2nd International Conference on

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2nd International Conference on

    2nd International Conference on

    Innovation andEntrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China

    9-11 May, 2014, Wuhan University, China


    11-14 May, 2014 (optional subsidiary conference workshops)on Yangtze River Cruise

    Call for Papers

    Background and context

    In 2012 Wuhan and Lancaster Universities hosted the first International Joint Conference on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China’. At the conclusion of this successful conference Wuhan and Lancaster committed to a series of future conferences on the same theme. This ongoing commitment was aimed at facilitating a growing network of researchers interested in China related research into entrepreneurship and innovation. From the outset it was recognized that experience of theory and practice outside of China would be relevant to informing policy and practice inside China. For this

    reason the conference aims to be inclusive and work in developing and advanced economies that has implications for China is also welcomed in this second Conference.

The SecondInternational Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    ( is an adjunct conference. It is co-

    sited and will take place on the same dates as the Sixth Annual Global Management Conference ( Conference facilities and administration will be

    provided by Wuhan University for both conferences. Delegates will have the opportunity to share key sessions across both conferences.

Significance of the Topic

    China, already the second largest economy in the world, is often perceived as the ‘world’s factory’. But for the economy to remain vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation in thprocesses, products and services is crucial. At a policy level this is signaled in the 12 five

    year plan where the goal of ‘an innovation orientated society’ is identified as a key priority,

    and leading technology sectors were identified (China Daily, 27 October 2010). In 2012 the policy was reinforced by the Ministry of Science and Technology with a commitment to deepen and accelerate the building of a national innovation system with a goal to foster indigenous innovation. At the macro level, however, despite China’s remarkable

    modernization, the legacy of centralized planning and ownership,state-dominated Chinese


    financial systems, culture, authoritarian political system and monopolistic business environment may hamper this goal of innovation (Wall Street Journal, 8 October 2011). At the micro firm level other issues surface. Corporate governance features, including ownership, delegation and monitoring, are all instrumental to firms’ innovation, especially the outcome of such activities. Well-governed firms are able to implement innovation with less transaction cost, making such activities more likely to succeed.

    Finally, innovation is not necessarily the preserve of large firms or the outcome of centralized policies and planning. Currently, China’s SMEs account for 65 percent of all

    invention patents and 80 percent of new product developments (Miao, 2012). SMEs have been central to China’s growth and remain so today, a fact that Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology has recognized. This economic contribution, however, can’t be relied on as globalization increasingly impacts on innovation and this presents

    special problems for SMES.

    Despite the importance and scope of the above issues, entrepreneurship and innovation research relevant to China is still in its infancy. This conference is a contribution to addressing the urgency for such China related work and welcomes both theory and practitioner based insights.


    The conference is jointly organized by Lancaster China Management Centre /Institute of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development of Lancaster University Management School, and the China National Research Centre for Industry-University-Research Collaboration/Economics and Management School of Wuhan University. It is focused and seeks to enhance our understanding of theory, practice and policy on innovation and entrepreneurship relevant to China. It offers the opportunity to access recent research into the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship in different organizations which are relevant to China in its new development phase.

    Uniquely, the conference aims to provide a common forum within which two strands of research can come together. The first is critical and reflective research embedded directly in the China experience covering culture, education and training, policy, policy implementation, technology transfer and inter and intra firm arrangements. The second is the research outside of China which has the potential to inform the theory and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in China. This is a rich repository of relevant experience from both advanced and developing economies. The conference is designed to bring these two strands together and to generate insights for theory, including new research areas, policy and practice.

    This second conference welcomes and seeks to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioner delegates from China, UK and other parts of the world. It will create a ‘theory-

    practitioner’ community with a shared interest in China and in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. It will be a learning opportunity for all participants and will provide a sound basis for future conferences and collaboration.


