Unit 7 Family Ties

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Unit 7 Family Ties

    Unit 7 Family Ties


    Ask the students to take a look at the photos on P133, and think about the question: How is a family created?

    Family structure

    Nuclear family: two adults and their childrenis the main unit in some societies.

    Extended family: consist of grandparents and other relatives.

    Single-parent family: in which children live with an unmarried, divorced, or widowed mother or father.

    DINK family: a family with double Income but no kids

    Passage A Things I Learned From Dad

I Warm-up Question

    ;1. Will words of encouragement from parents have a lifelong influence on their children? Explain.

    ;2. What effect does growing up in a love-filled home have on children? II Related Information

    ;Rebecca Lobo

    Lobo is one of the most accomplished basketball players, both personally and professionally. She is a star forward with the WNBA’s New York Liberty basketball team.

    She was voted as a member of the first-ever WNBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team in 1999, and was named to the All-WNBA Second Team in 1997.

    She loves to write and co-wrote a daughter-mother autobiography called The Home Team,

    about the special relationship she has with her mother, RuthAnn, and about RuthAnns

    battle with breast cancer.

    ;Richard Branson

    Led by founder, chairman, and owner Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group has more than


200 entertainment, media, and travel companies around the world.

    Its largest moneymaker is Virgin Atlantic Airways, second-largest airline in the UK behind British Airways. Virgin's other interests include retailing (music, videos, and computer games), airships, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, financial services, health clubs, Internet services, mobile phone services, passenger trains, publishing, record labels, tour operations, and TV production.


    Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government. It is the law-making and the supreme legislative body of the nation. It is made up of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

    ;The House of Representatives

    The House of Representatives has 435 voting members plus a nonvoting representative from Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia respectively. The members of the House are called representatives of congressmen. Representatives are elected by the voters from the geographic area within each state.

    ;John Lewis

    John Lewis has been a United States Congressman representing the Fifth District in Georgia since 1987. One of the acknowledged heroes of the American Civil Rights Movement, Mr. Lewis began with the Nashville Student Movement, was president of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a Freedom Rider and among the leaders of the 1963 March on Washington.

III Words and Expressions

    1. incredible: ? unbelievable ?too extraordinary to be believed

     It seemed incredible that people would still want to play football during a



     The view from the top of Huangshan is incredible.

    2. bring out: cause to develop, cause to be seen

     Difficulties can bring out a person's best qualities.

     These dreadful circumstances bring out the worst in everybody.


3. reflection: being a sign of

     Their behavior was a reflection of their very different personalities.

     A high crime rate is a reflection of an unstable society. 4. in return (for): as repayment (for)

     They have nothing to give in return.

     What can I do in return for your kindness?

    5. go into: enter a profession, state of life, etc.

     Have you ever thought of going into journalism?

     He went into advertising / politics four years ago.

    6. instill (in/into): put (ideas, feelings, etc.) into someone's mind by continuing effort

     I instilled the need for good manners into all my children.

     A good teacher can instill the desire to learn in young people. 7. circumstances: conditions, facts, etc. connected with an event ora person

     We cannot expect him to continue these activities under such unfavorable


     Because of circumstances beyond our control the meeting was cancelled. 8. tremendously: enormously, greatly

     There is a tremendously difficult struggle ahead of us.

     She envied and admired Judy tremendously.

    9. survive: remain alive or continue to live after diseases or disasters; live longer than

     The baby was born with problem with his heart and only survived for a few


     It is unnatural for parents to survive their children.

    IV Understanding the Text

    1. What kind of disease did Lobo's Mother suffer from? Did she survive it? 2. How did Lobo feel at home?

    3. Was Branson's father a successful lawyer? Explain.

    4. What did Branson's father teach him about human relationships? V Notes to the Text


1. My brother, sister and I thought this was gross! (para. 1)

     My brother, sister, and I thought this (kissing in public) was disgusting!


