Lotus Quickr 8.2 Services for Lotus Domino (IBM i)

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Lotus Quickr 8.2 Services for Lotus Domino (IBM i)

Lotus Quickr 8.2 Services for Lotus Domino (IBM i)

Consolidated Fixpack and Enabling Fix for Domino 8.5.1

    PTF LQ02804 for product ID 5724S31

    February, 2010

Table of Contents

     About the Fixpack


     Installing the Fixpack

     Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases

    Upgrading offline installations

     Documentation Updates / Addendums

    Additional information for special fixes


     Quickr 8.2 Fix List

About the Fixpack

     This Fixpack package includes the following files:

    o Readme document: this file

    o LQ02804: a savefile containing the fixpack that is built and applied as an IBM i PTF to Lotus Quickr 8.2 for

    IBM i (5724S31).

     Information for customers with locked down client environments:

    This current build,, includes an updated dated 2010/01/26.

     August/2009 - QuickPlace 6.5.1 and 7.0 migration to Quickr 8.2

    Migration from QuickPlace 6.5.1 or 7.0 to a new Quickr 8.2 server with Quickr Fixpack and later fixpack

    versions is now supported. Detailed documentation for migration is available in the Lotus Quickr Wiki:

     August/2009 New option added to “qptool upgrade” in FP When running “qptool upgrade -f -a” as

    specified in this documentation, some Form customizations may be lost. Those customizations are now retained if you

    use the new qptool upgrade switch -saveformprefs. The customizations that will be retained are the “hidden” status of

    the form and also the “order” in which the forms are displayed.

     This Enabling Fix for Domino 8.5.1 is required in order for Quickr 8.2 servers on IBM i to run on Domino 8.5.1. Do not

    install the PTF if you plan to run your Lotus Quickr server on any level of Domino other than 8.5.1.

     This fix only includes the changes to the Quickr Domino services code. You should also obtain the latest available

    version of the 8.2 Quickr Domino Connectors update from Fix Central and copy the update to your server. The latest

    Quickr connectors update is included in the recommended fix group for 8.2 Quickr services for Domino on IBM i. The

    Connector updates are intended only for Lotus Quickr version 8.2 but are independent of the level of Domino.

     If you have previously installed any Quickr 8.2 PTFs, remove them before installing this PTF. It is not necessary to

    remove connector updates before installing a later level.

    New Quickr installation:

     If you are deploying Lotus Quickr for the first time and have never installed an earlier Quickr or QuickPlace release, you

    should first install Domino 8.5.1 and Lotus Quickr 8.2. Then install this fixpack and also install the latest connectors

    update before configuring your Lotus Quickr server.

     For more information, see the Lotus Quickr 8.2 information center, which is available from the Lotus Quickr


    documentation site:

    Upgrade from an earlier release:

     Before installing this fixpack or a connectors update, Lotus Quickr 8.2 must be installed. Therefore, if you are using an

    earlier release of Quickr or QuickPlace, first complete the upgrade to Quickr 8.2. You can install this PTF and the connectors update before or after installing Domino 8.5.1 and upgrading your Quickr

    server to Domino 8.5.1. However, complete the Domino upgrade and install the fixpack before you start the server and

    attempt to use Quickr.

     If you have multiple Quickr servers running in the same IBM i LPAR, they must all be running Quickr 8.2 and Domino

    8.5.1 in order to use this fix.

    (Domino multi-versioning permits you to run other Domino or Sametime servers in the same LPAR using different

    Domino releases if you prefer.)


    Before installing this fixpack:

    ;;5724S31 V8R2M0 Quickr 8.2 for IBM i must already be installed on your system.

    Installing this Fixpack (PTF LQ02804)

    This fixpack installation procedure requires a user profile with command line capability and a user class of *SECOFR. The PTF is provided as IBM i save file called LQ02804.