Keynote Speakers

    Professor Andrew Atherton, Lancaster University (confirmed)

    Professor David Brown, Lancaster University (confirmed)

    Professor Ling Chen, Zhejiang University(tbc)

    Professor Mark Freel,University of Ottawa (tbc)

    Professor Richard Harrison, University of Edinburgh (confirmed)

    Professor Jian Li, ex-Party Secretary of Wuhan University (confirmed) Professor Xinchun Li, Sun Yat Sen University (confirmed)

    ProfessorXielin Liu, Chinese Academy of Science (confirmed)

    ProfessorXiande Zhao, China Europe International Business School (confirmed)

Other Details of the conference are as follows:

1. Conference Themes

    The conference will be organized into two broad themes the macro theme including policy

    and institutional analyses for large and small firms, and a micro theme incorporating firm and individual level perspectives. Each theme will include direct and indirect China based papers, and theory and practitioner led papers. Plenary sessions will be held to reinforce the integration within and across the themes. We are interested in high quality contributions on relevant topics, including but not limited to the following topics:

    ; National policies for innovation and entrepreneurship

    ; Policy implementation

    ; Science and technology entrepreneurship

    ; Clustering, science parks and incubation

    ; Globalisation and impact on innovation and entrepreneurship

    ; International entrepreneurship

    ; Strategic management and innovation in entrepreneurial organizations

    ; Financial systems and innovation

    ; Corporate governance and innovation

    ; Culture, networks and entrepreneurship/innovation

    ; Opportunity development and the entrepreneurial process

    ; Issues for SMEs in innovation and entrepreneurship

    ; Creation and management of family business

    ; Innovation and research in China

    ; Open innovation

    ; Role of higher education in entrepreneurship and innovation

2. Conference Arrangements and Fees

    Wuhan is an attractive conference site in central China close to the Three Gorges. The conference will have two parts. The main conference will be held at Wuhan. The subsidiary conference is optional and aims to provide delegates with opportunities to network and develop themes emerging from the main conference. A series of workshops covering key themes, journal paper publication, future conferences and research collaboration will be held on a 4 star Yangtze River Cruise Ship (upstream from Yichang to Chongqing).


Conference Language: English

Conference Venues

    The conference will have two parts: The main conference will be held at Wuhan, while the subsidiary conference is optional and aims to provide delegates with opportunities to network and develop themes emerging from the main conference.

    ; Main conference venue (May 9-11, 2014):

    Economic & Management School, Wuhan University

    ; Optional workshops on the Yangtze River Cruise Ship (May 12-14, 2014):

    ; A series of workshops covering key themes, journal paper publication, future

    conferences and research collaboration will be held on a 4 star Yangtze River Cruise

    Ship (upstream from Yichang to Chongqing).

Conference Agenda th; May 9, 2014 (Friday), 9am-10pm: Registration and city tour th; May 10 ( Sat.), 9am-6pm: Main Conference at Wuhan University th; May 11 (Sun.), 9am-12pm: Conference at Wuhan University

    ; 1-4pm. plant visit in Wuhan

    ; 4-8pm, coach to Yichang (Boarding on the Cruise) thth; May 12-14 (Mon.-Wed.): Workshops on the Yangtze River Cruise th; May 15 (Thur.), 8am: Arriving at Chongqing

Conference Registration fee thBefore April 15, 2014: USD380/RMB2300 (Early bird fee) thAfter April 15, 2014: USD430/RMB2700 (Standard fee)

    (Student special: USD280/RMB1700)

Workshop (Optional) Registration Fee (no discount for students) thBefore April 15, 2014: USD680/RMB4300 (Early bird fee) thAfter April 15, 2014: USD730/RMB2600 (Standard fee)

    This will cover the fees for the workshops, the visit to the Three Gorges Dam and the Yangtze Cruise Tour (4* cruiser with room and board, based on 2 people sharing one standard room. Room upgrades or single occupancy are available on request depending on availability at your registration and payment time, and the price might be doubled or more).