    2. Because there was always so much love in the family, I grew up with an incredible security blanket. (para. 1)

    Because there was so much love in the family, I grew up feeling very safe and secure.


    3. Despite his worry, Dad was a pillar of strength for us and especially for her. (para. 2) Despite worrying about Mom, Dad was the backbone of the family, and this encouraged all of us, especially Mom..


    4. He never criticized, but used praise to bring out our best.(para. 3) He never found faults in us, but encouraged us to do our best.


    5. He'd say, "If you pour water on flowers, they flourish. If you don't give them water, they die."(para. 3)

    He'd say flowers bloom with water but die without it.


    6. Any time you say something unpleasant about somebody else, it's a reflection of you. When you speak unkindly about another, you make yourself look bad.


    7. He explained that if I looked for the best in people, I would get the best in return.(para. 4)

    He explained that if you expect people to do well, they will try to respect you.


    8. Hang in there and things will improve.(para. 4)

    Keep trying harder and harder and the situation will get better.


VI Useful Expressions

    ;shape one’s destiny ;塑造人生

     4 ;pillar of strength ;精神支柱

    ;bring out one’s best/the best in sb. ;使表现出最佳品质

    ;bring up ;养育?教育

    Passage B Love Works A Miracle

I Related Information (See PPT)

    ;Springer Spaniel



    II Understanding the Text

    1. What was Cruiser doing when Cindy came out? 2. What was special about Cindy?

    3. Did she call for help when she found her daughter in great danger? Explain.

    4. How did Cindy feel when Kyla finally started crying? 5. What does the story tell us?

    III Words and Expressions

    1. sense: feel, be vaguely aware of, realize

     He sensed his proposals were unwelcome.

     She sensed his anger although she was not looking at him.


    2. hang up: finish a telephone conversation by putting back the receiver; place on a hook, peg or hanger

     She was so angry that she hung up on him.

     When the children come to school, they hang up their coats in the classroom. 3. horror: great shock or fear

     The crowd breathed in horror as the space craft exploded.

     The captain realized to his horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly. 4. back and forth: to and fro, backward and forward

     The animal kept running back and forth, trying to get out.

     Someone was pacing back and forth behind the curtain.

    5. paralyze: cause (some or all of the body muscles) to become

    uncontrollable or stiff

     He is paralyzed as the result of a would-be assassin's bullet years ago.

     A stroke paralyzed half his face.

    6. as a/the result of: because of; therefore

     Three people have already died as a result of the traffic accident.

     He was late as the result of the heavy rain.

    7. adjust: Make or become suited (to new conditions), adapt

     You can't see through a telescope unless it is adjusted correctly to your sight.

     He adjusted himself quickly to the heat of the country.

    8. assistance: help, support

     If you can't decide which shirt to buy, perhaps I could be of your assistance.

     Could you give us some assistance with this work?

    9. isolate: put or keep somebody / something entirely apart from other people or things from others

     Several villages have been isolated by the lack of buses.

     He has been isolated until we know whether he has caught the disease. 10. rescue: (v.) save (from harm or danger), set free;

     He rescued his stamp collection from the burning house.

     He was rescued from the sinking aircraft by a passing ship.


10. rescue: (n.) an act of rescuing

     There have been 3 rescues of climbers lost on the mountains this Christmas.

     A rescue team is trying to reach the trapped miners.

    IV Notes to the Text

    1. The splash she had heard was followed by dead silence. (para. 2) She heard a splash but then she heard nothing else (not even the sound of the dog swimming).


    2. At 90 pounds, Cindy swam regularly for physical therapy but needed assistance getting in and out of the pool. (para.3)

    Cindy weighed only 90 pounds and swam often for exercise but could not get in and out of the pool by herself.


V. Writing

     Love is most important in ones life. One cannot live without love. How do your

    parents love you? What has your dad or mum taught you?

     Write a composition on the topic:

     Things I Learned From Dad/Mum


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