money or happiness

By Edwin Bell,2014-04-04 06:40
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money or happiness

    My dear friends, what will you do after graduation? I’m sure its

    finding a job. Then why we have to find a job, because we need to live. Everyday many people should go to work, as workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, etc. if they don’t, they will have no money. I bet everyone

    knows what will happen if one has no money. We will have no guarantee for our food, clothing, shelter and transportation. The daily life seems to tell us that we are working for money. We work hard for more money. Is it true? Im afraid I cant agree. I think it is happiness that we are in pursuit of from working.

    I’m sure all of you have heard about the story of Wright brothers. They were fond of machine assembling from childhood .Although they took other jobs when they grew up; they kept gathering the materials about flying. They quit their job and began to study and made experiments after Otto Lilienthals success. During 1900 and 1902, they

    did more than 1000 experiments and made over 200 different wings. Failure didnt weaken their fight. They made every effort and tried everything they can do to make their dream come true. They eventually succeeded in 1903.

    From the story we can see the first job they chose was for money but it didn’t last long because they were not happy to do it. It‘s not what they

    like .The flying is. So when we choose a job, money shouldn’t be the first

    choice. It should be the one when we are working, we feel happy, relax

    and comfortable. If we are happy when we are working, the efficiency will be improved; then the output increases; then our salary increases; then life comes easier and more comfortable; then we becomes happier. Its a virtuous cycle and happiness is the key. So the ultimate goal of work is happiness .money is just one part of it.

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