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2 acts Written By Carmen

    Role: A(Carmen) B(Shirleen) C(Tracy) All senses are the same.


    Watching Cartoon & playing hopscotch[ˈhɑpˈskɑtʃ]

    Sense: Three children are talking about Digital Monster(数码暴龙), Chi-bi Maruko(樱桃小丸子)

    and Ultraman Tiga(超人迪加)

    A: Did you watch Digital Monster last afternoon? Metal Greymon became War

    Greymon! It was cool!(Quite excited) (Digital Mosters song rang)

    B: Er~ I didnt watch it. But I like watching Chi-bi, it is quite interesting and

    warm.(Chi-bis music rang)

    C: Oh. If I were you, I would sit in front of TV and enjoy watching Ultraman Tiga.

    Tiga saved the world. His skill is wonderful! I love his hand slash! ( Ultraman

    Tigas song rang)

    B: Ok. Dont talk about the cartoon. I want to play hopscotch[ˈhɑpˈskɑtʃ] today.

    Lets start the game,guys.

    A : Great idea.

    C: I cant wait to start it!

    Three children are jumping.(猜包剪锤)

Change to News Reporting.


    Surfing the Internet, doing sports and reading comic books.

    Sense: Two teenagers are gathering in ones home to kill their spare time.

    A(Carmen) is surfing the Internet while C(Tracy) is reading comic books.

    A: Surfing is quite boring. Hey, Tracy. I will ride a bike with Ivy and Dick next

    weekend. Would you like to join us?

    C: Really?(lay down the comic books) I am looking for someone who are willing to

    ride bicycle with me. I join your team.

    A: OK. Do you have any friends who want to join us? More guys more fun. C: Well. I call to Shirleen. ( pick up the phone and call to Shirleen) (Shirleen picks up

    the phone.)Hallo. This is Tracy. What are you up to, Shirleen? B: Oh. I am watching video. Whats the matter?

    C: Would you like to go riding with me next weekend?

B: Yes. I love riding! And I am looking for something to do so that I can kill my


    C: OK. See you next week. Bye.

    B: Bye.

    C: Carmen, Shirleen will go riding with us next week.

    A:Thats great. I will tell to Ivy.


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