On whether to have a child

By Jason Palmer,2014-07-11 18:50
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On whether to have a childhave,Have


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    On whether to have a child

     This morning our class have a fierce debate about whether to have a child in the near future. The majority of us believe that a caring faming must has onetwo or even more

    children while the rest hold the opposite viewpoint.

     Those who want children think that a child is an element which can bring up happinesses and sorrows to a caring family. And according to them, a family without a children isn't a complete family which can be easily broken up. In addition, raising a child really has a lot of fun and when they become old, plenty of helps and comforts would be given form their children. Yet, the rest of our class argued with a set of convincing ideas. Firstly, it is a troublesome thing to raise a child.

    It takes a lot of time, money and care. What's more, it lasts for a very long period of time. Secondly, to them, their careers are far more significant than any other things. A child might drag them into trouble while their careers are about to take off. In that case, they are unwilling to take risks of losing their opportunities developing their potentials. Last but not the least, when they have a child, some extra responsibilities and obligations come to them, too. They may not have enough time to enjoy themselves which makes life a burden.

     The arguers may be right about not raising a child. But they seen to neglect to mention the fact that if each of us do not raise a child in order to spare more time to do something that satisfied ourselves, how is the society, the world would be in the coming decades. In conclusion, I support the statement that a child is indeed to a caring family.

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