee products; Canned food; Flour products; Preserved fruits; Kimchi etc.

3, Agricultural Zone: A variety of dried fruit( Fresh Fruit; Vegetables and manufactured

    goods; Agricultural and forestry products; Mushroom products; Agricultural and sideline products; Special Breed; Fruit and vegetable products; Tea; Special fruits; Fresh, Frozen, Submerged stains and deep processing of agricultural and forestry products,etc

    4, Aquatic ZoneA variety of dry, frozen, fresh seafood category; Aquatic food

    processing; Surimi products. Sea cucumber, Abalone and other Sea foods. Various

    types of marine leisure food and marine products processing,etc

    5, health care food zone: Various types of nutritional health foods; Tonic; Spirulina;

    Seaweed food; Health drinks; Chinese herbal medicines; (ginseng, pilose antler,

    Cordyceps etc); Chinese herbal medicine drink; Specialty oils etc.

    6, beverages zone: A variety of beverage products; Water; Wine; Rice wine; Fruit wine;

    Health wine; beer; liquor; etc.

    7,Tea and tea culture Zone: oolong tea , green tea, black tea, yellow tea,dark tea,

    white tea, flower tea, concentrated tea, fruit tea, health tea, tea extraction pressure,

    burdock tea, mulberry leaf tea, chrysanthemum tea, medicinal tea, organic tea and

    high-tech tea, tea leaf extract product.etc

    8, Machinery zone: food processing equipment; fish processing equipment ; fruit and

    vegetable processing equipment ; food Preservation, frozen, refrigeration equipment;

     slaughter and meat processing equipment; sterilization equipment; food analysis and

    testing equipment; packaging machinery; inkjet printer; labeling machine; electronic


    9.Packaging zone: paper , plastics , metals , composite materials, glass and other

    packaging materials; flexible packaging products, packaging bags , plastic packaging

    products, electromagnetic induction foil sealing gasket , aluminum foil composite film ;

    color packaging,ect

10. Food additives and starch Pavilion: All kinds of food additive; aloe products;

    starch; modified starch; starch sugar and starch derivatives, starch and other raw


III Booth Specification and Charging Standards

    1. Booth price: (3m×3m=9?), for domestic enterprise, USD1200/booth

    m22. Land: leased (36 at least): USD120/ ?

    Necessary facilities for each booth: one desk, two chairs, two

    fluorescent lamps and one 220V/ socket.

     IV Events Organization

    1, The economic and technological cooperation and trade negotiations:

    Import and export trade negotiations, seeking joint venture, negotiation partners,

    and co-operation projects. Products; shopping malls, supermarkets orders; Wanted

    agents, distributors; product end-market promotion.

    2, Exhibitors - buyers face to face:

    Nearly a hundred home buyers invited to the meeting, organizational buyers and

    exhibitors face to face talks, publish procurement information, signed contract.

V Contact:

    Address: NO.2 unit 1807 Xin An Xi Xiang , Shu Ma Gang Da Sha Yantai City

     Phone: 05356262271 6262285

    Fax: 05352145190


2014 The ninth Of East Asia International Food Expo

    Return Receipt

Name Fascia text

    Chinese Chinese

     English English

    Country Contact Web side Sales/external business contacts

    Address Post code

    Phone Fax

    Leading products E-mail

    Exhibition project

    Booth price Land /? Price$

    Advertising Price$

    Both requirements

    ?Booths Set Up ?Special Equipment ?Standard Booth,,?Link ?Unlink

    ?Power Requirements V KW

    ?Rental Requirements ?Other Requirements Type Of Display:

    ?ProductPlease Specify

    ?Panels Wall Map Posters etc ?Live Demo

    Total Amount $

    Please participation fee into the following account

    Account Name,烟台富润德会展服务有限公司

    Account No853525010122802185

    Bank Name,烟台恒丰银行市府街支行

    Contact: Phone 0535-6262271 2145189 signing:

    Fax 0535-2145190 E-mail stamp:

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