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    03-January-2002 Page 1 of 3


    SCC INCOSE Executive Session

    ; Agendas for Future Meetings

     Feb/07 “Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Networks” Rich Bernhardt, Harris

     Mar/07 (?) NASA Quality (TBR) Dr. Ben Goldberg, (Melvi is coordinating).

     Apr/04 (?) INCOSE SCC Traveling Road Show (Joe V. coordinating)

     May/02 (?) Ten Engineering Disasters, John Dougherty, Northrup Grumman

     Potential future topics:

    ; „What is Systems Engineering?” Mark Webb (DRS Optronics)

    ; “The Lean Enterprise”, Phil Burroughs, Harris GCSD

    ; “System Engineering Metrics,” Gary Natwick, Harris

    ; SE Flexibility or follow-up on “Convergence,” Dr. Kwame Boakye, Harris, (May?)

     SAS-related topic (Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Business Analytics or Information ;

    Delivery Architecture?), Jim Coleman, SAS (

    ; Review of Development of Web/Internet (Scott/Don)

    ; Life Cycle Cost Modeling, NG person, (John Dougherty) Back pocket topics

    ; Knowledge Management Overview Joe V.

    ; CMMI Overview Joe V.

    ; Systems Engineering Started in the Middle Process (p. 156, SE, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2001), Joe S.

    ; Using a Requirement Management Tool for Verification Management (p. 169, SE, 4, #3,

    2001), Don

    ; … other

    ; Significant Decision Items

     AWARDS 2001

    ; Action for completing filing

     AWARDS 2002

    ; Action for Newsletter

    ; Bios

    ; AWARDS 2002 Planning and Monitoring

    ; Significant Activities in Process

     Regional Telecon

    ; Scott or Joe, I missed.

     Chapter Bylaws (AI #002)

    ; Results of Vote

     Membership Renewal (AI #024)

    ; We‟ve lost 1/3 of our Spring 2001 membership – which means our Budget (and pizza money)

    needs to be more closely monitored (“Breakeven membership” is ____)

    ; Need a membership plan

    ; Consideration: a major Membership Recruitment effort for 2002??

    ; Michael Reinig, of SAIC is newest member. INCOSE Chapter Awards Program (AI #027)

    ; New initiative from Central provide “awards” (Gold, Silver, Bronze) to chapters that are

    performing well based on semi-objective criteria

    03-January-2002 Page 2 of 3

    ; Each chapter can submit their “scorecard” – with documentation for evaluation

    ; Joe and Scott have worked on a package

    ; Status of Bronze for 2001

    ; Create new action item for planning for 2002?

Outreach/Road Show (AI #023)

    ; Creation of “Traveling Road Show” presentation on Systems Engineering & INCOSE/SCC.

    ; Potential interest in the product by several “non-core” (other than Harris & NorthGrum) orgs

    ; Joe has done a start, based on our Space Congress material

    ; Joe created a draft SOO (Statement of Objectives) and we received some feedback

    ; Joe & Scott & John

The Tutorial Web Site (AI #025)

    ; Establish and Maintain professional INCOSE Tutorial Resource web site, as service to

    INCOSE (long-term commitment!)

    ; Ryan and Scott still need to get together on this?

     Sponsorship Solicitation Effort (AI #029)

    ; Sobie to draft letter

    03-January-2002 Page 3 of 3

Odds and Ends

    ; CCTS

    ; Don need Ryan Reid info to complete the CCTS survey form

    ; Designate Tom McCullough as new Alternate rep to CCTS

    ; Web

    ; Scott clean up Web files (delete old junk files)

    ; Scott link to the Engineering Times article on INCOSE Cert/Accred

    ; Chapters Reflector

    ; New Yahoo reflector apparently becomes effective (replacement) 1-Jan-02

    ; Probably Pres, VP and Secy should be on it - whatever

    ; Central INCOSE things

    ; Check periodically for Governance results (the November ballot)

    ; Check periodically for anything regarding the Cert/Accred issue

    ; Review of Open Action Items from Previous Meetings

     (002/OPEN) Bylaws & Constitution Update Scott (see above)

     (009/OPEN) Mission Statement (Joaquin‟s suggestion) – Scott to post into the web site (023/OPEN) Develop INCOSE/SCC "Road Show" (see above) (Joe V, John, Scott) - let's check

    out the SOO

     (024/OPEN) Membership renewals; need full-court press and a Survival Mode attitude …

     (025/OPEN) Tutorial Web Site Ryan, Scott (see above)

     (027OPEN) Chapter Awards input (see above)

     (028a/CLOSED) S.E. Certification

     (028b/CLOSED) Reserve Crawford Tower for 2002

     (029/OPEN) Sponsorship Solicitation Effort (see above)

    ; New Agenda Items

     IW2002 - Mesa, AZ -- 3-7 Feb 2002 - registration open ($350 for full session, $185 for two-days),

    hotel/transport not included. Central is looking into reducing/subsidizing the fee for the future.

     Any new item that a board member raises ...

     Bookmarks for 2002 ...

    ; Membership

    ; Chapter Goals including “Awards”? – for 2002

    ; National Engineers Week 2002

    ; Tutorial 2002

    ; Space congress 2002

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