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The Perdue School of Business

    The Perdue School of Business


    Salisbury University

    in cooperation with the

    University of Tartu

    proudly presents

    Summer Term Study Abroad

    Estonia and Finland

    May 20 June 8, 2008

    Program and Scholarship Information/Application Packet

I. Academic Information

    The Summer Term Study Abroad program is sponsored by the Perdue School of Business of Salisbury University in cooperation with University of Tartu in Estonia. Program participants will travel for three weeks to Tartu, Estonia and Helsinki, capital city of Finland from May 20 to June 08, 2008. While in Tartu, students will take class of either BUAD 396 or BUAD 696 (MBAs) taught by professor Marc Street of the Perdue School of Business on campus of the University of Tartu. Other time slots are reserved for guest speakers, cultural activities, and business visits.

    Undergraduate Graduate

    BUAD 696 Business Study Abroad: An examination of Eastern BUAD 396 Business Study Abroad: An examination of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States in the Post-Soviet Era (3 cr.) Europe and the Baltic States in the Post-Soviet Era (3 cr.)

    This course will examine several Eastern European countries as This course will examine several Eastern European countries as

    well as the Baltic States from both an historical and cross-cultural well as the Baltic States from both an historical and cross-cultural

    perspective. Particular attention will be given to changes in the perspective. Particular attention will be given to changes in the

    political, social, and business environments that have impacted political, social, and business environments that have impacted

    each country since the fall of the Soviet Empire. Analysis of those each country since the fall of the Soviet Empire. Analysis of those

    forces most responsible for the current successes, and failures, of forces most responsible for the current successes, and failures, of

    the business conditions of the various countries will form the basis the business conditions of the various countries will form the basis

    of the approach to this classof the approach to this class

    Prerequisites: Admission to the PSB study abroad Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA study abroad program


    Estonia is the most dynamic economy and one of the leaders in business growth in Eastern Europe. Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, with a population of just over 100,000. Twenty percent of the residents of Tartu are college students. Nestled on the banks of the River Emajõgi, Tartu is one of the intellectual centers of the vibrant Baltic States. The University of Tartu was founded in 1632 by the King of Sweden Gustav II Adolph. It is one of the principle institutions of higher learning in Estonia producing more than 70% of the PhD's in Estonia. Salisbury, MD and Tartu, Estonia have enjoyed a long and cordial relationship as Sister Cities, with the Sister Cities International Organization.

    Likely excursions will include the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, the ocean-side resort town of Parnu, nestled on the Baltic Sea, and an overnight excursion to the capital of Estonia's immediate international neighbor, Helsinki, Finland.

II. Program Selection

    In order to participate in this program, please read through the enclosed information and return the completed application, letter of recommendation, student release form and essay to Dr. Hong Yao, Perdue School of stBusiness, HH-004 by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2008 (or in mailbox located on 1 floor of Holloway

    Hall-Perdue School). Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received. Acceptances will be made on a rolling admittance.

    Enrollment is limited to 25 participants and students will be selected based on the following criteria:

     Cumulative Grade Point Average*

     Business Major

     Class Status

     Application Essay*

     Recommendation letter*


     Study/Travel Abroad Disciplinary Release Form


    Scholarships: Scholarships are provided by the Franklin P. Perdue School and the SU Center of International Education (SUCIE). The Perdue School scholarship application form is the same as the program application form. All students accepted for participation in the program will be considered for such scholarship and selection criteria are marked with * above. For SUCIE scholarship, please check the website of SUCIE ( for application procedures.

III. Trip Information:

A. Tentative Itinerary (subject to change):

    February 20, 2008 $1,500 non-refundable deposit due to SU Office of International


    February 29, 2008 Balance due

    May 10, 2008 Orientation 10:00-12:30 (MANDATORY)

    May 20, 2008 Take off from USA to Tartu, Estonia

B. Program Costs [travel and course cost]

The program cost for students for this program will be $4,520--$4,920 per person (depending number of

    participants) and the price includes:

Course tuition Fee HTH Worldwide International medical/emergency

    Round-trip air transportation insurance coverage

    All ground transportation (site visits, transfers) Excursions-Walking tour and City bus tour

    Lodgings- double occupancy (tourist class hotels) Company site visits

    Hotel transfers and taxes Guest Speakers

    Breakfast Classroom/Computer facilities at U. of Tartu

    Travel assistance (program staff travel with group)

Upon acceptance into the program, a non-refundable trip deposit of $1,500 will be required by February 20th,

    2008. The final balance of the program cost will be due by February 29th, 2008.

    Refund policy: In the event that a student has to withdraw from the program after submitting the deposit, all efforts will be made to refund whatever portion of the non-refundable deposit if it is possible.