OptionalTour package:(see details in the attached registration form)

Registration and conference hotel:

    Hongyi Hotel ;Website

    Add136, Donghu Road, Wuchang, WuhanChina


3. Conference paper submission

     The conference aims to encourage both established and new researchers and practitioners. Our aim is to be inclusive and we welcome contributions of three types.

    ; Full Papers These include mainly accomplished research results and a maximum of

    5,000 words.


    ; Development Papers These include work in progress papers from ongoing research

    including PhD or reports on government, industry or sector related issues anda

    maximum of 2,500 words.

    ; Professional and practitioner papers These are short papers reflecting on

    experience and are intended to be thought-provoking - maximum 1500 words.

    All papers should be submitted by email to the academic committee in the UK, with the attention to: Rachel

    Full papers should not exceed 30 double spaced pages, including text, references, figures and tables. The first page of all manuscripts should begin with the title page.This should include (1) The Title; (2) Type of paper; (3) Author(s) Name(s); (4) Organizational Affiliation(s); (5) Postal and Email Address(es); and (6) Telephone numbers. Author names should not be included in any part of the paper except the title page.

    Please follow the author guidelines for preparation of manuscripts as the link below:

4. Important Dates

    Full paper submission deadline: 30 March2014

    Notification of acceptance: On a rolling bases before 14 April 2014

    Early bird online registration closes: 15 April 2014

    Final paper due (with changes): 30 April 2012

5.Conference Organization

    The conference is jointly organized by

    ; Lancaster University Management School/Lancaster China Management

    Centre/Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development&

    ; The Economics and Management School, Wuhan University/China National

    Research Centre for Industry-University-Research Collaboration

Conference advisory committee

    Professor Alistair Anderson, Robert Gordon University

    Professor Andrew Atherton, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Lancaster University

    Professor Ling Chen, Vice Dean, School of Management, Zhejiang University

    Professor Sue Cox, Dean of Lancaster University Management School

    Professor Richard Harrison, University of Edinburgh

    Professor Jian Li, ex-Vice President, Wuhan University

    Professor Xinchun Li, Sun Yat Sen University

    Professor DanyangXie, Dean of EMS, Wuhan University

    Professor Yuli Zhang, Dean of Nankai University Business School

    Professor Xiande Zhao, China Europe International Business School

Conference Executive Committee and Secretariat

    Director of Executive Committee: Yanping Li (Deputy Dean, EMS, Wuhan University) Co-Director of Executive Committee: David Brown (Lancaster University) Deputy Director & Secretariat General: Ruosen Yan (Wuhan University)


Secretariat General, Overseas: Qihai Huang (Lancaster University Management School)

    Acting Secretariat General: Xueyuan Liu (EMS, Wuhan University) International Coordinators:

    Zhan Gao, Lancaster University Management School Hao Lei, Wuhan University

    Shisong Jiang, Wuhan University

    Domestic Coordinators:

     Qiwei Zhao, Wuhan University

     Gang Wang, Wuhan University

    Treasurer: Qin Yi, Wuhan University

6.Contact Information

For all conference and workshop registrations, information and updates, please contact:

    School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University

    Luojiashan, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China (Post Code: 430072)


    Attn:DrHao Lei (

    Or: DrShisong Jiang (

    For paper related queries, please contact:

    Lancaster University Management School


    Prof David Brown (

    or Dr Zhan Gao (

    or Ms Rachel Barnett (


    The 2nd International Conference on

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China


    [Please sign and return this form by post, e-mailor fax to:

    Dr QIN Yi, Economics and Management School, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, China.

    Fax: +86 27 68754150, E-mail:]

    1. Participant Information

    (This is how you will be indicated on your badge and the list of participants.)

