UT04 GPS Vehicle Camera Tracker User Manual

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UT04 GPS Vehicle Camera Tracker User Manual



    GPS/GPRS/GSM Camera/Fuel


    UT04 User Manual



    1 GPS Tracking System Introduction

    GPS Camera Tracker integrates GPS and GSM functions, which could send vehicle location and status to mobile and Internet. It can track the vehicles remotely and transmit image of the vehicle to Internet through camera. The system structure is as below:

2 Product Description

     - - 1



    2.1 Specification

    GSM module:

    ; Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz

    ; Max RF Output: 33.0dBm?2dBm

    ; Dynamic Input Range: -15 ~ -102dBm

    GPS module:

    ; GPS chip set: SiRF Star III

    ; Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz

    ; Number of Channel: 20 Interface:

    ; 1 Camera interface

    ; 1 extend R232 port

    ; 1 A/D Port

    ; general I/O Ports

    ; 1 Microphone interface Battery:

    ; Voltage:3.7V

    ; Charge:<4.2V

    ; Li-ion: 200~850mAh

     Input Voltage: DC 9~36V

     Operating Temperature:-45~65 ?

    2.2 Features:

    1. Use Google map, Global free 2. Take photo of the vehicle, and Image transmit to internet.

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    3. Fuel Check / monitor

    4. Real-time locating / inquiry

    5. SOS button/Power-cut Alarm

    6. Listen by telephone

    7. E-fence/Over-speed Alarm

    8. Compatible original anti-theft

    9. Remote control engine

    3 Installation Instructions 3.1 Interface


    No Description No Description

    1 DC+ (9~36V) 6 GND

    2 Fuel check line 7 SOS button

    3 GND 8 Extend port1(Assist alarm)

    4 ACC 9 Extend port2

    5 Engine cut_off control 10 Extend port3


    Camera port

     - - 3



    1SIM: Port for SIM card 2PHONE: Connect to earphone 3MIC: Connect to Microphone 4LED1: Power light

    5LED2: Status light


    3.2 Installation Figure

    oil level gauge float fuel meter

    Fuel check


    DATA1DATA2ANT1234512Oil pump controlGSMGPS34678910

    Extend Port3

    Extend Port1Extend Port2

    Oil GreeenGreenPump Line

    SOS Key+ Y

     - - 4



    3.3 Installation and Test:

    Please test after installation. If you don’t need some functions, you can

    disconnect corresponding interface. Please make sure ACC, DC, GND installed correctly. Otherwise, the device cannot work. Please check the device status through signal light after power on:

     LED1 is off which indicates there is no power.

     LED2 flashes for one second which indicates GSM registers successfully. LED2 flashes three seconds once which indicates GPS is obtaining


     LED2 is on which indicates work successfully that GSM has registered and

    GPS has obtained the orientation.

     If LED 2 is on 0.1 second then off 0.1 second for more than 3 minutes,

    please make sure SIM card inserts well. Without SIM card, the device cannot


    4 SMS Operation Instruction

    SMS Format: A******,cmd,param1,param2…

    1. ******is the password, Initial Password is 000000

    2. cmd is the command ID.

    3. Param is the command parameter. Different cmd use different parameters. All the parameters must use half-angle symbol. Wrong SMS format or wrong password, it will not respond.

     - - 5



    4.1 Location Enquiry (000/100)

    1. Google Map reply Message format: A******,000

    e.g. A000000,000

    Reply:,113.93923 09-10-20 17:38:30


     you can use the website to Enquiry on google Map

2. Detailed Address Name reply Message format: A******,100

    e.g. A000000,100

    Reply: 42 Xiacheng North Rd, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China 4.2 Change Password (001)

    Message formatA******,001,New Password

    e.g. A000000,001,123456

    Note:000000 is the old password ,123456 is the new password. ReplySet Password OK!

    4.3 Real-time return setting (002) Message formatA******,002, XXX

    XXX=0 is for STOP, value of XXX is within [15~64800] seconds. e.g. A000000,002,30

    Message replied after successful setting: Set time interval (30) OK! Message

    contains position information will be sent in every 30 seconds after successful


     - - 6



    4.4 Alarm/Listen Number setting

    Message formatA******,003,P, TelNumber

    P=1 is for SOS and listen

    P=2 or 3 is the second\ the third listen number. e.g. A000000,003,1,136xxxxxxxx

    Message replied after successful settingSet Telephone OK!

    Keep pressing SOS button for 2 seconds. The device will send emergency SMS

    and dial the number you set as SOS number.

    Reply: SOS Pos: Longitude E114.04577 Latitude N22.32405 08-10-20


    thIf you dial with your listen number, it can be connected automatically after the 7

    ring. Then you can listen the voice in the vehicle. 4.5 Over-speed Alarm Setting (005) Message format A******,005,XXX

    XXX=[000,200] (unit: km/h)XXX=00 is close the function. e.g. A000000,005,020

    Message replied after successful setting: Set Over speed (20) KM OK! If the vehicle is over speed you set, it will send alarm SMS to SOS mobile number.

    20 KM/H Over speed!

    4.6 e-Fence Setting(006)

    Message formatA******,006,XX

    XX =[00-50] (Unit:100m) .

     - - 7



    When XX=0, e-Fence is OFF. And the maximum limited value of XX is 50*100=5000m. e.g. A000000,006,10

    Reply: Set Distance (1000)M OK! When user is out of the bound region (e.g. 1020m), a prompt message will be sent to the user: 1020m is further than


    4.7 Engine Cut-off Setting (007)

    Message format: A******,007,X

    X=0 cut off engine , x=1 resume engine, For security, this command will execute when the speed less than 20Km / h or the ACC is off .

    e.g. A000000,007,0

    4.8 Fuel data collect017

    Message format: A******,017,XX

    NoteXX =[0 , 100], which corresponds to fuel percentage. For example: if the fuel meter shows 50% fuel, (A000000,017,50),and the device checking value is 170, it will reply: Oil interval (50:170)!You can view fuel line in GPS Vehicles Tracking system.

    4.9 Open/Close camera function (019)

    Message format: A******,019,X

    X=0 close camera function, x=1 open camera function

    e.g. A000000,019,0

     - - 8



    5 GPRS Communication Settings

    5.1 Set APN (APN(Access Point NAME)) Message format: A******,012,APN

    Length of APN is limited within 100 characters, E.g:A000000,012,cmnet

     “cmnet”is the APN of China Mobile

    5.2 Set the IP and Port of Gprs_Server Message format: A******,010,IP,PORT

    e.g. A000000,010,,6903 is the IP of GPRS_server, 6903 is the port of GPRS_Server

    application (be in communication with GPS camera tracker) 5.3 Open GPRS function

    Message format: A******,011,X

    (note:x=1 open GPRS, X=0 close GPRS)

    e.g. A000000,011,1

    GPRS function will be open, and GPS Camera tracker will send data to

    Internet,Users can turn off this function though send SMS: A000000,011,0

    5.4 Query the GPRS Setting

    Message format: A******,004

     - - 9

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