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High Frequency and Priority Words - Oscar Howe Elementaryand,high,words,Howe,AND,Oscar

     High Frequency and Priority Words

    Week One

     Priority words are words you are always expected to spell

    correctly. These words are posted here for your writing and may

    also be posted in the room. After this week you will be expected to spell these words

    correctly. Make it a priority to identify the words you don’t know and practice them

    this first week of school.

    High Frequency and Priority Word K-2 Review

    a day if name these about dear / deer in nice they after didn’t into night things all dog is no this am down it now trip an family jump of truck and father just off with are first knew / know old would as for like(s) one you at friend little pet you’re back from look pretty your(s) be fun love rain to because going made ran too boys good make read two brother got many ride us but had may said very by has me saw was called have mom school well came he / he’s more see went can her most she were can’t here mother so what car him my some when cat his on teacher where children house or thank which come how over the who could I our them why dad/ daddy I’d play / plays then will

** Record identified difficult words on your personal word list and continue to add

    these to your spelling list until they are mastered.

    rd- th35 Grade High Frequency Words

    Week Two

     These words may be a little harder but they need to be

    spelled correctly in all work. Remember this list is here for you to

    use. Ask your teacher when these words will be added to the

    priority list for fifth grade.

    High Frequency and Priority Word Gr. 3 Review

    again discover hole pretty until almost doesn’t hopeless question vacation also don’t I’m really want’s always every its right we’re another everybody knew something wear beautiful everyday laugh /laughed sometimes were because everyone let’s that’s whole been everything myself their / there won’t before favorite once they’re won buy(s) friendly only those wouldn’t city getting people threw / through write / wrote ** Record identified difficult words on your personal word list and continue to add

    these to your spelling list until they are mastered.

    thth4-5 Grade High Frequency Words

    Week Three, Four, and Five

    High Frequency and Priority Word 4-5 Review

    a lot close Fourth / forty ready Tried / tired all right clothes guess receive / received Tuesday any coming happily says upon answer different having separate weak / week anything doctor heard since Wednesday anyway does loose / lose sincerely women awhile eighth lovable stationary writing began / begin exciting / excited might sure

    beginning February none though

    believe field often tonight

    cannot finally peace / piece trailer

    ** Record identified difficult words on your personal word list and continue to add

    these to your spelling list until they are mastered.

    More Words to Master!!!

     Some words sound the same but are spelled different. It is important to know how each of these is said and when to use them correctly in writing.

    aloud/allowed forth/fourth knew/new peace/piece ant/aunt desert/dessert knight/night plain/plane ate/eight for/four knot/not principal/principle bear/bare hair/hare know/no right/write beat/beet hear/here lie/lye road/rode board/bored heard/herd meat/meet sail/sale cent/sent hole/whole one/won sea/see cheap/cheep hour/our pair/pear seam/seem close/clothes its/it’s past/passed some/sum

    son/sun steal/steel their/there/they’re

    threw/through to/too/two weak/week which/witch


    Curriculum Vocabulary Words

    More words from math, science, and social studies…

rounding estimate predict record

    addends solution infer observe

    factor divisor analyze conclude

    quotient reasoning hypothesis verify

    solution strategy variable trial and error

    method decimal computation multiplication

    sum dividend multiples equivalent

    prime number fraction composite number division

    mixed number place value product operation

     Remember this list is in your spelling folder. Look at the list when you need to spell

    them correctly. As you study and use these words in class add them to your personal words

    to know. What a confident speller you are becoming!

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