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    8B---Unit 6


    1. 组织一次慈善表演__________ 21. 玩捉迷藏__________

    2. 帮助某人过马路__________ 22. 看乡村美丽的景色__________

    3. 以……?身份,闻名__________ 23. 在平坦的地方__________

    4. 因……?原因,闻名__________ 24. 在湖边__________

    5. 将……分类成为……__________ 25. 在路上__________

    6. 完成做某事__________ 26. 大面积的……__________

    7. 48小时之内__________ 27. 听到小鸟唱歌__________

    8. 至少__________ 28. 注意__________

    9. 被用来做某事__________ 29. 在行走途中__________

    10. 再两个!又两个__________ 30. 迷路__________

    11. 举行!发生__________ 31. ……的声音__________

    12. 组成四人一组__________ 32. 得到一份申请表格__________

    13. ……的目的__________ 33. 一个做某事的机会__________

    14. 为某人带来某物__________ 34. 邮寄__________

    15. 歧视/轻视某人__________ 35. 欲知详情__________

    16. 募捐活动__________ 36. 拨打某个号码与某人联系__________

    17. 为什么__________ 37. 获得做某事的机会__________

    18. 靠近__________ 38. 尽某人最大的努力__________

    19. 新鲜空气__________ 39. 即使________

    20. 色彩绚丽的花__________


    1. The Olympic Games _____ in London in 2012.

    A. is held B. will hold C. will be hold D. is holding 2. ---It is an _____ chance to learn team spirit. ---Yes, we must take it. A. excellent B. good C. great D. useful

    3. The money _____ the poor people.

    A. is used to help B. is used for helping C. used to help D. is used to helping

    4. The story is too different for me to understand _____ there are no new words in it.

    A. because B. though C. so D. but

    5. The young man was so angry that _____ could stop him. A. everything B. anything C. nothing D. something 6. They tried their best _____ the ship _____ down, but failed. prevent, from going B.prevented, from going C.prevent, going prevent, going

    7. ---Look! The little boy is standing _____ to his mother. ---They are alike. A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing

    8. She holds the world _____ for the 100-meter race. No one can break it. A. grade B. level C. result D. record

    9. I cant go to work today. I have a _____.

    A. headache B. research C. telephone D. package 10. The sports meeting _____ last Thursday afternoon. Many students took part in it.

    A. set up B. had C. took place D. held

11. He is very unfriendly. He often _____ the poor students.

    A. looks after B. takes part in C. carries on D. looks down upon 12. My mother didnt _____ the meeting _____ her illness.

    A. join in, because B. join, because of C. join in, because of D. join, because 13. I am too tired to walk any _____. Lets have a rest.

    A. quicker B. further C. bigger D. higher

    14. The support team can _____ us _____ food and drinks.

    A. give, to B. take, with C. provide, with D. ask, for 15. We must reach the town _____ two hours, or well be late.

    A. during B. for C. within D. after


    1. You should know that __________(fit) is much more important than money. 2. It s _________(mean) to join Oxfam Trailwalker.

    3. Liu Xiang __________(be) one of the world-famous sportsmen since the events. 4. Olympic Games ________(hold) in different cities every four _________(year). 5. Jane was washing dishes in the kitchen while her mother __________(cook). 6. ---Where is the bird? ---It ________(fly) away a moment ago. 7. ---How do you like our city? ---Wonderful. I ______(stay) here for another two years. 8. If you want to be ________(success), you can not just wait for a chance. 9. Dont laugh at the _________(disable) girl. Its impolite.

    10. China is in the east of Asia, its __________(develop) very quickly.

    try ones best, enjoy the beautiful view, a visit to, group oneself into, be used to 11. This special computer ___________ write programmes in our company. 12. Why not __________ to learn English well? Its a useful language.

    13. This summer Im planning __________ Mount Lu. I like the weather there. 14. In the game, we can __________ a team of five.

    15. I went to the West Lake last week and I really __________ there. 四、根据首字母或汉语意思填空

    1. Im thinking of ______() them. It sounds very exciting.

    2. The trip to Wenchuan will be an ______() that I’ll never forget.

    3. The ______() of this charity activity is to tell you how to work together. 4. With the ______() of our county, China is getting richer and stronger. 5. He teaches English quite well and he is an ______() English teacher. 6. ---- What ______() would you like to eat? ---- No, I’m full.

    7. Its ______() to organize a fund-raising activity.

    8. We should have the ______() of helping and supporting others. 9. Its easy for a stranger to get l______ in the big cities.

    10. When I saw an e______ man. I gave him my seat.

    11. For f______ information, you can go and ask the writer of his story. 12. Ladies and g______, please take your things and get ready to leave here. 13. Dont laugh at the d______ girl. Its impolite.

    14. We can d______ a lot of information from the Internet.

    15. It took us three hours to walk t______ the forest.


    1. I’m not strong enough to carry the heavy box.

    I am ______ ______ ______ carry the heavy box. 2. My watch doesnt work well.

    There is ______ ______ ______ my watch. 3. Its necessary that we help the old man.

    Its necessary ______ ______ to help the old man. 4. Jane doesnt go to work by bus any longer.

    Jane ______ ______ ______ to work by bus. 5. You neednt come to the meeting this afternoon.

    You dont ______ ______ come to the meeting this afternoon. 六、句子翻译

    1. 作为驾驶员谨慎驾驶很重要。

     Its important ______ drivers to ______ ______.

     Its important ______ drivers ______ ______ 2. 有人听见Betty正在她的卧室里唱歌。

     Betty was ______ ______ in her bedroom. 3. 他们说从前从来没看过那么精彩的足球赛。

     They say they have never watched ______ ______ ______ football match.

    4. 这些护士习惯在苏州工作。

     The nurses are ______ ______ ______ in Suzhou. 5. 每天坚持锻炼并不是件容易的事。

    Its ______ to ______ ______ every day.


    一、1.orgnize a charity show sb. cross the road known as known for

    5.groupinto 6.finish doing sth 7.within 48 hours least used to do sth 10.two

    more 11.take place 12.form groups of four 13.the aim of 14.bring sb. sth 15.look down on sb event 17.whay for 18.close to 19. fresh air 20.colourful flowers hide-and-seek 22.see the beautiful view of the country 23.on the flat land the

    lake 25.on the way 26.a large area of 27hear birds singing attention to 29.during the walk 30.get lost 31.the sound of 32.get an application form 33.a chance to do sth mail 35.for further information sb. on +号码 37.have/get a chance to do sth 38.try ones best 39.even though

    二、1-5 CAABC 6-10 AADAC 11-15 DCBCC

    三、 2.meaningful 3.has been held 5.was cooking 6.flied 7.will stay

    8.successful 9.disabled 10.developing used to 12.try your best to do 13.a visit to ourselves into 15.enjoyed the beautiful view 四、根据首字母或汉语意思填空

    1. joining

    2. experience

    3. aim

    4. development

    5. excellent

    6. else

    7. meaningful

    8. spirit

    9. lost

    10. elder

    11. further

    12. gentlemen

    13. disabled

    14. download

    15. through


    1. too thin to

    2. something wrong with

    3. for us

    4. no longer goes

    5. need to


     1. for, drive carefully

     that, drive carefully

     2. heard singing

     3. such a wonderful

     4. used to working

     5. difficult, do excercise

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