Using the Tapeless Conical VLC Tugger for Penis Enlargement

By Frederick Ellis,2014-03-19 02:04
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Using the Tapeless Conical VLC Tugger for Penis EnlargementThe,for,the,penis,Using,using,Penis

    copyright 2005 Ron J. Low Using the Tapeless Conical VLC Tugger

Please note I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. You are responsible for your health. If anything feels strange or

    uncomfortable during any enlargement effort, stop what you’re doing and see a doctor.

    - - - - -

    SAFETY NOTE: Never twist or squeeze the handle of the tugger. Doing so could weaken the device, leading to catastrophic failure. If your tugging handle has been twisted, return it for replacement.

Do not use any lotion or solvent containing silicone or derivatives near the tugger.

Start with a clean dry device. The silicone material is stable to 600 degrees; so boiling is acceptable to disinfect, however,

    daily soap and water should be sufficient. To boil, put a mug of water in the microwave for a few minutes, then take it out and

    put the tugger in. Putting the tugger directly into the microwave is NOT recommended, due to its metal parts. Dab the device dry and squeeze moisture out of the area where the handle attaches. I don’t boil it regularly; I wash mine daily in the shower.

Apply the device to a flaccid penis. Pull forward on the penile shaft skin, rolling it up toward the glans. Before rolling any

    skin past the corona, center the tugger against the glans. Next roll your skin up onto the device as high as possible. With two

    hands, you can retain the skin with one hand while pulling the inner skin outwardly with the other. You want even tension all around, with your inner skin pulled as far up as is comfortable.

After you even out the skin, bunch up it toward the end of the device. Pop the outer cone on to retain the skin. It will stay in

    place on its own. The friction between your skin and the rubbery cone, coupled with the tendency of your skin to roll outwardly off the device, creates a state of equilibrium. Because you’re dependant upon friction, the outer skin must be clear

    of lotion or other residues.

After applying the outer cone, look into the opening to see that the skin is uniformly distributed around. Small adjustments can

    be made by flaring the wide part of the cone and pulling some skin outward and down the shaft.

Advanced Tips:

    - Unlike the TLC Tugger, the VLC Tugger has no vent hole. The effect of plugging the vent is that the device will not

    lift away form the glans and pull a tube of skin. Instead, the tugging will be felt by your penile shaft core more than

    your shaft skin. The tugger may then have the effect of lengthening the penis overall. Don’t expect to gain more than

    1/4” of penis length per year of tugging.

    - It is possible to use the device with lotion around the corona, but re-application will be tricky, and may need to be

    preceded by washing. The lotion I recommend is called Eucerin.

    - The outer cone (Your-Skin Restoration Cone) can also be worn by itself to retain the skin in a covering state when

    tugging is not possible, to improve glans sensitivity.

Wear the device to bed, and under trousers during the day. If you discover it has come off you while you’re sleeping, it should

    still be attached to your straps. Just reach around in the bedding until you find it. With practice, you should easily re-apply it

    in the dark. With the proper tension and uniform application it will come off less often (seek help if more than once per week).

Hygiene: As of this moment, you will use the stall and sit to urinate. This is for privacy so you can dab away residual drops of

    urine with tissue before re-applying the device. (You probably don’t want drops of urine between your skin and your glans,

    but if some is there, it’s not a health problem; your body evolved to deal with urine in the prepuce). After urination, take your

    time and milk several drops of urine out of the length of your penis before trying to re-apply. For maximum pleasure-receptive

    sensitivity, wash your glans and pink skin only with clean water or a very gentle non-soap cleanser like Cetaphil liquid.

Using Straps

    My ComforTug straps are custom made to interface with the tugging handle of the VLC Tugger. During the day, I clip through a cut-pout pair of briefs worn like a loin cloth. This protects my outer skin from abrasion and helps contain the tugger and strap components should anything come loose.

    Tugging below the knee (day)

    1) Attach the tugger to your penis

    2) Clip the single-thick end of the strap to the tugger

    3) Run the strap down the inside of your leg and pull to the desired tension

    4) Under tension, attach a safety pin at the level of the hinge of the knee joint

    5) Hold the pinned part there and run the strap in front of your leg below the knee to the outside and around your leg


    6) Clip the doubled end of the strap to the part of the strap where you put the safety pin.

