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    Present: Gordon Wright, Noel Coplestone, Pete Poulson, John Robinson, Nick Jolly, Mike Rocket, Mike Reacroft, Kevin Mercer, Rob Hardy, Steve Biddle, Gerry Ware, Ted Needham, Richard Mayo, Henry Poutney.

Apologies: Brian Lavender, Sandra Walker, David Crees.

Item 1 Welcome and Opening Remarks.

    1 The Chairman welcomed the members to the first meeting for 2012 and his first committee meeting as Commodore. The Chairman advised he had received a letter of warm thanks from Eric Gordon concerning the presentations on behalf of the club at the AGM and his election as an Honorary Life Vice President. The letter was circulated for all to read.

Item 2 Minutes of the Last Meeting (10 November 2011)

    2 The Secretary advised a couple of corrections had been made para 9 relating to concerns about delay in the 2012 programme. Para 54, a request from the Membership Secretary that there be no advertising in the annual programme or diary. The minutes were accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3 Matters Arising

    3 Para 23-24 First Aid Training, with the absence of the Training Secretary this would be carried over to the thstnext meeting. Para 39 75 anniversary booklet to be mailed to all members 21 November 2011 was

    confirmed as completed on time. Para 49 Environmental Policy, the agenda for the January meeting was considered to be quite full so this item will be discussed at the March meeting. Para 52 Request from the Grizzly organisers to pass through the yard. The Secretary advised a response agreeing to the request had been sent. Para 53 rent review with the AVCC, it was confirmed the review took place in December and the stAVCC agreed to an increase of 100% from 1 January 2012. Para 55 requests for AYC to adopt a

    roundabout in Seaton, the Secretary advised the club had responded to the request declining the offer. Para 9, 25, 27, 28, 31 and 54 would be covered by the agenda.

    4 The Chairman advised that since the November meeting para 45 is now incorrect as Bill Price and John Cooper are now the AYC representatives with the Axmouth Harbour Management Company (AMHC), Bill Price replacing Eddie Burrows. The Chairman explained that it was important for Bill to be a member of the AHMC as dredging licenses had to be applied for in the name of the AMHC and not AYC.

Item 4 Treasurer‟s Report

    5 The Treasurer reported sales are above budget. Total sales for the period at ?52,913.71 were ?5,928.71 over budget.

    Direct Expenses: Direct expenses at ?27,800.17 is below budget due to an under spend in Harbour Services. Overheads: Overheads at ?11,154.76 is below budget.

    The Membership Secretary queried the budget asking if the budget is split into 1/12ths The Treasurer advised some items are split 1/12 such as telephone where the expenditure is fairly constant but other items are budgeted using previous years data to apportion.

Item 5 Formation of New Sub Committees

    6 The Chairman advised that at the last F&P meeting in October the creation of two new sub committees was discussed. The recommendation is for one to be called „Facilities and Maintenance‟ headed by John

    Robinson and the other „Media, PR and Club Archives‟ headed by Gerry Ware. This will allow more members

    to be involved in running the club and provide more help and spread the load. With the creation of the „Media, PR and Club Archives‟ sub committee it gives the opportunity to bring all communications and information storage within one group. Some discussion followed concerning the development of these Sub Committees and it was agreed that they would only develop as people came forward to volunteer. The Chairman requested the members present approve this proposal. All members present agreed this was the right way forward and gave their approval for the two new sub committees to be created.

Item 6 Review of Sub Committee Composition



    7 The Secretary advised that the notice board currently displayed the composition of the sub committees for 2011 and this needed updating for 2012. All Sub Committee heads were requested to email the names of the members on each sub committee so this can be updated. If during the year any changes take place please advise the Secretary to allow the notice to be updated.

     Action: All Sub Committees

    Item 7 Sub-Committee Reports

    8 Finance and Property. The Secretary explained that the F&P Sub-Committee had not met since the last committee meeting.

9 Membership.

    10 The Membership Secretary advised that renewal forms had been sent out with the AGM papers in November. Since then just over half of the membership has renewed generating over ?63K of fee income, slightly down on last years position at the same date. Permits should be available this week but disappointed to hear the programmes are unlikely to be available until the end of January. I expect a backlog of 300 by that time. It was also stressed that the January Newsletter needs to be mailed as this acts as a reminder for members to pay their subscriptions.

Activities Afloat.