    Title: First name: Surname: Gender: M / F


    Address: City: Country:

    Phone: Fax: E-mail:

    2. Registration Fees (These rates are subject to change at the time of your final


    Early Bird Standard ththRegistration Options (before April 15, 2014) (after April 15, 2014)

    thUSD430/ Part 1 only (May 9th 11): USD380/ RMB2700 Plenary/ parallel Sessions + Plant Visit + City RMB2300 (Student: Tour in Wuhan, incl. meals, proceedings, (Companion: USD180 for USD280/RMB1700; plant visit and city tour. meals and tours only) Companion: USD230)

    ththPart 2 only (May 11 15) (Optional):

    Workshops on the cruise ship along Yangtze River from Wuhan to Chongqing, incl. meals

    and shared standard double/twin room for 4 nights on the cruise ship. Room upgrades or single-occupancy will be at additional charges when available (see details in the USD680/ USD730/

    following table). RMB4300 RMB4600

    ththPart 3 (May 1517) (Optional Tour): 3 Days Tour Chongqing

    Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu (flights + 2 nights at Jiuzhaigou (Sheraton),

    and 1 night in Chengdu Sheraton + guided tour). You may arrange USD980/RMB6100/pyour flights on May 18th (Sunday) from Chengdu to your next erson (2 people to destination of your choice. The fees will be dealt with us share a standard individually as stated in the registration form. double/twin room.)

    Additional Charges for upgrades/single occupancy on the Cruise Ship (USD/RMB) Room Double/Twin (Shared Double/Twin (shared Single

    Types with registered with non-registered occupancy

    participant) companion)

    Standard 0 USD680/RMB4300 USD450/RMB2800 Deluxe USD50/RMB310 USD730/RMB4600 USD500/RMB3100 Executive USD95/RMB590 USD775/RMB4900 USD545/RMB3380 Royal USD135/RMB840 USD815/RMB5100 USD585/RMB3630


    3. Payment (Please include a copy of your valid student card if you register as a student!)

    I will participate in the following programmes (check on your choice)

    Part 1: USD380/RMB2300 (early birds) or USD430/RMB2700 (Standard)

    Part 2: USD680/RMB4300 (early birds) or USD730/RMB4600 (Standard)

    Part 3: USD980/RMB6100 (early birds) (subject to change on confirmation)

    Extra charges for:

    Room upgrades: USD

    Companion fees: USD

    Total registration fees: USD I will pay the amount: (check the appropriate below. We don’t’ accept payment by Credit


    ;By Telegraph Transfer (Preferably): Please remit the total amount to our account as below:

    To:Wuhan University

    Account No.: 8134 1607 7608 091001

    Bank: Bank of China, Hubei Branch, Wuhan Donghu Development Shuida Sub-Branch SWIFT CODE: BKCHCNBJ600

    ;By bankcheque: Please put the beneficiary as Wuhan University, and post it to Dr. QIN Yi,

    The Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China,

    ** Please state “EIC2014” and the full name of the participanton the bank transfer or

    cheque! Payments should be made in USD and without charges to the beneficiary. Please

    send us your bank transfer details by fax or email with this registration form. 4. Additional Instructions

    a) Deadlines:Prepaid Advanced Registration must be electronically submitted, faxed or

    mailed no later than April 15, 2014. All paper submissions must be received on or

    before March 30, 2014. Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 31, 2014. If

    you should have problems registering, please contact the Conference office at Wuhan. b) Payment Information: Registration forms must be accompanied by full payment in

    order to be processed. No registrations will be accepted by telephone. c) Refund policy:The Conference Office should be notified of cancellations in writing. If the

    Conference Office receives cancellations before April 30, 2014, the total conference fee will be

    refunded. After April 30, 2014, no refunds will be made. Please note that refunds will only be made

    after the conference. If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute person. The original registrant

    must submit a written authorization for such a change.

    d) Confirmation: Please allow up to 10 days for mailed confirmation of your registration.

    e) By sending in this registration form, I acknowledge that I commit myself to the immediate payment

    of the full conference fee. I have taken notice of the cancellation terms on this form.




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