IELTS Writing Course Notebook(A)

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IELTS Writing Course Notebook(A)IELT

    IELTS Writing Course Notebook ; 2012-03-27

    Fossil fuels

    Alternative sources of energy

    Alternative medicine



    Scientist accused of cheating.

    20% of the electricity in this country is generated by nuclear power stations/plants.

    A fifth of the electricity in this country is generated by nuclear power stations/plants.

    30% of the boys in this school like/enjoy playing football. Half of my students did not turn/show up.

    Half of my students are absent.

    The rise/increase/growth in the number of students is faster than improvements in facilities

    The rise/increase/growth in the number of students outpaces the improvements in facilities

    I like his witty remarks. Adj 风趣的

    Peter is outwitted by John.

    The number of students increases faster than ....


    My son has outgrown his clothes.

    The rabbit outsmarted the fox.

    BLCU is outsized by all the nearby universities. Zhengda University is 10 times larger in area than BLCU.

    Zhengda University is 10 times as large in area as BLCU.

    Cars run 3 times as fast as buses.

    I spend twice as much on books as on newspapers.

Ethnic jokes.

    A bad boy in bed. 安逸

Park = Bark

    Fair play


    This is a hard problem. He works very hard. People in Shanghai spend half as much on food as those in Beijing. This room can hold twice as many people as the next room.

    Peter earns 5 times as much as his father (does).

    Cars run 3 times as fast as buses (do).

    Susan is pretty.

I have been to 3 times as many places as you (have).

    These days, there are not many people who would like to be a teacher.

; 2012-03-29

    Oily, greasy, Treat

    Examiner trainersLongitudinal,纵向!

    University of Geosciences has 2000 more students than BLCU.

    Geothermal power

    When Lei Feng arrived at the station, the train had already left/gone.

    If you had studied hard, you would not have failed the test.

    When the mother rabbit arrived home, she found that all her babies had been killed /

    eaten by the wolf.

    Respond to the survey.


    Experimental group, control group

    In 2008, almost 50k people soughtseek的过去式!asylum,避难所! in the US. Literacy class

    Numeracy class

    Controversy 争论



    Herbicide 灭草剂

    Genocide 种族灭绝

He is way behind.


20% of the electricity in this country is generated by NPSs.

    Nuclear power stations generate 20% of the country’s electricity.

    Electricity generated by NPSs makes up/accounts for 20% of the country’s total. Food costs/consumes/ takes away 15% of my income.

    International aid costs/consumes/ takes away 1% of Sweden’s GDP.

    foreign aid amounts to 1% of the country's GDP.

; 2012-04-01


    David Beckham


    The governor was involved in the scandal,丑闻!.

    The sandal involves the governor.

    During the May-August period,

    【横】During the 2005-2006 period, 49% of the 11 year-old boys in Belgium (French) were involved in physical fights, which is twice as high as the percentage/figure for girls. ,定性或定量描述+横向/纵向比例!

    During the 2005-2006 period, 49% of the boys aged 11under or above in Belgium (French) were involved in physical fights. A quarter of men aged 21-30 smoke.

    Peter earns $5000 a month, twice as much as his father does.

    【横】China has population of 1.3 billion, accounting for / making up a fifth of the world’s total.,数字+比例!

    【横】Chinese population account for / make up a fifth of the world’s total.

    【横】China has population of 1.3 billion, followed by India.

    There are 1.3 billion people in China, 【横】The population of China is 1.3 billion, followed by that of India.

    1.3 billion people live in China, followed by India.

Compound sentences

    【横】Germany sits at the bottom/top of the list and the children there are the least likely to be involved in physical fights.

    Ranks the first/last

    Of all the people who studied in UK, 20% have developed some mental problems.

    He is the tallest of all.

【纵】On average, our salary has risen by 500 yuan as compared with last year.

    On average, our salary has risen by 7% (as) compared with last year.

Denmark, Danish, Danes 丹麦人

    Spain, Spanish, Spaniards

    Poland, Polish, Poles

Switzerland, Swiss watches, Swatch

【横】In the trade/field of semiconductors, 35% of the companies/firms were founded

    by immigrants to the US, 10 percentage points higher than the average of all industries.

    The Bell Curve

    Adopted kids

    Adoptive parents

    Oriental kids

    Guatemala is the most preferred country from which American parents adopt children, as 3,900 kids were adopted in 2008. In the same year, 3,700 children from China were adopted.