    11 Rear Commodore Sailing reported that prize giving proved to be another successful evening with a total of 44 prizes being awarded. Thanks to Tony Hinton for hosting the award ceremony and for being so diligent in ensuring that the background stories relating to many of the prizes were brought to light. At least one recipient was said to be (quote) “mortified”. We were also pleased to host Kevin Riley and Mark from

    Exmouth Lifeboat both of whom complimented AYC for “great food and a very enjoyable evening”. th January for the first time in its new form. Chairmen and members of the working 12 AAC met on Sat 7

    groups were welcomed and the Sailing Secretary led into the main point of the meeting which was to explain the structure of the committee, its working groups and their terms of reference. In order to focus the efforts of the WGs various opening tasks were proposed which they were encouraged to consider.

    13 The committees were advised the design of next year‟s race marks and their layout in the bay. With

    respect to the race marks a quantity of plastic piping has been delivered and a working group will shortly be formed in order to construct the buoys and their ground tackle.

    14 The committee decided that an invitation should be extended to Graham Forshaw (Lyme Harbour Master) rdand his assistant to attend the social event on Sat 3 March. The committee feels that it is appropriate to

    include them amongst the attendees from Lyme and it will provide an opportunity to thank them for the assistance given when the Weymouth rally were forced to take shelter there.

    15 An addition to this years program of events, John Cooper has organised a “reunion” Gents Cruise which thwill depart on 20 June, bound for the inaugural destination of Guernsey. At this time 6 of the original “Gents”

    have confirmed.

    16 Dates for the fishing competitions to be confirmed.

    17 A draft document created by the Activities Afloat Sub Committee detailing Support Boat cover for AYC events was put forward for consideration. Details were questioned and discussed. Bill Price wanted to be assured the correct level of cover was always in place when cadets were using dinghies and was assured that this had and always would be the case. The document detailing Support Boat cover was accepted by the members and needed to be followed by all members of the club.

    The Chairman complimented Rear Commodore Sailing on the creation of the new sub committee structure with its four working groups dealing with various aspects of Activities Afloat, Cruisers headed by Keith Parkinson, Racing David Mettam, Power Boats Robert Sutherland and Training Eddie Burrows.


    18 Nothing to report, feedback on First Aid training will presented in the March meeting.

Harbour Services.

    19 Rear Commodore Harbour Services reported that the year had stared with a bang! We have discovered some welds on the finger pontoons are displaying stress cracks associated with alternating bending stresses. The stresses are almost certainly caused by dynamic forces associated with sideways impact and breast rope loadings from boats during surge conditions in the harbour. Because it is a fatigue condition the failures have predominantly occurred on the older fingers which, coincidentally tend to be associated with the heavier boats. It is intended to address this problem on four fronts.

    a) Replace the steel work on the worst effected fingers with a strengthened design.

    b) Temporarily repair and strengthen finger frames with slight damage.

    c) Temporarily stiffen fingers thought to be at risk of developing cracking.

    d) Adopt measures to reduce the magnitude of impact loading including.



     i) Incorporation of soft rubber buffers/springs at finger berth attachments.

     ii) Specification of minimum requirements for boat fenders.

     iii) Specification of rubber snubbers for incorporation in breast ropes.

    The cost for fabricating the new finger frames will be in the region of ?500 each (inc VAT) Material costs for repairs will be in the region of ?50 each Total cost in 2012 is ?4,200. The members agreed this work needed to be completed.

    20 Henry Poutney advised that to support the work to protect the finger pontoons it would be necessary to specify fender and mooring line specifications to all boat owners. It was recommended for 2012 this be restricted to all boats 26 feet and over. Wire and Rope in Exeter had been tasked to produce samples of special snubbers for testing; two sizes were required one for small cruisers, Centaur size and large cruisers, Konsort size. Harbour Services believed this to be an excellent solution and requested approval to ensure all boats over 26 feet be required to use the new snubber in 2012 and use recommended fenders as a condition of accepting the offer of a mooring. All members present agreed this was essential to protect the finger pontoons and that Harbour Services should order sufficient snubbers to meet this years requirement. Snubbers would be purchased by the club and offered to boat owners to purchase.

     Action: Harbour Services thth January and the dredger failed on the 11 January due to operator error 21 Dredging started on the 10

    (Pete owned up) a small problem that was soon fixed. The modifications to the dredger this winter seemed to have paid dividends as the material removal rate is greatly increased.

