Graph of Linear Equation

By Rodney Berry,2014-04-02 04:29
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    GC to Graph Linear Equation

    2Graph the equation: . yx;33

    1. Update the window parameters:

2.Update Format setting:


     (to change a format setting, choose the option and press ) )

    RectGC/PolarGc rectangular /polar graphing coordinates; CoordOn/CoordOff displays the cursor coordinates at the bottom of the graph

    /does not display the functions number or coordinates;

    GridOff/GridOn does not display grid points/display grid points; AxesOn/AxesOff displays the axes /does not display the axes; LabelOff/LabelOn does not display labels for axes /displays labels for axes; ExprOn/ExprOff displays y= expression when the trace cursor is active / does

    not display y= expression.

    2. Clearing Drawing:

     1:ClrDraw 2ndDRAW

output on the home screen:

     3. Clearing Plotting Points:


    2ndStat Plot

     output on the home screen:

4. Clear all y-assignments

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    GC to Graph Linear Equation 5. Type the expression for y:

(2 3) + 3

6.Graph the equation:

     You may want to see the specific points by using

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