    7) Adjust for comfort. At 1 pound of tension, these straps elongate by a factor of 1/12. A 3” span marked off under no

    tension would stretch to 3.25” at 1 pound.

    Tugging over the left shoulder (night)

    1) Attach the tugger to your penis

    2) Clip the single-thick end of the strap to the tugger

    3) Run the strap up your chest, over your left shoulder, around back, and under your right arm.

    4) Clip the doubled end of the strap to the strap over a safety pin at a point 3 to 6 inches above the tugger.

    5) Adjust for comfort. At 1 pound of tension, these straps elongate by a factor of 1/12. A 3” span marked off under no

    tension would stretch to 3.25” at 1 pound.

Other garments to consider

    I wear my nighttime straps over a tank top or pajama top for comfort. I wear my down-the-leg straps over an Ace brand elastic tube knee brace to keep straps and hardware from digging into my skin. When I tug in shorts, I choose LONG shorts (like Levis 565, which happen to be the fashion as I write this) and I wear another Ace brace over the straps, just to keep the straps

    out of sight. Also when I tug down the leg, I wear standard cotton briefs with the crotch cut, so they hang like a loin cloth. I

    clip the strap to the tugger right through the front of loin cloth. This keeps a layer of cotton undergarment consistently positioned between my exposed shaft skin and my trousers. As for trousers, buy them very loose fitting and no one need ever know you’re tugging your penis as you chat at the water cooler.

It’s important for your peace of mind to consider the various things that could go wrong while tugging in public. If the penis

    skin comes out of the tugger, the strap is still clipped to the loin cloth and tugger, and the cone is still part of the tugger

    assembly. If the strap comes unclipped from the loin cloth and tugger, then the strap is still pinned around the knee and the tugger is still on the penis. If the strap comes un-pinned where it hooks to itself, then it is still attached to the tugger (but the

    other end of the strap may start to dangle down your leg (it’s never happened to me, but I see that it could). Some people add a

    safety pin and shoelace connecting the strap’s end to their trouser inseam to be safe.

Results you can expect from using the Ventless Conical VLC Tugger

    a) Take “before” photos and do careful length measurements. Don’t get hung up measuring your progress more often

    than every three months. An ADS (all-day stretcher) like the VLC is especially effective in conjunction with

    exercises described by various enlargement aficionados like those you might communicate with at

    b) The glans will get more supple and sensitive since it will be protected from drying and abrasion.

    c) You will gain some slack to your skin if you were circumcised tightly. The most noticeable gains will occur in the

    first few months simply due to stretching and loosening of the skin you started with. Legitimate growth of new skin

    cells will taper off once you have enough slack to comfortably wear the device.

    d) You will get temporary edema conditions in the glans and in the folds of skin. This is puffiness and indentations

    where the device was touching you. It clears up within minutes of removing the device.

    Stay in touch, and let me know how it’s coming. If you really can’t get the tugger to work for you, you might need to tape with the Canister Method or use the Your-Skin Cone alone for a few months. Once you have some slack skin, you can switch back

    to the tapeless tugging method. If you really can’t make it happen, you have the option of asking for a refund.

Best Wishes,

    -Ron Low

     1. The Your-Skin Restoration Cone by 2. Rolling the skin tube forward 3. Bunching up the skin itself (see frames 2 9).

     6. Urethra centered in skin pucker 5. The cone staying on by itself 4. Applying the cone

     7. Before picture 3 months of tugging 9. The shiny glans 8. A mostly-restored penis; what you with the canister would see if the cone was invisible

     10. VLC Tugger and Your-Skin Cone 11. This clip design allows some float, 12. Strap showing pin at clipping point

    even when clipped

     13. Centering the glans in the 15. After pulling inner skin 14. Rolling skin up onto the 16. Looking down in to gauge

    tugger outward and adjusting the skin tugger even skin distribution

    for evenness

     17. Flaring the base of the cone 19. Tugging with TLC device 20. Tugger with outer cone 18. Glans is still seated in VLC

    to adjust for uniform skin tension lifted off glans (arrow at removed device (arrow at corona)


     24. Tugging in shorts with knee 23. Tugging over the shoulder 21. Tugging down the leg 22. Tugging through loin cloth


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