    22 The new bridge for „C‟ pontoon has been completed and fitted. Work on the bank has progressed well, Mike Little has shown to have great expertise and has been extremely helpful with driving the digger

Beach Master

    23 The Beach Master reported that one outstanding job was to complete the southern boundary fence with a four metre panel on the east end of the sea wall, on the south of the clubhouse. Inside the clubhouse the men‟s shower trays are being replaced, the showers may be retiled and the cubicles removed to be replaced

    with curtains. One final outstanding item is to concentrate on the recommendations suggested by Henry rdPoutney after the 2011 risk assessment. The hearing loop site visit is scheduled for 23 January.

Social. th22 Rear Commodore Social reported there had been a meeting of the sub committee on the 11 December,

    the structure of the sub committee was agreed along with the social programme for 2012. Kitchen cleaning is currently in progress and Health and Safety Training would be undertaken in February. The Christmas lunch was a great success with a very special thanks to Trisha Smith having organised this event for many years. New Years Eve party was a bit light on numbers, as this was a free event we cannot blame the price, some innovative ideas to improve attendance at the prize giving will be discussed with activities afloat over the next stfew months. Next event is „Bangers and Mash‟ on 21 January. The membership Secretary suggested an

    email be circulated to promote this event, the Social Secretary agreed to provide a draft.

     Action Social Secretary rd23 Bob and Sheila Mercer have suggested a „Meet the Neighbours‟ event with Lyme Regis on 3 March this

    will be restricted to 30 members from each club.

    24. The new Social communication sheet „The Knot‟ was circulated for the members to view, this will be issued again in April and be available to down load from the website.

    25. The Web Master thanked the social team for the children‟s party advising that his grandson Ryan had

    very much enjoyed the event with special mention to Father Christmas

    The Chairman complimented the team on production of „The Knot‟


    26 The Bar Chairman reported that Christmas and New Year were a little quieter than expected and takings in the winter have dropped off. Pricing has been reviewed with the Treasurer resulting in some prices being reduced as detailed in „The Knot‟ with some further action to be completed. Due to the increased consumption in Magners cider we are looking at having this on draft to cut down on bottles, this would reduce costs as we have to pay for disposal of bottles.

    The Secretary asked about the relocation of the barrels and was advised this was still being looked at and waiting a visit by the engineers. There may be some costs involved to complete this work but should not amount to very much.

Web Master



    27 The Web Master advised he had organised a meeting for the „Media, PR and Club Archives‟ sub committee and advised although not complete had addressed the most import area communications. Brain Lavender has agreed to be Media PR rep, club archive to be addressed, Adam Poulson is very talented with IT and will manage the Web Site and he is looking to see if the web site can be made more accessible to enable all sub committees to post information. Please contact Adam Poulson with any requests you may have. We believe only 75% of club members have advised an email address, an article in the newsletter will encourage more to advise their email and look at the web site. It is recognised there is still a need for a club newsletter and other forms of communication. Mike Rocket will remain as Editor of the Magazine and Newsletter. Phil Smith will act as photo journalist and Kevin Mercer responsible for Notice Boards and Bulletins. A new web address has been created for communications The web site would also show the minutes from these Executive Meetings for all members to read. The Chairman felt this was very exciting and felt that much progress had already been made.

Item 8 Club Programme 2012

    28 The Web Master reported that he had managed to get approval from the Hydrographic Office to use tide times in the new club diary. The diary will have all club events shown as well as the tide times. Copies of the merged calendars inc Social, Activities Afloat and other events were circulated with a request to be checked and any changes required to be emailed to Gerry Ware asap. Diaries are expected to be ready end of week 3 to beginning week 4. Work would have to start earlier for the 2013 diary to enable it to be ready for early January. The Beach Master and Chairman complimented Gerry on achieving production of the diary in a very short timescale, something believed not to be possible for 2012.

Item 9 Magazine

    29 The Editor advised the next issue of the Newsletter was at the printers and will give an account of events at the end of last summer, an article on fishing by Robert Sutherland and an article by Greg Clarke on life below the waves. The next issue will be May with the third issue for the year in September/October. It was rd January. 30 The agreed the AGM minutes would be mailed along with the Newsletter week commencing 23

    Web Master raised the topic of Eric Gordon‟s presentation to the Axminster Historical Society on 75 years of stthe AYC on 1 February at the United Reform Church in Axminster. It is important the slide presentation is completed in time and the Secretary would liaise with the Web Master to arrange this.