    1. Establish a 5250 session with the IBM i server and sign on with the appropriate user profile.

    2. Run the following command to create a temporary library:

    CRTLIB LIB(MYLIB) TEXT('Library for Quickr 8.2 Fixes')

    3. Run the following command to create the necessary Save file:

    CRTSAVF FILE(MYLIB/LQ02804) TEXT('Quickr 8.2 Fix LQ02804')

    4. Transfer the PTF save file from your workstation to the System i server.

    From your workstation, enter the following commands and responses when prompted:

    cd xxx [change to the directory on your workstation that contains LQ02804]

    ftp: [your System i name or IP address]

    Name: [Enter your user profile name and press ENTER]

    Password: [Enter your password and press ENTER]


    Representation type is binary IMAGE.

    ftp>put LQ02804 MYLIB/LQ02804


    5. To end any active Quickr servers, enter the following command:


    Use option 6 (End Domino server) to end each active server that is running Quickr.

    Use the Work with Active Job (WRKACTJOB) command to determine when all Quickr servers have ended. Wait

    until the servers have completely shut down before continuing to the next step.

    6. Determine if any Quickr hot fixes are currently installed by running the following command:

    DSPPTF LICPGM(5724S31)

    If any PTFs are currently applied, remove them using the RMVPTF command.

    7. Run the following commands to load and apply the Quickr PTF:



    APYPTF LICPGM(5724S31) SELECT(LQ02804)

    8. Now you can start the Quickr servers.

    Use the WRKDOMSVR command and select option 1 (Start server).


    Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases

    After upgrading the files on your Lotus Quickr server, you should upgrade the place templates and other Quickr Domino databases so that they reflect the most current changes to the files you‟ve upgraded. Complete the following steps on each

    Quickr server:

    ;;Make sure the Quickr server is running.

    ;;From the Domino Console type the following commands:

    Note: Wait for each of command to finish before proceeding to the next command. You will know that the

    command has finished when you see a message in the console such as qptool: command finished: {the

    command performed}

    Command Action It Performs

    load qptool unlock -a Unlock all the places.

    load qptool upgrade -f -server Upgrade all the databases on the server.

    load qptool upgrade -f -a Upgrade all the places and PlaceTypes.

    Upgrading offline installations

    When you install a Quickr Domino fixpack, you also receive the latest files needed for your offline installations. Clients taking a place offline for the first time after applying the fixpack will automatically get the latest version of the offline

    support files installed to their machine.

    For client workstations that already have offline places installed on their machine, the following steps are recommended for

    updating the client with the latest offline support files:

    1. Take note of all the subscription names from the Domino Sync Manager.

    2. Synchronize all the places to deliver any changes from the offline places.

    3. Delete the subscriptions from the Domino Sync Manager.

    4. Uninstall the Lotus Domino Sync Manager to remove it from the machine.

    5. Go to the online places that were noted and take them offline.

    This will ensure that the latest version of the offline support files have been installed on the client machine.

    Documentation Updates / Addendums

    Applying a Fixpack to Quickr 8.x servers in a cluster

    For the Quickr cluster to run properly, each server in the cluster needs to be using the same release and fixpack. To upgrade

    Lotus Quickr servers in a cluster to the new fixpack, perform the following steps: *Please note: It is highly recommended that you first backup all places and PlaceTypes. 1. At the Domino console, use the “load qptool unlock -a” command on only one server in the cluster to unlock all the


    2. Stop every Lotus Quickr server in the cluster.

    3. Upgrade all the servers with the Fixpack.

    4. Restart each of the servers (cluster replication and qptool replicamaker tasks should remain running). 5. Use the “load qptool upgrade -f -server” command on only one server in the cluster to upgrade the design of databases.

    6. Use the “load qptool upgrade -f -a” command on only one server in the cluster to upgrade places and PlaceTypes.

    7. Let replication pass the design upgrades to all servers.

    Your Quickr 8.x servers should now be upgraded to the latest Fixpack.


Additional Information for special fixes

    *Please note: Each row in the following table represents a specific issue as described by the SPR / Description column.

    These special fixes only need to be applied by following the steps in the Instructions column if you encounter that specific

    issue. Applying these fixes if you do not encounter the issue specified may cause unexpected results and is not


    SPR / Description Instructions

    WBSI7DL3R9 - With Quickr‟s embedded Sametime To apply this fix, you will have to copy the peopleonline31.jar file to

    support, “In A Meeting” is not offered as one of the the Sametime server as specified in the “Enabling Lotus Sametime

    Sametime statuses. features in places” section in Quickr‟s documentation.

