Sample Acting Resume

By Ida Morales,2014-06-18 15:44
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Sample Acting Resume

     This sample acting resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume for your

    job application Visitors can feel free to customize and edit our sample acting resume as per their requirement for

    job application We hope that our sample acting resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and

    skillsets efficiently

    Richard Anderson

     1234 West 67 Street

     Carlisle MA 01741

     ;123;?456 7890

    Hair Blond Weight 190

    Eyes Blue Height 6' 2"

    Vocal Tenor


    She's Mine Teddy ;lead Arnold Legan dir Kelly and the Guy Guy ;lead Olivia Hammond dir Crazy chorus Connor Frank dir Tours

    Kelly and the Guy Guy National Tour Sink or Swim chorus National Tour Regional

    Lady Love Gene Playhouse Theatre Chicago Georgie Girl Stan Old Town Center Orlando Crippens Loll Alabama Playwrights' Festival FILM

    Killing Thomas Thomas Rachel Hazick dir ;New Age Productions Generating X Steve Howard Asche dir ;Fox Tone TELEVISION

    Teen Witch Jeff ;guest appearance Jim Gordon NBC Graphic Battles guest appearance Spike TV


    Roach Killer Regional TRAINING

    MFA Mackenzie University BFA Houseman College Improvisation Michael Beats Janet Corasy Stage Combat George Seaton Voice Ann Rivers Dance Miriam Webber Special Skills Dialects

     Cockney Indian Russian Horseback Riding Fencing Juggling Guitar trombone Can raise just

    one eyebrow Can wiggle ears Can do splits

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