Lucky Road

By Douglas Berry,2014-03-09 07:39
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Lucky Road

    Lucky Road

Welcome to Lucky Road. There are

    many shops on Lucky Road. The first shop on Lucky Road is a stationery store. It sells pens, pencils, and rulers. There is a bookshop next to the stationery store. It sells books. You can buy all kinds of books there. Next to the bookshop,there is a butchers. It sells

    meat. There is a bakery on the other side of the road. It sells bread and cakes. They smell good. On the right side of the bakery, there is a greengrocers. You

    can buy fruit and vegetables there. There is a clothing shop on the left side of the bakery. It sells mens and women

    s clothing. I love doing shopping on Lucky Road.

I. Choose (?) or (×):

    ( ) 1.There are not any shops on Lucky Road. ( ) 2.There are many books in the bookshop. ( ) 3.We can buy bread and cakes in a butchers.

    ( ) 4.The greengrocers is next to the bakery. ( ) 5. Fruits and vegetables are good for our health(健康).

    II. Put the goods(货物) in the right shop:

    shops(商店) goods?货物?

     stationery store





     clothing shop

    III. Read the text and choose the correct answer: ( )1. How many shops are there on Lucky Road?

    A. Four B. Six

    ( )2. Is there a KFC ?

     A. Yes. B. No.

    ( )3. The bookshop is ________the stationary.

     A. next to B. next

    ( )4. The cakes and bread smell ________ .

     A. good B. bad

    ( )5. We can buy fruit in a _________ .

     A. greengrocers B. clothing shop

    ( )6. Does the author(作者) like doing shopping there?

    A Yes. B. No.

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