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Topic One: Career


    1. Can you describe the remuneration mechanism in your company?

    2. How do you think your present employability in the job market?

    3. Do you have any recommendation on the prevailing cube farm office layout? 4. Is your company redundant or shorthanded?

    Discussion topics:

     What do you think is the key difference between a job and a career?

     How to turn a job or a hobby into a career?

Topic two: Companies


    1. Do you know any corporation manufacturing daily-use sundry goods? Please name some of

    their products and tell me something about one of the corporations.

    2. Do you know any pharmaceutical companies? Please name some of their products and tell

    me something about one of the companies.

3. Tell me one successful joint venture example.

4. How does venture investment work?

Discussion topic:

     Does your company have any slogan or unique logo?

     What is your companys corporate value?

     How does it reflect it in its working environment, advertisement, brochures, company

    regulations or any other ways?

Topic three: Companies


    1. Tell me an example of a good idea which once made a change to your life. 2. Tell me an example of a good idea in your business which once helped you save money. 3. Tell me an example of a good idea in your business which once helped you make money. 4. Tell me an example of a good idea in your life which helps you save time.

Discussion topic:

     How does twitter (weibo) change our socialization, our communication and the society,

    as well as the business world?

Topic four: Stress


    1. Name some of the symptoms out of being overstressed and illustrate one of them. 2. Name the possible causes of stresses and illustrate one of them.

    3. How would you respond to a frustrating job or a picky spouse?

    4. How would you react if your children leave home after a dispute with you?

Discussion topic:

     What are the most common workplace stressors?

     What are the most effective ways to deal with acute stresses? What ways are effective to deal with chronic stresses?

Topic five: Entertainment


    1. Name some of the entertainment you know.

    2. Pick one of the popular entertainments to illustrate how it helps business. 3. Name some of the famous Chinese courses.

    4. Name some of the western cuisine.

Discussion topic:

     What entertainment activities are popular among you and your business associates?

     How do you choose an entertainment activity when you need to show hospitality to your

    business contacts?

Topic Six: Marketing


    1. What can be a marketing personnels daily routine?

    2. What are the 4 stages that marketing development has been through? 3. What are the 4ps for Macdonalds?

    4. What is niche strategy? Can you give an example?

Discussion topic:

     How is marketing different from sales?

     Which is more interesting and rewarding, marketing or sales? Why?

Topic Seven: Planning


    1. What do we need to plan on?

    2. What are the tools to facilitate us in making a plan? 3. What is Gantt Chart? How does it help make plan?

    4. What is Tropmans Bell? How does it help make a meeting plan?

Discussion topic:

     Should we plan on our diet? Why?

     How should we plan on our diet?

Topic Eight: Managing People


1. How can we identify a team from groups of people?

    2. What powers do the team members have on others?

    3. What are the 5 approaches in dealing with conflicts?

    4. Which of the 5 approaches is the most friendly and collaborative? Why;

Discussion topic:

     What kind of conflicts may we encounter in office with our colleagues? How should we adopt the five approaches to conflicts flexibly?

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