    DAMC7AEGQU - In connectors, if “Show Views” is Please see new section in qpconfig_sample.xml, be sure to read about

    selected on a place, checked out and draft documents in this fix in the description above the webservices section:

    subrooms are not shown, only those documents in the

    main room are shown.




    YXIO7QBBKL - Daily news update email is not sent The following qpconfig.xml settings need to be applied if applying to all group members. this fix:

    If using LDAP as your directory, set the following







    If using Domino Directory as your directory, set the following







    DAMC7F2GF5 - With Fix requires QuickPlaceHandleWebsphereTokenDNSpecialChar=7 in

    QuickPlaceHandleWebsphereTokenDNSpecialChar=7, notes.ini

    users with “(“ in OU name can't be added to places

    See xss protection section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix. XSS Protection updates

    NXLE79BBG2 - Sign out won't display with TAM See section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.

    LTPA Junction

    KABS785K2A - Connector does not display places for Requires Domino Fixpack 801HF376

    users with umlauts/accented chars in name

    MPUL7FRLK4 - When ST Enabled, browser Hangs Requires Sametime Fixpack AJMA-7GRMFZ

    (CPU 100%) when User Clicks On Context menu of

    locked discussion post

    PMOO7ECMPS - Domino Drag and Drop does not Requires Quickr81hf_path_prefix=1 to be set in notes.ini

    work after Domino Quickr 8.1GA update

    MMOI7H9VCV - Using the 8.1 theme, user lookup Requires QuickPlaceLookupTimer=(some amount of time in replaces desired results if there are pauses in typing milliseconds) to be set in notes.ini. The default is 300 (3 tenths of a


    GAKI7L5MD4 - Added ability to change the default See section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.

    font for the Rich Text Editor

    DAMC7KWNPC - While adding Members, Members See „display_max_num_names' in the 'member_lookup_ui' section of

    lookup only displays 15 members shown in search in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.


    ESEO7M9LVH - Groups unable see place in my Requires QuickPlaceThirdPartyDSAPIAuthentication=1 to be set in places or authenticate directly to places with FP8103 notes.ini

    and SAM


    SPR / Description Instructions

    SHYN7LATXP - Two managers editing the same Requires QuickPlaceShowConflictWarning=1 to be set in notes.ini document can create save/replication conflict with no warning given to the second editor.

    KABS7HMHTX - My Places displays member email This will fix newly created places, to correct old places perform the

    addresses as "Unknown" when using Domino Server as following:

    non-LDAP user directory. qptool unregister -placecatalog -a

     qptool register -placecatalog a

    KABS7MEK5A - Need to support multiple Notes Set within

    users with the same common name but different section of the qpconfig.xml file.


    SSHD7P7HG8 - Need option to hide Files link UI for Set within the section of the

    customers who don't support shared files (Quickr Entry qpconfig.xml file.


    PNOT7DZQCG - In Accessibility Mode, changes to Requires QuickrTimeStamp=1 to be set in notes.ini.

    color schemes are not retained.

    THES7PNQGV - “Find Shared Files” drop down list See lookup_ui> section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this should be configurable for the amount of entries fix.

    returned and be able to scroll that list

    See the new section named within the MMOI75D2LF MMOI7LAP5T -

    Offline: Use login passwords (use_login_passwords) section of the qpconfig_sample.xml.

    not functional when MSSO enabled

    Offline password does not synchronize with online password change

    TJOR7W7NWZ - Adding approval process to a After applying the FixPack, existing Work Flow documents will have custom form causes previously submitted documents to to be checked out and then checked in for the functionality to be

    become unusable. restored. New Work Flow documents will function correctly. KABS7XGLGZ - Form fields are being scrubbed See the > attribute in the <security> section of the automatically with the new XSS code, need a way to qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.

    allow live HTML in some fields.

    CWIR7XUV8C - Using Domino Native See the new section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix: Authentication, cannot search for member based on last








    PNOT7XYQUZ - Enhancement: Optional hyperlink Please see new configuration section at bottom of place invitation to allow adding the place within the section of the qpconfig_sample.xml for this

    to the new member's connectors. enhancement.