    Notice of cancellation will be considered the day the written notice reaches Dr. Hong Yao (HH-004)

    N.B. The cost of the program has been calculated as carefully as possible. Should inflation rise or exchange rates fluctuate beyond the margin anticipated, actual costs may change. Trip price is based on 25 participants, should the number of participants decrease below 25, an additional charge may be added.

C. Essential Documents

Due to the international nature of this trip, once accepted, all participants will be required to have the following:

    1. Valid Passportadditional cost and 2 passport 3. Signed SU liability waivers

    photos needed 4. Others

    2. Completed form package

D. Safety and Security

    Every effort has been made to provide students with a safe and rewarding experience as a participant in this program. Trip leaders and organizers have worked diligently with foreign partners to establish a secure environment for students. Salisbury University, however, does not guarantee the safety of its participants. All students accepted into the program will be given security information and orientation materials as well as an on-site orientation to help assure the safety of program members. All trip applicants are required to sign a release of liability and disciplinary records forms to be eligible for this program.


Dr. Hong Yao, Global Program Administrator

    Perdue School of Business

    410-543-6327 (ph), 410-546-6208 (fax)

Dr. Marc Street, Trip Leader

    Perdue School of Business

    410-677-3823 (ph), 410-546-6208 (fax)

Dr. Brian N. Stiegler, Director

    Center of International Education

    Salisbury University

    410-334-3495 (ph)



    MAY 20 JUNE 8, 2008

     (print legibly in ink or type)

I. Application Information

    Name (as it appears on your passport EXACTLY)


     (Last) (First) (Middle)

    Birthday _________________________________________________________________________

     (Month) (Date) (Year)

    Local Address___________________________________________________________________________

     (Number) (Street) (Apt. #)


     (City) (State) (Zip)

    Perm. Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ (if different (Number) (Street) (Apt. #)

    than above)


     (City) (State) (Zip)

    Local Phone (_____) ______-__________ Permanent Phone (_____) _ ___-__________

    SU ID # _____________ Gender: ___Female ___Male Current Status: Sophomore, Junior Senior MBA

     (circle one)

    E-mail _________________________________

    Business Major(s)___________________________________________(undergrads. list all that apply)

Course Selection BUAD 396 BUAD 696 (grad. only)

    (circle one)

    II. Application Essay: Answer the following question on a separate sheet(s) of paper and attach to application. Your response should be no longer than two double-spaced pages and the essay is evaluated at (25%) towards program acceptance and the scholarship competition.

     Question: Describe how you believe participating in this program will affect you academically,

     personally and professionally?

    III. Letters of Recommendation: Please present one attached letter of recommendation to a faculty member you feel can best recommend you for participation in this program. The letter of recommendation should be returned to Dr. Hong Yao, HH004 or Kristie Horner in Student Services, HH-005 by February 15, 2008. (25% evaluation toward program participation and scholarship competition.)

Turn in this completed application form, AND essay by 4:30 p.m., Friday, February 15, 2008 to: Dr. Hong stYao or Dr. Marc Street (mailbox on 1 floor Perdue School of Business), Holloway Hall.


    For official use only. Do not write in this space.

    GPA Pre-reqs Accepted Wait-list

    Scholarship Type Essay Rec. letter

    International Programs

    Study/Travel Abroad

    Student Release Form

    The collection, retention, and dissemination of student records and information about students are subject to federal regulation under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. It is therefore necessary for SU International Programs to obtain a student’s permission to release information pertinent to a study abroad program.

    In conducting study abroad programs, Salisbury University makes every effort to protect the welfare and safety of the participants. For this reason, your agreement is needed for the following:

    I hereby grant permission for the SU Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs to

    release disciplinary records to the Director of International Programs and the respective

    trip leader(s), who will view this material as part of my study abroad application

    process. I understand that based on the content of these files, I may be denied

    admission to the study abroad program.

Name: ___________________________________

     (please print)

Signature: ___________________________________

Soc. Sec. #: ___________________________________

Program: Summer Term Study Abroad-Scandinavia: Estonia and Finland 2008

Trip Dates: _May 20 June 8, 2008________________________

    *****Return this form with you application requirements*****





    Information concerning the qualifications of: ______________________________


     ACADEMIC AND BELOW AVG ABOVE UNABLE PERSONAL BELOW AVG ABOVE UNABLE PROFESSIONAL QUALITIES AVG AVG TO QUALITIES AVG AVG TO JUDGE JUDGE Oral Scholarship/innate Communication ability Skills Knowledge of subject Adaptability matter Enthusiasm & interest in Cooperation subject Contribution to group Promptness discussions Dependability Planning and

    organization Professional attitudes Maturity Personal Quality of academic appearance achievement

    Length of time you’ve known the student: ______ yrs.

Additional Comments Below:

Printed Name Title

Signature Date Department

Return completed form by February 15, 2008 to:

    Dr. H. Yao

    HH-004, Perdue School Thank you!

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