    【横】In 2007, 4.5% of the women aged 15-24 were HIV positive, three times as high as the percentage/figure for men of the same age.

; 2012-04-10

    1990年,有33%电来自煤炭,总额为四千TWHGenerated, reach, 2006年,全球电量的七分之一来自可再生能源。Account for, make up; 石油发电总额历年来基本不变,在一千TWH左右。Keep in stable; level out


    气发电的增长情况与此相似。Forecast, predict, slow down, the same with




    In 1990, a third of the world’s electricity comes burning coals, amounting to 4k twh. In 2006, a seventh of the electricity in the world is generated by using renewable sources, such as hydropower and biomass.

    The amount of electricity generated by using oil remains fairly stable during the 1990-2030 period.Remain almost unchanged.

    The amount of electricity generated by using coal grows very fast during the first 16 years. However, from 2015, it is forecasted, that the grow will slow down.

    the grow will lose momentum

    gain / pick up speed, accelerate

    the use/utilization of gas in electricity generation is similar to that of coal. different from , the same as

    similar to

    the utilization of renewable sources for electricity grows the fastest of all. In 1990, 2.5k twh of electricity is generated by using these sources, and it is anticipated that in 2030, the amount/figure will reach 7.5k twh, about three times the amount/figure in 1990.

    The amount of electricity generated by NPPs also grows fast, but not as fast as that of electricity generated by using renewable sources. According to some forecasts, an

    eighth of the world’s total will be coming from NPPs, reaching 7k twh.

He had a deprived childhood.

; 2012-04-12

    In 1990, a third of the world’s electricity comes burning coals, with a total of 4k twh.


    It is estimated

    It is anticipated

    It is believed that

    It is predicted that

.... accounting for one fifth of the world’s total, reaching 7k tkw.

    The fastest increase lies in the use of renewable sources of energy.

The rise/growth/increase in students’ number is caused by ...

    The decline/fall/drop in production capacity is attributed to power cuts.

    The success of the party is attributed to the hard work of our monitor. We attribute the success of the party to the hard work of monitor. Commit ourselves

    It is believed that …

    In 1990, 57% of people in the Sub-Saharan Africa lived below poverty line, which is indicated as living on less than $1.25 a day. The number/percentage of people whose life improved falls by six percentage points,

    compared with 15 years earlier.

    We are very happy/relieved to learn that

    【纵】In 1990, 60% of people in China lived below poverty line, which is indicated as living on less than $1.25 a day. 15 years later, the figure/percentage fell to 16%, thanks to the effectiveness of the poverty fighting measures taken by the Chinese


    Europe and Central Asia are the only regions in the chart where living conditions become worse, as the proportion of people living below poverty rose by one percentage point.

Raise, rise

    Sub-prime loan

United States-Washington D.C-English-American,美国人!

    United Kingdom-London-English-British,英国人!




    Canada-Ottawa-English French-Canadian,加拿大人!

    Australia-Canberra-Australian-Australian Holland(The Netherland)-Amstendam-Dutch,荷兰人、荷兰语!











    Czech Republic-Prague-Czech,捷克人!


; 2012-04-17

He has been under house arrest since 2008,囚禁!.

    Some problems will persist.

    5.5% of China’s GDP came from the internet industry, ranking the third in the list.

    5.5% of China’s GDP was contributed by the internet industry, following Britain and

    South Korea.

    It is forecasted that

    【横】It is anticipated that 6.9% of China’s GDP will come from the internet industry.

    The percentage/ proportion the revenue generated by the internet industry accounting for the country’s GDP in SK is twice as large as that in Germany.

Decentralize the power.

    The unrest destabilized the country.


    plastic is a material that hardly decomposes / degrades degenerates in nature. Biodegradable material

    Degrade Grade, upgrade


    sometimes changes deskill people.




    What he said was very embarrassing.

    I was extremely embarrassed.

Had + pp

    I wish I had more money. I wish I could go with you. If you study hard, you will pass the exam.

    If you had worked hard, you would have passed the exam.

There was not enough rain in the summer. I don’t have a good harvest.

    If there had been enough rain in the summer, I would have a good harvest.

The car was invented 100 years ago. We have dirty air to breathe.

    If the car had not been invented 100 years ago, we would not have dirty air to breathe.

    If the car had not been invented 100 years ago, we would have fresh air to breathe.

I did not have a rope. He drowned.