    SPR / Description Instructions

    ESEO7PUUTQ - In non-Internet Explorer browser, To limit attachment sizes within Quickr please note the following:

    uploading a file that exceeds the maximum sizes listed Quickr Admin : Other Options -> Maximum Attachment Size : Set

    in the Domino Server configuration may give a this to the maximum sized attachment you want to allow

    “Connection Interrupted” page.

    Domino config : Internet Protocols Tab- > HTTP Tab -> Maximum

    size of request content : This must be set to 0, this is a Domino

    setting. If you set this to an amount, 100 meg for example, and the

    user tries to upload a file 101 meg, you will get a Connection

    Interrupted error message. This is by design for Domino

    Domino config : Internet Protocols Tab -> Domino Web engine tab

    -> Maximum POST data : This should be set to the same size of

    Quickr Admin setting Maximum Attachment Size. If it is smaller

    than the Maximum Attachment Size, this amount will be the

    maximum allowed Quickr Attachment Size.

    Also, note that the now if your post exceeds the maximum attachment

    size as defined above, you will get an error page stating "Attachment

    size exceeds the amount allowed".

    CWIR7WNN9Z - Place manager's id as shown in To enable this fix, please set the following notes.ini variables:

    place invitation should be configurable to use cn QuickPlaceGetInviteSenderNameFromDN=1

    instead of displayName. QuickPlaceGetInviteRecipientNameFromDN=1


    ;;If users have unexpected results after applying this update, they should clear their browser‟s cache. The user can also

    clear the Java cache, which is located in the Control Panel and may be named something like Java Plug-In or Java

    Control Panel. Go into this applet and find the Cache settings; you should be able to clear the cache from there.

     If users have problems using Internet Explorer, they should remove the Lotus Quickr ActiveX control (instructions

    below). Then install it the next time they are prompted by Quickr when browsing to a Quickr Place.

     To remove the ActiveX control:

    1. Close all instances of Internet Explorer

    2. From the Windows Control Panel, open Internet Options.

    3. Complete the steps below for your version of Internet Explorer:

    Internet Explorer 6:

     On the General tab, press the Settings button.

     On the Setting dialog, select View Objects…

     Select the Lotus Quickr Class (qp2.dll) and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

    Internet Explorer 7:

     On the Programs tab, press the Manage Add-ons button.

     On the Manage Add-ons dialog, select the Lotus Quickr Class (qp2.dll).

     Press the Delete button.


    Lotus Quickr 8.2 services for Domino: Fix List


    Via the Rest API, using the pagesize parameter without using the page parameter may crash the 02/01/2010 BBAR826LEU Domino Server.

    01/26/2010 JRIE7YXGDM The Notify context menu option does not work for documents in a workflow.

    After adding a local group to a room‟s security, clicking the Member Profile of the group gives an 01/26/2010 XHKG7CG5GU invalid Member Profile.

    01/26/2010 RALF7ZPQYQ Usage Statistics page does not show all places for a user logged in as a Super User. 01/26/2010 KABS7U6VGX Mail not sent to next approver when using a Workflow form from Connectors.


    After upgrading from older version of QuickPlace to Quickr 8.1 and then to Quickr 8.2, folders that 01/12/2010 RALF7ZFTHT contain a document that is an imported HTML pages may continue showing the Loading… icon

    when rendering the folder.

    When importing a Word Document containing Word graphic objects (square, line, circle), the 01/12/2010 KABS7XBGDJ graphic objects do not render correctly on the imported page.

    Drag and Drop applet fails to upload file if default page is of type Workflow and that Workflow is 01/12/2010 XZZU7YTCUV set to Multiple Editors or Simple Submit's workflow Option has changed.

    When deleting an attachment from a virtual folder within connectors, that delete is not replicated 01/12/2010 ASHH7V34BT to other cluster members.

    01/12/2010 JRIE7TZJ8C Forward slash character no longer available as a title or folder name

    Grant Access To Everyone screen does not reflect what happens if you select to Allow 01/12/2010 JRIE7VKMP9 non-members to access.

    01/07/2010 ZBGO7YTA4N Can not insert a new image in Rich Text Editor if the Index folder's sort order is set. 01/07/2010 CSTS7Z6LGT Cannot edit a Member‟s Profile if the member‟s DN contains a plus sign (+).