     Action Secretary and Web Master

    Item 10 AGM Voting Procedures

    30 The Chairman advised he had communicated this topic to all committee members in an email and that some club members had complained that the first they new of an election was when they registered at the AGM. This is due to the current club rules and could not be avoided. There is also some feeling in some quarters that the election of the committee is undemocratic. All this has highlighted the fact that the rule book was written some years ago and needs to be reviewed with special reference to timing, tenure and the method of electing members of this committee. A number of points were discussed which brought attention to risks within the current process as well as its failings. The members felt the best way forward would be to create a sub committee to carry out a review of the current rules, look to other clubs to find out what is best practise and come back to the committee with a recommendation. The sub committee would be the President, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Secretary and a Trustee (Nigel Daniel).

     Action: Secretary

    Item 11 Matters Arising from AGM Open Forum

    31 The Secretary thanked Kevin Mercer for his comments on the AGM minutes and would make the necessary amendments and corrections. Nick Jolly had also picked up some spelling errors to be corrected. 33 para 21 Michael Rogers suggested the PA system needed to be sorted out. The Social Secretary advised this had already been done.

    34 para 22 David Haywood questioned the voting procedure. Covered in Item 10

    35 para 23 and 24 information only no action required

    36 para 25 Graham Parkin requested a web cam in the yard, this was something to be considered for the future, only if sufficient band width becomes available.

    37 para 26 Tony Hinton requested less data on the web cam page as it takes too long to download onto a phone. The membership Secretary advised work is ongoing with the webcam pictures.

    38 para 27 covered in Harbour Services para 20 these minutes.

    39 para information only no action required.

    40 para 28 Request from Bob Palacio for AYC to support Seaton in Bloom 2012 by sponsoring a flower bed. The members felt they could not spend club member‟s subscriptions in this way and would have to decline

    the request. It was pointed out that the clubhouse now has a much improved frontage with the new Quarter Deck and installation of the new planters. Action: Secretary to respond



    41 para 30 request from Nigel Daniel for new matting for the dinghies. Rear Commodore Sailing advised this was being looked at with the intention to obtain new mats soon.

    42 para 31 and 32 information only.

Item 12 Volunteer Work Coordination

    43 The VWC advised that there was nothing to report this month.

Item 13 Harbour Management th December. We 44 Bill Price advised the Axmouth Harbour Management Company held its AGM on the 4

    have agreement with the MMO that separate dredging licenses will not be required for the basin and river entrance for the future making a significant saving in license fees. There is an issue for 2012 for dredging the entrance but at a meeting with Natural England they have advised they will be willing to support us carrying out tests for dredging the entrance. However, we still need to get a final view from the MMO for 2012. EDDC thare visiting at 09.00 on 24 January to meet with John Robinson, Pete Poulson, Bill Price and Gordon Wright.

Item 14 Club House Lettings

    45 The Secretary advised he had confirmed to Tony Newton that the committee had approved his application thfor a 70 birthday party 24th November 2012.

Item 15 Correspondence

    46 The Secretary advised there had been a letter of thanks from June, Stephen and Nigel Daniel thanking the club for the many letters of support from many members and allowing the use of the clubhouse following the funeral of Jack. The Secretary read out the letter.

Item 16 AOB

    47 Henry Poutney advised the Club Trustees had met for lunch and discussed a few issues that they wanted to raise with the committee. Firstly, two abandoned boats in the yard were touched on but as the boats were being dealt with this was not felt to be too much of a concern. They also had concerns about usage of boats on pontoon moorings, it was felt this was down to each individual member on how often their boat was used and there was little the club could do to influence this.

    48 The trustees requested that the rules regarding trustees should be looked at as some organisations have had trustees sued by members with a grievance against the club. An example was a Rugby Club where a member has suffered a severe injury looking for compensation. It was suggested some organisations had changed their status from Club to Limited Company to overcome such difficulties.

    The suggestion was for the club solicitor to review the wording concerning trustees and feedback to the committee. Action: Secretary

    48 Rear Commodore Sailing advised he had written to Adam Poulson regarding having Activities Afloat on the web site both for events and race results. Gerry Ware advised that results should be provided to Brian Lavender for inclusion in the press.

    49 Kevin Mercer requested the notice board in the entrance be used for Activities Afloat and that the Club notices are moved down the corridor. It was agreed this would help improve communications and all agreed the changes be made.

    50 Kevin Mercer advised the Golf Club has made an approach to share equipment? Pete Poulson advised that we are always willing to cooperate but must advise that all club equipment is for site use only.

     thItem 17 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday 7 March 2012.

     th18 January 2012 (S G BIDDLE)

     Hon Sec

Distribution: All Members of the Executive Committee



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