A research on Students` view of Business Ethics

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A research on Students` view of Business Ethics

A research on Students` view of

    Business Ethics

    Undergraduate: Jiao Ding

    Supervisor: Li Xiaohui

    Class: 321

    Group number: 2

    Chongqing University

    May 2012



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ENGLISH ESSAY Introduction


    Business ethics play an important role in moder company management. And with the trend that the whole society is thinking highly of morality increasingly, business ethics` effect become more and more noteworthy than before. This time we will talk about the effect of business ethics ranging form economy , company to society.

    1. Introduction

    With the rapid evolution of market economy, the construction of business ethics is being crucial increasingly. Business ethics not only request people especially businessmen to be sincere, but also ask people for finding a special way to deal with business activities and constructing a set of remarkable values and culture in the group when they build their company, the reinforce of business economy is a inevitable demand in market economy development, and the only road for a company to keep a long-term blossom. The building of business ethics in our country is a shoulder heavy responsibility.


ENGLISH ESSAY Introduction

2. Methods

    In order to find out college students awareness of

    environmental protection, we decided to conduct a survey. We designed a questionnaire, which consists of 3 aspects ranging over peoples views of business ethics, problems of business ethics in China, the effect of business ethics. In the library, classrooms, dining halls and dormitories, we gave out 100 questionnaires to CQUs students from different majors and

    grades. We got all back. Of the students who answered our questions. Finally, we worked out the data of 18 questions than summarized and analyzed the answer to find out or go closer to the fact. The results are discussed in three parts as follows.



    3. Data Analysis

    In our group, I focus on the effect of business ethics in three aspects including economy , company and society effect.

    Fig. 3.1

    From the fig. 3.1, when we talk about the relationship

    between morality and law for behavior of merchants. 39% students think morality is more effective than law in

    restricting behavior of businessmen. But 37% hold the opposite idea. So there isn`t a common view for college student on the effect of business ethics relative to law. So

    next, let`s see some data specific.

3.1 Effect on Economy




     Fig. 3.1.1

     From the fig. 3.1.1, 34% of the students agree the loss of business ethics must lead to bad business profits. And 25% are strongly agree. So we can see most college students think business ethics has an affirmative effect on benefits and economy.

     3.2 Effect on company

     Business ethics is closely related to companies themselves. And almost informants believe that every company should have clearly stated business ethics and strongly agree good moral character is the key to the success of an enterprise. The following diagram shows the




    Fig .3.2.1

    In general, 62% of the students have strong agreement. And more than 90% are sure that stated ethics of business is necessary.

    Fig .3.2.2

    As is show in the fig 3.2.2, almost 95% students think good moral character is the key to the success of an enterprise. So it is very important for companies to build a high business ethics.

    3.3 Effect on society

    For researching students` views about the effect of



    business ethics on society. We inquired their impression on domestic society. And here are the answer.

    Fig .3.3.1

    50% students agree that the situation of morality in Chinese society is pessimistic. So there is a long way to go for China. Then let`s go further, we ask students about if the loss of

    business ethics will damage most individuals` right. And

    Fig .3.3.2

    more than 80% students think it is a tort to conduct without ethics in business. So we can come to a conclusion that



    losing business ethics have a bad effect on social ability. And it must a resistance to construct a harmonious social atmosphere. As it shows below. Most students believe that`s true.

    Fig .3.3.3



    4. Discussion

    As is shown above all, and after considering the data from college students and consulting the information in term of medias. We summarized the finding as fallows. Chinese

    market economy gets into such a trouble: Economy is equal with profits. Business behaviour is going to be more and more unilateral and snobbish. Lots of people appeal to improve and strengthen legal system for market economy. But legal is the underscore in fact. For benign running in business society, business ethics suitable with market economy should be the standard. We need it to restrain people`s management in market on the legal base. What`s more, business ethics is an impetus in spirit to maintain market economy`s healthy running. It`s our tradition to be honest to anyone when doing anything. But look at so many deceits like harmful milk, or false medicine. It`s now or never for us to retake and hold tightly the business ethics.

    Economy is also a beneficial supplement for market adjustment. The most fundamental feature of an mature market system is that motivation to chase profits and


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