    01/07/2010 OFAG7Z7UUW Under certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash using the XSS White List option. 01/07/2010 SSHD7TBNLH Missing Cancel and Submit button in “New Image” dialog when accessed via WebSeal. 01/05/2010 MMOI7UUKXX Fix a Quickr Server crash on AIX during qptool report -policyexecute”.

    In Internet Explorer When a place contains a large number of members, going into Member

    01/05/2010 DAMY7Y7JZY Management and clicking to display 100 or All causing the browser to become unresponsive


    rd01/05/2010 No SPR Rest API updates to support 3 party applications.

    When modifying a document through connectors that was an imported document in Quickr, the

    document says you need to edit and check-in to re-import the document, but an error appears that

    doesn‟t allow you to complete the import. 12/21/2009 JRIE7U7MJQ

    This update allows you to refresh the imported document in Quickr web by pressing the Refresh

    button near the Upload control


    Under certain circumstances, a specific security issue acts differently depending on the user‟s 12/17/2009 ESEO7YFN8Z access level.

    12/17/2009 RTIN7YANTU Place name is missing within an email sent from Place Administration.

    When sending notifications, if the user is a member of a local group which includes both internal 12/17/2009 XNXN7Y5DBS and external users or groups, the user‟s email address may be incorrect.

    In certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash with a buffer overrun when assigning a 12/17/2009 BTLW7YHA8M Task to a user.


    Under certain circumstances, a document based on a custom form with a notify field will give an 12/16/2009 TMEN5WAE9E error "Quickplace Exception, Buffer Overflow Exception".

    User login issues when a Quickr server has been configured to share SSO with Websphere 12/16/2009 NXLE7X46JC Portal.

    When changing the order of documents in an Ordered List folder the entries may not appear in 12/16/2009 TJOR7Y3T8F the order set.

    Notification email not set to a user that has the same first/last name as a different person, but in a 12/16/2009 CLOH7Y4FKB different organizational unit.

    When sending a member invitation, the login password for the user is not sent if that user is a 12/16/2009 HMON7XJSCS Local user.

    Domino server on AIX may crash when running “qptool register -install” if that place allows 12/16/2009 No SPR anonymous users.

    12/09/2009 HMON7YBNJG Moving a room in the web client where the room‟s title contains an apostrophe („), the move fails. 12/09/2009 ESEO7YHPPW Headline Folder doesn't show folder navigator when that headline folder contains only folders. 12/09/2009 GALI7XJEWN The What's New Component is not available to Anonymous users.

    Place manager's id as shown in place invitation should be configurable to use cn instead of

    12/08/2009 CWIR7WNN9Z displayName.

    (see fix CWIR7WNN9Z in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

    Enhancement: Optional hyperlink at bottom of place invitation to allow adding the place to the 12/08/2009 PNOT7XYQUZ new member's connectors.

    (see fix PNOT7XYQUZ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section) 12/08/2009 KABS7XNP56 Under certain circumstances, a Folder may become unreachable in a room. 12/08/2009 XZSU7WY874 Sometimes clicking on “Usage Statistics” will bring you to “My Places”.

    12/08/2009 SSHD74UNAF Integrated Sametime chat over port 80 or via reverse proxy fails.

    Uploading a file through connectors that is larger than the maximum allowed will appear as if the

    upload was successful, but then appear as a 0k file 12/08/2009 AHEL76KUHT (It is important to follow the instructions defined for fix ESEO7PUUTQ in “Additional Information

    for special fixes” section)

    12/08/2009 MMOI7XW54P Cannot use qptool‟s changemember command to convert Active Directory names. 12/08/2009 RTIN7Y3U4K Notifications sent from Place Administration send text double spaced.

    In certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash when running the command "qptool 12/01/2009 CSTS7WYMP8 report -policyexecute

    In certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash on AIX during a move folder operation in 12/01/2009 CSTS7WKKBW Connectors

    Using Domino Native Authentication, cannot search for member based on last name. 12/01/2009 CWIR7XUV8C (see fix CWIR7XUV8C in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

    When selecting the number of places to display in My Places, that preferences is not saved the 12/01/2009 RALF7XUJRH next time My Places is visited.


    11/17/2009 RTIN7WFLWB Backslash character not allowed in the comment field of a notification.

