unit 5 Making arrangement

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unit 5 Making arrangement

    Unit 5 Making arrangement


    Step 1: warming up

    1. Greeting

    T: Good morning everyone. I’m so glad to see you. How are you today?

    Whats your major?

    What are you going to be in the future? What do you want to be in the future?

    Now there is my student called Jenny. She has graduated from our school. This is

    her picture. Can you guess what does she do?

    Do you know what the duty of secretary is? What should they do in the daily


    One of the most common things is to make some arrangements.

    2. Brain storming

    T: now suppose you are a secretary. I will divide you into three companies. Company A, company B, company C. lets see which companys secretaries are better than

    others. So I make arrangements for the competition. Ok, lets start our PK journey.

    Are you ready?

    Task one: Please think it over. As a secretary, what do we make arrangements for?

     For example, there is a customer who wants to visit our manager. But our manager is very busy now. so I should make an arrangement for an appointment.

     So what kind of things should we make arrangements for? Now can you name out others?

    Step 2: Listening

    all of you did a good job. Lets challenge another task——listening.

    1) listen and choose


    1. listen and get the main idea

    T: ok, Jenny is at work. There is a phone call. You listen carefully and tell me what is Jenny doing now?

    2. listen and try to answer following questions

    Q1: who is calling?

    Q2: what would Mr. Smith like to do?

    Q3: is Mr. Ma free tomorrow?

    Q4: would Friday be too late for the appointment?

    3. listen and try to fill in the blanks

    4. Look at the dialogue and read after the tape

    Step 3: speaking

    1.pair work T: now here comes three customers. Can you make an appointment for them? Please work in pairs. One is a secretary and the other is a customer. According to the information on the screen, try to make a similar dialogue. Lets see who can

    make it better? I will give you three minutes to prepare. Clear? Now start. 2. group work

    thT: Now your boss will have a meeting on March. 28 in Beijing. Can you make an

    arrangement for him? Please work in groups of six. Write down the arrangement for your boss.

    Here is the arrangement for the ________. We will take the plane at Ningbo Lishe airport. The plane will ___________ at 8:30 in the morning. When we _________ Beijing around 12 oclock. Well go to the Music Hotel to _________. In the

    afternoon, we _______________ at the meeting room of the Green Hotel. After the meeting, we will come back to Ningbo by _________.

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