    If I had had a rope, he would not have drowned.

Short of breath.

    He took a deep breath, and said ….

The clothing industry.


    Children of a lesser god.

    1976 saw the end of the Great Cultural Revolution. 1937 saw the breakout of the Anti-Japanese War. The war broke out in 1937.

    Break out

    June last year saw a big increase in sales.

    log a complaint against the teacher to the school authorities.

Spend time + on + noun

    He spends 30 minutes/money/effort memorizing new words.

    He spends 30 minutes on new words. He spends 30 minutes on vocabulary. Spend time + ing

    【横】Mexicans spend less time eating and drinking than people in all the other countries.

    People in Mexico spend less time eating and drinking than those in all the other countries.

    Mexicans spend the least time eating and drinking of all the people in the rest of the countries.

    People in SK and Japan sleep for a shorter period of time than those in other countries.

Carry out the executions.

    The number of executions carried out in China is bigger than the numbers of executions of other countries (which are) put together.

Politically sensitive.

    Politically correct


    Kitchen timer

; 2012-04-19

    The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    Weigh 动词

    Weight 名词

    The hard disk is 300 gigabytes large. The capacity of the disk is 300 g.

    Luxembourg 人均酒精消耗量最高,每年为近16升。该国为全球唯一人均酒精消耗量超过14升的国家。

    【横】Luxembourg sits at the top/ranks the first in the average consumption of alcohol; the people there drink an average amount of nearly 16 liters each year. It is the only country in the world where the consumption per person exceeds 14 liters per year.

     Hungary的人均酒精消耗量差不多,在每年近13升。 Ireland

Similar amounts of alcohol are consumed by the Irish and Hungarians, being around

    13 liters.

Denmark 和英国的人均酒精消耗量相等,为每年11.9升。

    Denmark, Danish, Danes

    Britain, British, Britons,

    Danes and Britons consume the same amounts of alcohol per person per year, which

    is 11.9 liters.


    In Japan, the only listed country in Asia, people consume less than 8 liters of alcohol

    per year per person, which is half as much as the amount consumed by people in Luxembourg.


    8.6 liters of alcohol is consumed by Americans, a lot less/lower than the consumption in most of the European countries.



    A lot lower (but never use obviously)


    Mexico ranks the 89th where only 4.6 liter of alcohol is consumed by each person (in

    a year) (annually).

Double blind


    Fine arts

    Liberal arts


    Thinking patterns

; 2012-04-24

    16 liters of alcohol

    two kilos of wheat flour

Similar to

    The Same as

    As same as (!)


    Eat ate





    Receptionist ,接待人!


    Young people are more receptive to new ideas. We are more ready to accept new ideas.

    Some people are resistant to new ideas.

Luxembourg is the only country where /in which people consume more than 14 liters

    of alcohol.

China is the country where many parents are considering sending their kids to study


    Overseas students.

    China is the only country whose population is over 1.3 billion. Luxembourg sits at the top/ranks the first in the chart.

About 13 liters of alcohol is respectively consumed by people in Ireland and


    John and Peter won the Gold and Silver Medals respectively.

    China and India have a population of 1.3 billion and one billion respectively.

The company sold 5k tons and 6k tons in May and June respectively.


The North and South Poles.

    School A has more students than Schools B and C.

Account for

    People in Luxembourg drink the most, amounting to 16 liters per person, per capita

    Capital punishment


    Corporal punishment



    is over

    is more than


it is noticeably/significantly/considerably over 14 liters.


    Thank you for your consideration.

    People in Japan drink 8 liters of alcohol, half as much as those in Luxembourg (do). Eat as much as you can.

    Eat as much as possible.

    22% of the South African people are jobless in December.

Jobless people

    People without jobs/employment account for 22% of the total, ranking the first.

    South Africa sits at the top in the proportion of jobless people.

10 years ago, there was a big boom in the real estate market.

    Middle-sized and small companies in China are heavily taxed.


United Arabic Emirates

    Russia is the number 1 of supplier of arms to China, as 92% of the equipment for national defense is purchased from the country.

; 2012-05-03

    Haven’t seen you for ages.

    We haven’t met since last Thursday.


    70% more risk

    People who drink two bottles of beer are 50% more likely to have traffic accidents.

    Teenagers who use Ecstasy are 70% more likely to suffer from depression.

people who have studied in the UK are 40% more likely to suffer from mental

    diseases than those who have studied in other countries..

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