    11/17/2009 KABS7WSQGV Problem with Custom MetaData drop-down in Connectors, when choices contain ampersand (&)

    When trying to send notifcations from a room, specific members of local groups are not 11/16/2009 RTIN7WULGT individually selectable.

    11/16/2009 RALF7X9QLS QPTool RemoveMember command does not remove the user from the PlaceCatalog. 11/16/2009 TJOR7W8K7F You will receive a 404 error when logging out in Firefox when your Quickr server uses


    "/Quickplace" as it‟s directory.

    Uploading a file using the Drag and Drop target when in a folder that has a custom form with a 11/16/2009 GALI7X2GYC mandatory field, the upload will fail.

    Form fields are being scrubbed automatically with the new XSS code, need a way to allow live

    11/16/2009 KABS7XGLGZ HTML in some fields.

    (See the “Additional Information for special fixes” section for more information on this fix.)

    With logasio enabled in Domino and the Quickr DOLS offline support dll (nqpextmgr.dll) enabled 11/16/2009 CSTS7TZJNQ in Domino‟s notes.ini, logasio doesn‟t terminate after Domino shutdown on Win32. 11/12/2009 TSNG7XA9CJ Using Directory Assistance, users that contain commas in their DN are not login to a place. 11/12/2009 JJIO7TX4MQ BLOG_DESIGN and WIKI_DESIGN are deleted by the command “load qptool remove -a -now”

    User located in an LDAP group integrated through Directory Assistance cannot access room 11/12/2009 XZSU7X3A8P contents.

    With versioning enabled, Library documents may become non-versioned when replacing the file 11/12/2009 ASHH7X8DR8 from the Connectors.

    When importing a PowerPoint presentation, during preview if the user clicks zoom, it will zoom to 11/12/2009 JRIE7G4JL4 a very large size, bigger than what can fit on the screen.

    11/12/2009 RALF7X2MNG Notifying option in a room does not allow to send to individual members. 11/12/2009 TSNG7W76E2 “Check in” button missing when in a Wiki document‟s 'Draft In Progress' tab 11/12/2009 CTRP6MMUE8 „To‟ field, when sending a notification, can only have a maximum of 1024 characters.

    During Move/Copy folder option in Quickr web, if user is editor, when they select where to 11/12/2009 KSAA7WTDFX move/copy the folder, they can not expand the folder list.

    11/07/2009 MPUL7XHKBD Notification mail fails if LDAP hierarchical groups begin with # character.

    Mail sent to groups when 'EXPAND_EXTERNAL_GROUPS' is set to False is delivered to wrong 11/03/2009 DAMY7X3GNZ email address

    XNXN7XACR3 11/03/2009 Issues with Manage Membership dialog when Group name starts with a pound sign (#). XNXN7XACWF

    11/01/2009 MPUL7WYJ6X In Connectors, upload / move of files sometimes makes the place unusable via the web UI.

    When using custom form to create a document in a clustered environment, duplicate entries gets 11/01/2009 RALF7WUQL6 created after replication.

    When two users with the same CN are added with different authentication to a place, both users 11/01/2009 XZSU7WN9CL end up with the more restrictive authentication.

    11/01/2009 JRIE7WSQCY Room Access not set correctly by adding groups.

    11/01/2009 CMCH7WCCMR Issues with notifications sent to LDAP groups beginning with the pound sign (#)

    When “Show Member List to Members and Authors” is unchecked in Customize / Basics, the list 10/27/2009 RTIN7W6JPZ of members can still be gotten by sending a notification.

    When user logs in and then presses the browser‟s back button and logs in as another user, Folder 10/27/2009 KABS7WKFSG options is not in the More Actions drop down.

    10/27/2009 JRIE7UEJB5 When deleting a file within a post, the confirmation dialog has garbage characters in the file name. 10/27/2009 MMOI7SQP8R Default value for user‟s phone number in LDAP is not the default value that Quickr uses. 10/27/2009 CSTS7R5QS4 Document added via Mail using a Notes Mail Rule will not display properly in Quickr. 10/27/2009 CMCH7WCCMR Notifications can't be sent to LDAP groups starting with the pound # character. 10/27/2009 CNKE7WT9CM In My Places, „Next” and „Last” hyperlink is incorrect if there are less than 10 places listed.



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