May Goals Bless Us

By Henry Richardson,2014-06-13 19:32
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May Goals Bless Us

     May Goals Bless Us

    Man’s life is a process of setting new goals and making the determination to achieve them.As is known to us,the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their goars.therefore, aim high! The high one aims,the great progress he can make.

    As a college students,each of us has passed the college intrance examnation,during the senior high school,we were devoted ourselves to study.For,at that time we were aimming at performencing perfectly in the college intrance examnation and being adimitted into a ideal university.In

    cotrast,nowadays,many of us seemed at a loss during classes.In our opinion being a college students,we have achieved our goals.Its reasonable for us to have a rest,without noticing the increasing rate of unemploymet and the decreasing ability we are in possession of.In a word,without goals we living a dreary life.As a consequence,its rather important to set new

    new goals and set up our mind to achieve them.

    A new goal can give one renewed ambition in life,the most importantting in,especially,college students life is to have

    a goal and the determination to attain it.Wellwe,college

    students,just start with concrete goals and stick to them

    however difficulty they are and make a successful man.

    Great goals make great man,only with great goals can we make a great progress then make a contribution to the rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation.

    May goals be alongside with us and may goals bless us.



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